Love is our new reality

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Mira the Pleiadian via Valerie Donner, March 1st, 2017

Greetings. I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I currently serve full time on the Earth Council.

Today you are at a crossroads. Although it may appear that humanity is taking a turn for the worse it is far from the truth. The truth is that the turmoil in which you find yourselves is creating spiritual breakthroughs such as the earth has yet to see. We call this a spiritual awakening that is opening the Gateway for the ascension of the earth. There are numerous catalysts that are provoking these changes so we ask you to please look at the big picture and where you might be of service.

We constantly monitor you and the earth. We work with aligning and balancing the energies. We orchestrate intervention where it is needed. We calculate the correct timing for us to assist you in whatever way is needed. Right now we observe your emotions to be in a state of flux. You are experiencing the completion of this particular incarnation and all of the karmic effects. You are beginning to release that which no longer serves you in the material world. As you continue on this path you will find the most rewarding way to live is through your heart. This will be the most rewarding outcome and all of the best choices for the future of the earth will come from the heart.

If I could tell you how pleased we are with your progress would you be happy? You have proven that you are far more capable then you could have ever imagined. Our Creator is pleased with all that you have been doing. You will be rewarded and you will inherit the earth.
In the future we will be working together to assist humanity and all of life to heal and live in an abundance of love and everything that you need. You will follow your heart and you will find your calling to assist you with your next steps in your soul’s evolution, your true purpose.

We thank you for your patience and assure you that we are getting close to being able to come together again as your galactic family. Separation will fall away and will be replaced with unity and oneness. During these times of great change please just continue to do your best and know that you are loved and looked after.

Some of you may be feeling fatigue and depletion. This is because you have been working with us and the light realms in your dream state. You are also feeling barraged with the collective fears and resistance to change. It is like moving through a thick fog energetically due to the thought forms and changing consciousness.

The energy that it takes to shift the collective on this planet is akin to an ant pushing a boulder uphill. Ask the forces of light to assist you with each endeavor where you are working for positive good for the planet. You will not feel like an ant any longer. You will feel like an empowered being of light and love, which is who you truly are.

You are on the last stretch of this long dusty road called the third dimension. The old Empire is falling and you are truly ready to reach for the stars. We are here to grab your hands and enfold you in our hearts. We love you and the earth beyond measure.

I am Mira loving you, along with multitudes, out of the third dimension.