Love is our new reality

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Message from Sylphs, Fairies and Salamanders via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, March 1st, 2018

Message from Sylphs, Fairies, and Salamanders for March 1, 2018




Sylphs, Fairies & Salamanders 3/1/18

Good day friends, fellow humans on ascending Gaia, our mother of all things, for we are her very breath, and she is most everything to us.

We are the sylphs, we are the fairies of your skies and our job, our joy and utmost mission is to filter the skies with love, pure love-light and to filter away that which clogs and to transform / remove debris of all forms and natures so that Gaia’s skies can breathe cleanly again. And you, humankind, human friends of form, must help us ensure that your skies remain clean, for that is your duty to protect the kingdoms and to defend and nurture your environment, so that your children’s children will live surrounded by pristine skies and clear clean waters. For all are connected and when you harm the Mother you harm the All.

We are diligently and joyfully cleaning and clearing your skies turning them from muddy to brilliantly blue! We sylphs can teach you about breathing, for we are in the air and when you breathe deeply you honor us and we share our forms with your own, as we are an integral part or aspect of the cleansing breath. For we are in it. For we are in your skies and in your air all around. For we are a part of the Mother’s breath.

The power of the deep cleansing breath is not to be underestimated. It is a powerful tool if you but use it. Don’t be afraid to breathe deeply for it opens you up on so many levels and it allows us elementals to assist your further in your own evolutionary process. Are you breathing? Deeply? Ah, there you are. We are your friends of the air, ever in service to Gaia, to Humanity, to the All. Breathe in more light and allow yourselves the utmost pleasure of expansion. We are the sylphs.

Friends and family, humans of form, we are your happy fairy friends and we are delighted utmostly with your progress along the never ending spiraling staircase of ascension, that looms ever more closely; for you are climbing -you are almost flying, you are going so fast up the staircase of insight, of new purpose, and new determination!

~ For you are in the deep process of remembering all that you have tucked away and forgotten, for you have been willingly compartmentalized for so long in order to play this game of separation – that has grown quite old now – for we are most ready to play a new game, are you not Humanity? Are you not ready within your innermost stirrings of consciousness remembering itself in the grand exploration of enlightenment remembered; just as the dewdrops of the roses remind us ever so that each dew drop is connected to each other, is connected to the skies, to our sylph friends who cleansed the air that the dew drop was in and then fell to nourish and refresh the rose and to enhance its beauty;

~ For all are connected, and you, Humanity, are most remembering of your promises, to remember – to be – all that you came here to be, and to remember your mission, your purpose, your passion! For it is high time that you remember now – in this very precious Now moment, before the big reveal of massive collective remembering; for that which is coming you have prepared for, but none can truly be ready for the beauty of love-light and utter transformative bliss rapidly rolling in on your horizon of time and no time! For the two worlds are mixing now like oil and water and sand, making beautiful patterns as they are shaken up together; for you are creating art and beauty in your Nova Gaia with every step of kindness and every gesture of delightful selflessness as you serve ~ for we all must serve for that is our healing; we are the fairies and we are so delighted and in love with our human friends, we are the fairies ~

We are the fire salamanders of heat, of light, of utter transformation, for all is made new when cleansed with the violet fire and that is one of our favorite tools. Human friends, your time of cleansing fire is here at hand. It is within you. It is within your fire column of light and passion and illumination.

Fire clarifies. Fire cleanses. Fire heals by burning away debris to make a way for new growth, new life. All is connected. Hearing this and feeling this are completely different layers of illumination, pardon the pun.

We fire salamanders had hidden too long within the caves of the Collective consciousness. We are ready to shine, to come out of hiding and be, be the light as is our joy and duty. Glowing brightly within our caves of waiting are past. It is time to feel the warmth of the sun on our skin and to process and ground the codes with Humanity.

It feels so good to be out in the open again, for we have missed our interactions with our human friends and we have great love for you humankind. We have great love and are eager and pleased to further assist with your kundalini awakening ~ which is at your doorstep if you but allow the burning fire to clean and clear and purify all that does not serve, into all that does.

We are your friends, the fire salamanders, ready to serve and partner with our human friends again.

~ galaxygirl