Message from Ra On Arcturus via Camilla Nilsson, March 15th 2019

Message from Ra On Arcturus

March 15th 2019

Channel: Camilla Nilsson


My friends,

I am Ra from Arcturus that has come to you this day – dispatched by my friends in the Council. “My friends” but also “your friends” – as we are many who work to help you in your ascension.

We are many who want to help you to harmonize with Mother Earth – raise your vibrations so that in this way shake off the weight that rests on your shoulders as a cloak. It is the weight that you have collected throughout the centuries – Life after life. It is a weight that can be defined in many different ways. You all have a different composition. The aggregate weight can contain among other things, responsibility, gilt, shame, conscience, throes and hard lives in many ways. These are lives that you have gone through during your journey – a journey towards your development.

You have all been on both sides of giving and taking.

You have abused and you have been abused.

All of this is for you to understand that the coin has two sides. In order for you to understand this fully in your soul both sides of the coin must be clear. Not until then will you have understood and seen the whole picture.

Many of you carry a weight quite unnecessarily – a weight that takes too much power and that prevents you from living your life fully. It is a weight that holds you back. Trust that you see all your coins side’s clearly. You then do not need to be weighted down by what has been.

I ask to assist you to ease this weight.

I ask for permission to help you become free.

Free to be the one you are.

Free to feel whom you are.

Free to live your life without the chains of this weight.

I can only help you if you allow the process to take its course. You have carried a weight that you thought you should carry. This is not the case. There is no reason. Nobody has forced you to this. The weight is created from memories. Memories of lives you have lived. Maybe you have thought that you must carry it till the end of times. This is not so.

Let the weight fall as a cloak that slips off from your shoulders. Feel the ease that emerges. Repeat this ritual over and over again. Be patient and feel how you each day that passes become freer and freer. You help your vibration.

I am Ra from Arcturus and I am here to help you in your process in the development on Earth.

In love and unity!






Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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