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Message from Per Staffan – Synchronicity in December, December 9th, 2020

Dear Light workers, Light Warrior and Light Bearers,

As many messages have pointed out recently this winter solstice will be very special – December 21st. It is to be combined with extraordinary energy downloads from the Galactic Center. It also appears to be coinciding with projected critical decisions/developments in the ongoing presidential election debacle. It has been said that December is the month when the people will wake up to the reality of what the dark ones have been up to.

Here is one more clue regarding the line from an unlikely source – The Weather Channel. For the first time in 800 years Jupiter and Saturn will align on December 21st and amplify each other creating the impression of very strong “Christmas Star”. See video below

Are these multiple timelines focused on the period December 20th to 24th a mere coincidence? As spiritually aware beings we know that there are no coincidences – only synchronicity.

Hold on to your hats and relax into God’s hands.

Per Staffan