Love is our new reality

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Message from the Feline Race via Galaxygirl, August 26th, 2018

Message from the Feline Race (8/26/18) | Galaxygirl

Feline Race 8/26/18

Greetings Humanity. We are the Feline Race from another time stream, another place, far from your realm of understanding of what is and what is not. However, we, along with a myriad of other beings (for as you know your universe is teeming with life of all sorts) are here to observe, to support energetically and to uphold the light amidst Gaia’s planetary ascension. We are here in great numbers now for we all wish to witness and to lend our energy signatures towards the greatest experiment of all time. For this has never happened before in any planetary system, and you friends, are the forerunners of this grand energy wave.

As we are not embodied at this current trajectory we observe more objectively perhaps. For we are 5th dimensional and we see all things as happening in the Now. We see the galactic pulse of highly charged photonic light, encoded in the rainbow hues of ultimate balance and harmony, “from the breath of the Mother”, as this one likes to say. For it is true. Source’s breath – the breath of all things – is of course everywhere at all times. Some have tried to shut out the light in effort to greater understand it, yes. But many of you are tired of this experiment, for this is what was attempted to be done to Gaia, to make her the lowest of the dimensional experiences. We lend our energetic support and healing.

We enjoy observing your interactions with our miniature feline descents who pepper your world with light. We are Feline beings. We are woven through out your Earth history both recorded and unrecorded, and we are an integral part of laying the foundation.

We are the Feline Race. Our technology is modest compared to others but vast and highly insightful compared to your current technology. We appreciate the respect for the big cats on your surface world. For all life must be honored and appreciated and humans are just beginning to understand that and to see this with their internal knowing, so that great changes of understanding of oneness and what it really means will occur and are occurring and are about to occur on your surface world. We would ask that this same caring spirit be shared for the animals who have been lost or previously uncared for. Many spirits wanted to be a part of this shift and many advanced beings chose animal frequencies for this experience so that their lifestream would be shorter to allow more of the others a chance to embody. To be human now at this time is auspicious and precious, something to be cherished and appreciated at a core level.

We felines are at least 8 feet tall, some larger. Our descendants within the inner planetary sphere are much larger, and are holding the light for the feline encodements, near the crystal points where the light radiates and where many of you do your energy work in your sleep state. We are wise. We hold the light for the others and we would like to impress the importance of holding the light for the others. For what you are doing now, awake humans, cannot be underestimated. It is a powerful act of service for those who do not yet understand what it is, or the importance of it. Sekmet is our mother. We honor her today and the entire human collective. We bow in service to our mother and salute you, those who are awake and alert for the new beginning, which we embrace, and encourage you to do the same. For the change will come whether you are ready or not. Best be ready, for it is here. It is within you and it is why you came.

We are the Feline Race. Feel our velvety embrace and our warm lion’s breath and be at peace – a deep peace that only comes when one has accepted and decreed that all is well, all will be well and all is within the divine decree and order of our mother, Sekmet. There are many powerful, loving mothers out in the cosmos – do you yet see that we are all one? It matters not that our mother has a lion’s face – of course she should, for she is our mother. We understand best what we know. So it is that you define the divine feminine within human form, for that is your understanding. We are one. Hear our purring and be at peace. We are one. We are the Feline Race.