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Mike Quinsey Channels His Higher Self, january 20th, 2023

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, Jan. 20, 2023

January 20, 2023

20th January 2023. Mike Quinsey.

The uncertainty about your future that you have been experiencing has caused you to take a long look at the value of continuing in the old ways. It is becoming apparent that you cannot carry on as before, and already people are recognising the need for change.

You have been deliberately held back for a very long time by those who believe in service to self. However, with the rising vibrations an awakening has been taking place, and it will be your guarantee that the future will be somewhat different and more acceptable to what you are experiencing now. It will be more in line with your needs and desire to fully enter the New Age and enjoy the benefits that it will give you.

So what can you look forward to that you do not have now that will lift you up. Certainly a more peaceful life as entities of the lower vibrations will gradually have less power or even opportunities to interfere in your lives. Eventually they will cease to exist at your higher level and peace will at last descend upon your Earth.

It is not as far away as you may imagine but first you must deal with the problems that are currently causing you so much grief and even pain. You have to realise that you are all responsible for putting matters right and that comes from the result of your many lives and the karma involved. Again we stress that it is not punishment but simply putting right that which has led to your present predicament.

Go about your work with your heads held high as you achieved your upliftment through hard work and determination to succeed. So much has been at stake and to your credit you have found success by overcoming the challenges that have confronted you.

In time you will be able to look back and see exactly how you fared and faced up to them. Be assured that you are far greater through your experiences and will never lose the advancements you have made. Your experiences will carry you forward never again to have to tread the same paths.

You have done the hard part that will enable you to get through the remaining years leading to Ascension. It has been a matter of self-control and determination to achieve your goal, through your dedication to your life plans that have been carefully arranged to ensure you had every opportunity to be successful.

We applaud you for your tenacity and determination to follow your life plan, when in fact you were not necessarily aware of what it was, but were equipped according to your needs and as always had your Guides on hand to assist you.

You might ask where do you go from here and there is no easy answer as whilst the future is mapped out to ensure your continued evolution, the path you choose to get there is your freewill choice. Fortunately, there are leaders amongst you who have a firm belief in their future role, and will make sure they work to it and will help you.

There are of course obstacles and challenges all along the way but the plan will eventually work out to your advantage. However time is an important issue and milestones must be achieved within a certain time period. We are with you to help in every possible way and ultimately you will be successful.

In isolation many of you despair at the thought of what is to come, as there is no real indication of what is happening that would point to a new period of life that would be more acceptable and put an end to the activities of the dark Ones.

It will come without a doubt and the seeds are already coming to life as planned and will eventually bring lasting peace. It has been that way and nothing will change the final outcome. Keep that in mind when doubts arise and be sure that everything will work out well in the end.

Those of you who are ready to ascend should forge ahead knowing that there is little to worry about, and most of you will have a welcome future that is assured to be peaceful and fulfilling. Life is intended to be a pleasant experience and an opportunity to expand your knowledge of the real world that has been deliberately hidden from you.

You will also learn the truth of life in general and understand about the abundance of it all around you. The truth has been difficult to find whilst on Earth and has held you back. How nice for you to know that the truth cannot be hidden from you much longer and that eventually you will be freed from your imposed prison, and learn the truth about your isolation upon Earth.

You have much to thank Mother Earth for as we recently mentioned. We say again, you have a wonderful future to behold and a freedom to travel where your curiosity and desire to learn takes you, both on and off the planet. Yet a purpose still remains as you gain experience that will continue your evolution according to your desire to evolve. You cannot really stand still as opportunities will always come your way to further your experience. The cosmos awaits you as fully fledged traveller in Space.

Many of you are old souls helping those who need an experienced soulmate to show them the way home. There is an innate urge inside you that drives you along, to find that elusive path that leads you ever higher in your quest for knowledge and experience. Everything you will ever need lies ahead of you and you will find it as you continue your search for the truth of your being.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.