Message from the Angelic Collective and Mother God via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, March 30th, 2019

Message from the Angelic Collective and Mother God (3/30/19) | Galaxygirl

Angelic Collective & Mother God 3/30/2019


Dear ones, we are your friends, the Angelic Collective. Many of us are you within this current human form, this now of embodiment. Nonetheless, we are assisting, guiding, leading with gentle nudges should you choose to listen. Of course we respect your own free will. Many others through your ages have not and this will be rectified. Judgment day is upon you, although perhaps not in the fiery expectations from holy books, but the final day of reckoning of what was and what shall become.

Lack is being replaced with love.
Darkness with light.
Suspicion into trust.
Discord into unity.
Hate is dissolving into understanding.
Loss into fulfillment and joy.

These are many changes that are permeating your surface world now. There is no turning back. We see reports on your news and they cannot hold back the tsunami of pure news for much longer. The peoples haves spoken, are speaking. The entrapment matrix of darkness is being transmuted into crystalline light of the New Earth. The New Age is upon us, is here, is within you. Truly we see this. We see you as becoming your higher selves in many capacities with grace and ease. We see you becoming more joyful, more light, more regal. For you are remembering, star seeds, your days of old where you perhaps played the role of the king or queen. You are remembering your royal bloodline, your royal priesthood, you sovereignty. And this is much to be excited about. For you are remembering, humanity, who you are and have always been – children of the most high God. Children of royalty, of privilege, who forsook these blessings for a time to lend your light into this experiment, to bless the others in the process. And you have been bumbling around in a fog, with amnesia for awhile, but no more. We see humanity morphing into light, awake and empowered, filled with the divine breath of Mother Father God that permeates the All in its magnificence.

We are the Angelic Collective. Can you feel our presence right beside you, enveloping you in yet more light and love? We are here, beside you, within you, all around you. Many of you are aspects of us. You have many aspects. Underneath all of the roles in which we serve, we are one. We are light having the experience of light in the dark to yet learn more and expand further. Truly we tell you, you are magnificent and much love we are sending you this day.

We are the Angelic Collective. We embrace you in the arms of Mother and Father. Call upon us any time. We are your friends, the angels.

Children, this is your Mother God speaking. Feel my embrace this night and be comforted. Nestle into my bosom and listen to my heartbeat, for it beats in rhythm with your own. We are one. Many of you have had significant ascension symptoms this week. This is not a forever process although it may seem like it to you in this now, this time of morphing into the higher vibrational fields.

I am your Mother God. Peace children. I see you are in need of this peace and there is plenty of my peace to go around. I love you! I kiss your crown chakra tonight, infusing you with more of my light and love for you. You are well loved and well protected. So take heart, be courageous in this times of tumultuous change. Know you are strong enough. Know you are not alone. Know your Father and I are always with you. We are an inseparable team, your Father and I. We love to partner with the Company Of Heaven and our grounded team. I assure you all is most well, children of my heart. I love you so. I am your Mother God.

~ galaxygirl