Love is our new reality

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 3 November 2017


It is important that you bear in mind that as you are in a new cycle, a new paradigm will begin to take shape. It will be formed in such in a way that as time passes you will begin to see how the future is being laid out before you. It will bear little resemblance to the previous cycle, as the new energies that have been created are bringing harmony and peace to the planet such as not previously experienced by you. Out of the chaos of the present there will come a great awakening as to the true potential of the Human Race. People will demand a new way of living, and desire a coming together so that there can be a mutual exchange of knowledge and ideas that will lift all Humanity up.

There will be an emphasis on fairness and sharing where the Earth’s bounties are concerned, and the making of a peaceful co-existence between all people. The weapons of war will be disarmed and peace will be foremost in people’s minds and hearts. Co-operation will be the watchword as Human Beings are by nature a peaceful Race, and will set differences aside. Love will abound everywhere as it is realised that all Humans are made in the image of God.

How long it takes for permanent peace to settle upon Earth depends on how quickly you can overcome your differences, and recognise that you are All One. You all have the same desires for peace and happiness, and have a natural instinct to want to share and help each other to uplift your quality of life. Hitherto you have been led to put Self first and hold onto the bounties of Earth with little thought of sharing. Your systems of business have encouraged selfishness and greed, which is why the greatest amount of wealth is in the hands of so few people. You do not need excessive wealth to live well and all it does is deny it to others, who often need help just to exist.

Already the new energies are awakening people to the truth, and the demand for equality in all things will become paramount. Centuries of war have caused so much death and destruction and now Man has weapons that could easily destroy the whole Earth and its people. However, that will not be allowed, and it is time to talk of making world peace and put a total end to all wars. Just think how much wealth is used for destructive purposes, and how it could instead quickly transform the Earth to a modern paradise. Think peace and the vibrations will continue to lift up and speed up, and likewise the changes that are coming that nothing will be able to hold back.

Be assured there are many good people on Earth who have the right ideas that will bring about the necessary changes. They will emerge when the time is right and when it is safe to do so, and they will be protected. Like the dying beast it is the energies of war and all it encompasses that are no longer able to dictate or alter the path that lies ahead for Man. The glorious Light of Peace and Gods Love are ever present and no one, or anything will be allowed to stand in the way of world peace. It is time for changes and it they are beginning to happen right now. The dark Ones will try to stop or delay it, but will not have any success as the future has already been written in the annals of Heaven and Earth.

You the people can take credit for having lifted up the vibrations upon Earth that have enabled the new cycle to commence. Having come this far you will already have noticed changes in the energies that are beginning to bring people together in a common purpose. They understand that in the long run it is the people who determine the future, and that their collective energy for peace is so powerful it cannot be stopped. So Dear Ones do not be dismayed if you cannot see the overall picture, and know that the changes for the good of Humankind are unstoppable. It also means that the higher forces can also assist you as long as their actions are in accordance with your wishes. In time you will fully understand all events that have or are yet to take place, and the part you have played in them. It will not be too long before it will become apparent which direction you are travelling in, and it is sure to lift you up and raise your expectations. Perhaps some of the first signs of actual change will be the appointment of suitable people into roles of great importance, giving them the responsibility for bringing them into being.

The onus at present is on all Lightworkers to keep spreading the positive energies of love, and create harmony where ever they go. People are becoming more open to guidance and seeking answers to help them through a very testing period. It requires great faith to not be affected by the negativity that is upon Earth, as many issues are now being brought into the open so that they can be cleared for all to see. There is no doubt that people are awakening to the truth and questioning the misleading and often untruthful information they are being given. No longer are people going around with their eyes shut and realising how much of the truth has been kept from them. However, it cannot be kept concealed forever, and we are entering a period when it will come out much to people’s astonishment and anger. The difference is that even people in high positions are beginning to insist on the facts becoming open to the public. Hold tight and expect the unexpected in the near future, as the lies and untruth will be exposed, as such negative energies cannot be carried forward into the higher vibrations.

The terror attacks are very distracting but do not let them take your focus off the future, as it is the last attempts of those who care not for human life, or work for peace on Earth. Their time is running out and actions to bring an end to their atrocities are under way. The people of Earth are defiant and will not give in to the misguided ones, who do not understand that they are the pawns of those who seek prevent Ascension. It will fail miserably and the determination of the people will ensure that they experience victory over the negative Ones. Because of freewill they had to be allowed to test the Light, hoping to overcome it and eventually imprison all souls upon Earth. They have failed, and already the dark Ones have been subdued and can no longer achieve their aims of world domination. Love and Light have persevered and grown stronger, as more souls have discovered the truth and the power within and nothing can now stop their onward march to Ascension.

Remember that very evolved souls await in your Solar System to oversee your transition from the old energies to the new ones. They are the Blue Avians who will ensure that no entities outside of your Earth can interfere with your progress. There are also others that stand by, such as the Pleiadians who are your ancestors, and will ensure all goes well.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light