Love is our new reality

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Mira of the Pleiadian Earth Council via Davey | May 1, 2021

Mira of the Pleiadian Earth Council via Davey | May 1, 2021

Mira of the Pleiadian Earth Council

1st of May 2021

Channeled by Davey

Greetings today beautiful people of this beloved earth, Gaia. We wish to convey a message to you today from the Pleiadean Earth Council.

I, Mira and the other council members here, wish to speak with you today about love, tenderness, kindness and compassion.

You see, in these times, it is very important that you maintain the ability to be kind, compassionate, friendly and in love with yourself and so others around you. You see, nothing raises your vibration more than love and the qualities of love we have just spoken of.

Everything outside of you is but a reflection of what is inside of you. The chaos you see outside of you, is the chaos that is rumbling inside of you. This is what is clearing dear ones. This is why you see the chaos you see outside of you. It is the inner chaos inside of you that is coming up, and purging.

Find the space to bless, to love these aspects of you, these factors within you. Do not fight them dear ones, this continues their energy as it is, it empowers them to continue. You do not want this, that is our recommendation.

As this one has found, he has done much fighting in his lifetime, and he knows this (smiles). And after much struggle, toil and turmoil, he eventually found that the way forward is to bless these aspects he used to spend so much time fighting (I can feel them laughing with great joy). And we smile kindly on this, we watched him, and many like you, do this over and over again. This is not in judgement dear ones. You see we observe you, humanity, and the traits you have picked up and you have learned, from young ones to adults, to do this. You have been trained to do this, this is what the matrix has been teaching you do.

Let go of these old ways, dear ones…

For it simply holds and progresses old stagnant ways, systems and energies which simply need to effortlessly clear. And they will do, as you adopt and use the power of love that is within you to simply love them. And this is a strange thing to many of you, for you have adopted the psychology that to love something that is harming you, does not make sense. But dear ones, this is because you have been taught to have that perspective. This is not a truthful perspective. It is a perspective given to you to empower negative vibrational forms…

Have you noticed that the more you struggle and the more you fight, the more it persists? There is a saying amongst you humans, if you resist it persists!

This is so very true. Love is your solution, our dear friends of the earth. Love, love, love… Kindness, compassion. These things bring clarity and they dissolve and disempower the negative vibrational forms you have that are purging and clearing within you.

It is very important at this time that you practice loving this within you, loving the darkness that you find within you. Do not fight it, heal it! You will see very quickly how fast these negative forms dissolve within you, when you love them… When you are kind to all of yourself, and the aspects that are caught up in this, the fragments of you that have been traumatized, they need you love dear ones, they need your kindness, the need your empathy…

Let us speak a little more of empathy. Many of you are afraid, as this one has been, oh he fought long and hard (I can feel them laughing joyfully), to not feel these aspects of him that were traumatized, and so they persisted. They grew stronger and were ever more a factor of hinderance in his life to a massive extent. And we see many of you to who have had this, and are going through this right now, especially as the energies are raising as they are.

Relax dear ones, feel these parts of you… They are crying out for your love, at the moment, they know no other way to cry out for your love, in doing what they are doing. This is a cry for your love dear ones. It is not a move to hurt you, it is a cry for your love, that they have been denied for so long.

Move into the parts of you that are traumatized, move into these parts of you… Feel them. Move into the understanding that they are you, they are part of you. Then fill them with love, with your light. Let them understand that you are there for them. And just effortlessly watch and feel as the love, without any effort at all dissolves their trauma, their pain, their suffering… And invite them back into the love light of your higher self, your truth.

It is that easy dear ones, it is not a hard slog. This is in fact a quick process if you do it this way. The way of love, the way of light, the way of compassion. The way of understanding, through light and love.

We ask you to practice this, this day and forward. It will help you immensely, and you will gain great understanding about yourselves, and how easy this process really is, and can be. It does not have to be hard, it should not be hard. It should not be difficult at all.

And we would like to bring, a revelation, if you will… That the hardness you face, is quite simply, your resistance. This is it dear ones. All the troubles you face in the outer world, that are impinging upon you, are a direct relation to the energies you offer to the universe within you. And the struggles you grapple with them are your resistance to those energies within you… Do you understand dear ones, do you see the simplicity of this?

This is why we, and many other beings like us, through other channels have been saying “go within”, “feel within”. All the answers lay within you, not outside of you.

You must learn to pay more attention to what is going on inside of you, rather than, as this one would say “flaffing around” with what’s going outside of you (I sense playful smiles).

It is ok to observe what is going on outside of you, but please make sure that your ultimate attention is within you, not outside of you. Your evolution, your progress will speed up many-fold if you practice this, conscientiously.

And always remember, love, kindness, compassion and being a friend to all of you, is of the utmost importance…

We leave you with this message this day dear ones.

We love you, in our kindness, our compassion, our light and our wisdom, and bid you farewell for now, we are with you always. This is Mira and our council here, of the earth council, good bye for now.