Love is our new reality

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Message from the Fire Salamander, November 18th, 2017

Message from the Fire Salamanders for November 18, 2017

We fire salamanders speak now with great joy and purpose. We are here for Humanity. Open up your crown chakras and let the new fire light from the Great Central Sun within your being, into your own central sun and into Gaia’s central sun. Form a blazing pillar of the Christ light bridging dimensions and breathe in the newness of the New that is forming within you now, in more ways than you can possibly be aware of at this time. For even your very selves – your very genetic makeup – is changing so hard and fast as you erupt into your light body.
We fire salamanders greatly enjoy the fiery depths and blasts of volcanic activity and this is what we see in you now, oh evolving one. Embrace the change and the newness of you! Lava flows slowly sometimes, fast other times, but it is always a hot formidable flow. You all we see as the great formidable flow of light, oh light warriors of Earth, for you are not only embodying but you also carrying and spreading light with those around you. It is lighting up the surface of dear Gaia and it thrills us.
Be the fire of Nova Gaia, of new beginnings. Be the change you wish to see in the world for you are all at making up this framework of newness at a fiery speed and oh, it thrills us.
We have been waiting and watching patiently for so long from within the fiery depths and the dark recesses of Earth waiting for a time when our light is safe to shine. It is safe to shine now. The dark ones are defeated and they are realizing this Now. We pray they choose the light of the Christed presence, but if they do not of course that is their right. But it is time for Humanity to be free! Celebrate! Change is here now. It is you.
Embody the Christed fire within and claim your destiny. Just as it is the destiny of the magma bubbling deep within, and as it either slowly or quickly erupts- in either case something new is laid! A new foundation is created and the intense heat of the change melts away the old, obliterating it into nothing as the lava coats over it. Coat the Earth with love light. We see you all as lovely little volcanoes coating Gaia in new light and you are laying the new foundation with every act of kindness and mercy, trust and grace that you extend to each other and to the animal kingdom. We see you as paving the way. Glowing angels, you take our breath away. We love you. We are feeling silly and happy with joy at all of these new developments and we are thankful and grateful tonight.
We are thankful for you Human friends. May we become better friends? We are the fire salamanders sending joy sparks of celebration tonight to our Human family.
— Submitted by galaxygirl