Love is our new reality

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Message from the Pleiadian Council via Galaxygirl, January 14th, 2018

Message from the Pleiadian Council for January 14, 2018

Pleiadian Council 1/14/18

We of the Pleiades greet Humankind most warmly, for you see, we are here for you and for support of your ascension. For we have known you, Humanity, for many cycles of your time and indeed it is highly acknowledged that is it ‘time’ for Humanity to return, to proceed with their advancement and with spiritual mastery and ascension. True, it is all in accordance with your ‘time’, of cycles and planes of existence and everything has it’s time and place within the perfection of the Creator.

We are simply telling you that it is definitely time for you, Humanity, to grow accordingly and to do and to be all that you came here to be. The genetic advancements are suiting you nicely, for you see, we all want you to succeed. This sector of the galaxy is truly of greatest importance, for its success is assured and therefore all may ascend, reap the benefits and rewards of the work that we all have been doing tirelessly.

Many of you are from the Pleiades. You are all from many space times and are here to be able to envelope and embody, the light encodements necessary for this transition. It is true. Your longing to be somewhere else, is because many, if not most of you, are from somewhere else and you miss your home worlds, your families. We tell you we are all eagerly awaiting our reunion, for there is much to share and discover in our experiences of Source and the adventures herein.

Be at peace. Anchor the light and be loving at all times in all moments. It will prepare you further to be the true wayshowers you were destined to be.

Do not fear the darkness for it is truly behind you. Allow it to become a distant memory and infuse it with light. Infuse everything with light for it is your greatest power. Light and love. Societies of Earth take a listen and learn. It is now the era of love, of compassion, of equality and it is now time for you to be the leaders in this embodiment of these qualities and the ripple effects will continue without end.

We are the Pleiadian Council and we are most pleased to have made this connection with you in this day. We would like to have an ongoing conversation with you, Humanity, for we think of you often and our love for you is great. We are family. That is all. And that is all true. We are here for you should you require us.

~ galaxygirl