Love is our new reality

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 1 March 2019

If you ever doubted that big changes were ahead you only have to look at the unusual weather patterns. Add to this a distinct change in the wishes of the people who now desire to have a much bigger say in the affairs of the Earth. For too long they have been subjected to wishes of the few who have led humanity along a path to near destruction of the whole Earth. Fortunately, although small in numbers, sufficient of them have raised their vibrations to carry humanity past the marker of 2012. The consequence is that instead of gloom and doom, you have entered a period of great hope and potential that is now with you. Because it is supporting the changes for the better, to say the least some discomfort and upset is inevitable but in the long term will be welcomed. Whilst all this is going on the vibrations have continued to lift and are fast tracking humanity to the higher levels which will bring you nearer to Ascension. You have much progress to make after having been held back for so long, but we know that you will persevere to enjoy the fruits of your labours. Be assured it is an occasion that you would not like to miss at any cost. You who are present will enjoy taking your place amongst the stars that is your true home and destiny.



When a civilisation passes the marker you cannot return. You are going to be here for a long time, and you do not have to rebirth in order to feel what the children are feeling. If you are willing, if you understand, if you put out your hand metaphorically we can change your template and the worthiness that you have been lacking, due to the Akashic record of thousands of lifetimes. It is an old energy that will begin to change. As the self-worth changes in a Human Being, did you know it was related to the better you feel about yourself and your place on the planet and in the galaxy, the taller you stand, and the longer you are going to live, because the cells in your body know it and speak with the consciousness that is you saying “I deserve to be here, I have what I never used to have. Confident spiritually in my place here looking forward to the Light that is now here battling the old energy, that is a love affair I have with you, spirit has with you, the gift of the century. It took a long time for life to start on the planet.

The love that we have was manifest literally in the physics of creation. Evolution was controlled so completely and so put off to the last moment to allow humans to grow and be the only planet of free choice at this time in the Galaxy. Loved beyond measure with souls collected from all over to start a test that was beautiful, that is love. Your relationship as human to spirit is changing, it is beginning to evolve and morph into something which is complex and we have seen it over and over, and this morphing and this complexity is going to bring you into a sweeter place, where you know who you are because God loves you enough to start putting these things into the family in a way you have never seen before. You are going to feel this and you are going to know we are here. This is human evolution and the old soul is at the forefront of this. We are actually changing the system of how you operate in an esoteric way. The profundity of the Akash is starting to change. You are being connected to things which you would never be connected to in a survival energy. Dear Ones when you are running from the Bengal Tiger we are not going to tell you the intricacies of the Akash, does this make sense to you.

You are beginning to ask “Who am I”, what do I need to know, what is next, what should I do and the answers are going to come because you are not alone. The karmic system of the planet was only for low consciousness. This is a love story of the Creative Source of the Human Being. You are going to wake up and discover your spiritual parents have always been with you in the form of the Creative Source. Compassionate action changes the planet, and your relation to the things around you will no longer be feared. There is nothing you have not seen in thousands of lifetimes as a Human Being, you have had everything happen. That is the evolution of the new Human Being.



I feel sure that many souls are surprised to learn that they have had multiple incarnations over an extremely long period. Logically you will realise that you will have gone through many different stages of evolution, in many different forms all of which have added to your experiences and made you into a highly developed soul. Understand that your vibrations were dropped to enable you to be tested to the full in your current cycle, and even so you were expected to overcome the challenge to find your way back to the Light. Many souls have made such an achievement and through their example are helping others follow their path. The object as always is to further your evolution until you are of a sufficiently high vibration to ascend. It is the path that lies ahead of all souls regardless of how long it takes. At all stages you are helped no matter how many times you fail to make the grade. So do not worry if you know you are not yet ready as another cycle will offer you the opportunity to make real progress. In fact each time you discuss your intended life plan, there are always highly evolved beings to guide you onto the best path that will bring you results.

Dear Ones, you stand at the gateway to a wonderful future that is very difficult to describe, as you have not had experiences to fall back on that will have addressed the subject in such a way that you can fully understand what it entails. The dross and continual negativity that you have had to meet has dulled your senses. Although the Light has always been present, it has been a great challenge to change your way of thinking and embrace the idea of how different life can be in the higher vibrations. The drudgery and pain will no longer be part of your experiences and instead you will be in good health, have your full faculties working and able to bring into being anything you needed through your power of thought. You would be able to easily leave your physical body for ventures into the cosmos and return to it at your leisure. Alternatively, you could of course use the option of traveling with your physical body, in one of the many advanced craft that can leave the solar system for deep space.

As time progresses you will be given much information about the future, so that you are mentally prepared for a new life among the Stars. You will truly have become a Cosmic Being with all of the attributes necessary to travel the Universe.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light