Love is our new reality

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Moder Gaia via Susan Leland, July 14

Mother Gaia’s Visions for Higher Dimensional Planet Earth

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – July 14, 2015

“Greetings, my most Beloved Children!  I chose that song* for you because I see you all as bright as the flowers, as innocent as the children, holding hands and with Hearts joined on this miraculous journey to Freedom!!!  I see you all as my Beloved Children – all of you, with such beautiful intentions in your Hearts.  And even though the World has been a difficult place for you at times, you still have that wondrous innocence of the children.  And it is that you have a Spirit alive in you that says, “There is a better way!”

“And yes, there is a lot of tumbling and crumbling going on in your World:  Institutions which were so self-serving, even though they have said they were here to serve you; people, humans – and those who appear to be human from some other places – with agendas hidden up until the most recent of times.

“There are even those who use children and flowers as cover, so to speak, for whatever purposes they might have, including some so evil and heinous – yes, that is judgmental, but that is what they have been.  I will not mention them here.  I choose instead for you to see the rainbows, see the sun shining through the clouds, see how crystal clear the air is at the mountain tops and in the meadows filled with the flowers in bloom, the beautiful colors, and the songs, the music that you hear. For this, my children, is your Heritage, your Divine Heritage, and this is what you are leading the way to!!!

I shall only begin to describe the beauty of Higher Dimensional Planet Earth.  Imagine vast meadows full of flowers blooming, where the lion truly lies down with the lamb, where the children are everywhere.  And it is sometimes difficult to distinguish you from the children, for you are all laughing and dancing and singing and in so much Joy that I, as a Mother, feel my Heart so full that it is literally overflowing with the Love I hold for all of my children in all of my Kingdoms!!!

“And yes, we are joined by some of the most magical of my Kingdom members – magical because you think they’re not here, but they are!  They’re just in a Higher Dimension, and some of you are starting to see them, are you not?!  The beautiful unicorns, the ones who fly – Pegasus kinds of beings, and the winged dragons, the little ones, somewhat like fairies with wings that actually keep them in the air for great lengths of time.  And, oh, the colors are so beautiful, so beautiful!!!  The flowers that sing a symphony – you have only to listen – and all of the wondrous creatures of the animal Kingdoms who are friendly and loving!

“Now there is a transition to make, that is true.  There are waters to clean up.  And the very earth itself which has been, I will simply say, poisoned.  But all of this can clear.  You already have some knowledge on this, and our Galactic brothers and sisters shall bring technologies which are absolutely wondrous, indeed.  You know they have seeds that can regrow an old growth forest in as little as a month?!

“And there shall be replicators so that you can nourish yourselves, if you so choose, without having to kill any animal or plant, because the plants have a consciousness, too.  And it is their life force energy that you access, but you can access Love energy, highest energy in the Universe, life force energy – prana, chi, qi, whatever you choose to call it – through that which comes from the marvelous technologies.  And it is imbued with the life force energies so as to sustain you for as long as you choose to partake.

“There will be great forests for you to walk in and commune.  You will be able to hear the wisdom there and to share your wisdoms with all who dwell there and with all who come there, just as in the meadows and the gardens!  Rivers clean and full of life to refresh you, to walk beside, and to feel, to feel the energies there.  Oceans also clean and clear.  No more toxins, no more acres of plastic.  And as on land so also in the sea – there shall be Peace in the Kingdom of the seas as well.

“And cool and pristine lakes – water in plentiful supply, pure, everywhere pure.  This is the Earth as it began in Lemuria and this is how it was and this is what – together with the Love in your Hearts and, yes, expressions coming from that Love – Planet Earth shall bloom again!!! And it shall be so blessed and bountiful with beauty, wondrous fragrances, and most of all, refreshing, energizing and yet calming Peace and Love for all of Humanity!

“The entire Planet shall be a garden!  Deserts shall bloom in places where there is no water now.  No one will have to stay crammed into overcrowded cities.  It will be a choice. Governments will be for the people – of the people and by the people – FOR THE PEOPLE!!! Everyone shall have abundance! And this will give everyone their own Sovereign Freedom to ENJOY the World around them, and to travel to other places that they may wish to see, and to join in wherever they are drawn to be – to express in so many ways!  This will not happen overnight, as you say, but it will seem almost as such.  When the Announcements are made, there will still be plenty to do, but the guidelines are already in place.  The blueprints are posted everywhere!

“And it is only to continue to energize all of these changes –  free, or shall I say, innocent of anything except Love-based thoughts, words and deeds!  For the World will not get where it’s going with retribution or vengeance or any old three dimensional concepts or programs.  We have gotten this far together energized by Love, only Love!!!  And that, Beloved Ones, is our fuel, our energy and our source for all that we do in this moment, and all to come!

“So focus upon these visions and create your own.  You might like to draw pictures or do some writings of what you see in the Higher Dimensional World, where – the Truth is – we already are!  And yet it is still a bit difficult to imagine, or to see, or to visualize or to place yourselves into at all times, because we still have some third dimensional programs to deal with.  But it is only to do so from the Higher Dimensional Perspectives of Love.

“And with these visions and these images, look out your window and see how beautiful Planet Earth is – no matter what it looks like in 3D – and you will be assisting greatly in the transitions, the transformations and the very transmutations – up, full time, out of 3D and into the Higher Dimensions so as to be fully connected, because you’re already there in part.  I am already there.  My Kingdoms are already there, and they await your full time residence!

“Bless you, my Beloved Children.  You are so bright, you are so beautiful.  And I love you and I rejoice from my Heart to yours that we are together in this journey.  So let us hold hands and continue up the mountains, for we are already part way there. And in loving service, I join with you in the Oneness of Our Love. And so it is.  Namaste!”

* Rhymes and Reasons, composed and sung by John Denver  httpss://

Transcription by Marta.

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