Mira and Yeshua via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, February 13, 2021

Mira and Yeshua via Galaxygirl | February 13, 2021

Mira & Yeshua 2/13/2021

I am Mira, working full time on behalf of humanity, just as many of you are doing in this arduous now. It has been an exhausting week and there is more yet to be done. Know that the Pleiadian light forces are all around your planet now, nestling in more light and love most efficiently, just as you are doing on the ground. (I am seeing and feeling massive Pleiadian ships in the atmosphere all around Gaia creating an energetic hug.) It is inevitable that the light will reflect on the surface with all of the light that is being showered upon you. Try to let this light fill your countenances with hope, hope of a new day, a new world. For nothing is as it seems. Your realm has been a hall of mirrors and illusions that the dark ones have twisted in their favor. This is the untwisting, the revealing, and you are bearing witness to this.

It is a challenging time to be embodied and we thank you for your service to the light. We thank you for continuing one foot in front of the other, step after step, smile after smile, continually assisting your fellow humans. It has been a challenging week energetically. We have been hearing multiple reports of this. We are flooding your planet with light in such a way as to mitigate the ascension effects as best we can. (I am seeing moths circling candles, attracted by the light.) Remember, bright lights attract moths to the flame. The lower astral beings who are undecided or very much determined to hold onto the lower ways have been attempting attack. We are with you and well aware of this. You are more than capable and strong enough to balance these energies. Surround your spaces with light of the highest codes, of love, of truth and you shall be invisible to them energetically, so that the passing through of realms as you slumber will be quicker. And yet you serve in these times of your sleeping state. You serve and you are exhausted. Remember your Pleiadian Medical Teams. Remember to pleasantly request healing prior to sleep. As you drift off you will be further surrounded by loving hands of healing and help from the higher realms. But you must ask.

We are listening to our ground team. We know that you are exhausted. There is more to come. You are strong enough. We find that in the Pleiadies laughter is the best medicine. Try to be silly, spark some joy. (I am seeing people give each other ridiculous small gifts that make everyone laugh and valentines being exchanged. I am seeing parents laughing with children.) Yes, galaxygirl. Try to find the joy in the moment. The dimensions are more fluid now than ever before and every thought of the higher dimensions pulls you closer to your home vibrational frequency. Remember you are Source energy beings. Remember you are tremendously powerful and immensely loved. You are not alone. We are surrounding you with light, with love, and with joy. (I am seeing stormy rain clouds and hearing thunder. I am seeing steep ocean waves of dark water.) This is where you are right now. This is what you are feeling. These are the energies that have been coming to the surface to be cleared. (I am seeing now from a higher perspective through the eye of the storm above.) Send light through the eye of the storm and the waves will begin to calm and all of the boats on the water will benefit. You are healing and helping more than you know. Your brothers and sisters may never know or thank you. But we do. And we love you. We offer big hugs of encouragement today to keep going. Keep shining your light. Keep loving. Keep hoping. For all is well. View the storm from the perspective of your higher self, from your ascended galactic self. You will feel our presence in the skies when you view it from above, in this perspective. The light is here. We are honing it for your benefit.

I am Mira. I call you my friends, my brothers and sisters. We are turning this realm for the light. Love and forgiveness must be the healing that is provided. Tend to your own wounds so that you can tend to the others. Feel the energy waves wash through you, do not let them stick. And as a being of light, you are transmuting them as they go through you. You may feel wet but you are still standing. They cannot knock down. You are Source energy within a tiny human frame. Command and intend the light to fully embody you and your world and watch the changes bloom all around you. You may do this quietly or loudly. Regardless of your words, it is your energy body that speaks volumes. We monitor you from the skies. We send healing and loving energies towards you always. I am Mira.

Greetings, friends! I am Yeshi, or Yeshua, or Jesus, as many of you call me. I am with my friend Mira here, monitoring from the skies. And I must say it is beautiful. A higher perspective sometimes is in order and very challenging when you are stuck in the mud of the lower dimensional energies. (I am seeing Gaia from the bridge of the New Jerusalem. I am seeing Gaia is bubbled in immense rainbow orbs of light that are vibrating. There are many layers of bubbles that look like prisms. I am seeing ships, massive light beyond them. Looking down into Gaia it is like we are looking through dark smoke and smog, into more mist than anything. It appears that the matrix looks more like burned matchsticks than a formidable frame.) Yes! Yes, that is precisely what I was hoping you would see, galaxygirl. Tremendous. You know, we have been working on this project for thousands and thousands of years. We are all very old beings. (He is laughing). And to see this, this is such a cause for joy. (I am seeing Venetian glass balls with a world inside them. It feels like we are within this little glass sphere and cannot see that we are being held by too many hands to count.) We are holding you, galaxygirl. We are holding Gaia. We are holding this project. You are us. We are family.

I am Yeshua. This is much more pleasant than that last board meeting I attended. (I am seeing dark beings being ushered in front of a galactic court. They were offered mercy and denied it and chose to be sent to the great central sun.) Yes, it is hard to be near the dark when you are of the light. So my friends, my beloved family, know that you are this light. Know that you are this love that pulses and throbs with joy throughout the multiverse. You are this! Be this! This is what will shatter that which remains. You are safe, well loved.

I am your Yeshi, your brother, your friend, your comrade. I am working, and have the privilege and joy of working closely with Mira, with so many other tremendous beings as well. We are a vivaciously talented family of light and this project is nearing its end so that a new beginning, the period of peace, the galactic solar flash, and most importantly the peace that humanity has so earned, shall begin. So be of good cheer. Don’t let the waves get you down and know that we have taken an immense amount of thought, time and talent to see this through. That’s why we sent you. We sent the best of the best, the most stubborn, the strongest to be our witness from the inside. And I do hope that you will talk with me, tell me your perspective and I will listen. I’ve been told I’m an excellent listener. I am here for you. I am your Yeshi. Peace. All is well!

~ galaxygirl