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“Moon Shadow” – Geopolitical/GCR/RV Overview – February 9, 2017

“Moon Shadow” – Geopolitical/GCR/RV Overview – Thursday – February 9, 2017

Received via email at 11:11 AM EST for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Another hard time or “ready position” time has been given to staff reporting to call and exchange centers for later tonight.

It’s different than last night’s hard time, but both were night hard times, so we believe a PM versus AM release looks to be immanent.

We know a moon shadow is safer for ZIM holders–this has long been known per military sources.

The global financial algorithm is humming at full capacity per Chinese sources.

Rates are floating naturally now. Meaning, exchanges can occur freely and at any amount, anywhere in the world… and yes, anytime.

Republic military forces are in command of all aspects of US government, diplomacy, legislative policy and judiciary per Ehite Knight sources.

The elongated cabinet confirmations are simply a tool by Democrats who are just buying time (and relevance) before the financial transition goes down. They all know, on both sides of the aisle, what’s about to drop per Capital Hill sources.

Meanwhile, GESARA measures are being carried out and put into place by the Republic. That’s why the new immigration were out into place for 120 days, and as a temporary measure which will become permanent.

Trump desperately wants the RV to begin so he can leave the White House–not stay. The Presidency has become like a jail cell to him since artificially winning after being forced to run through blackmail by foreign governments.

Trump did not expect to win on election night. Nobody did. Go watch the tape of his acceptance speech and witness again his shock.

Ryan, Pence and Priebus are calling all shots for the Republic policy while Trump, Conway and Bannon are made to take all the media shots while implementation of required GESARA changes occur day-after-day until complete.

This sudden political turmoil was anticipated by the Republic and why a “burner president” was needed a la Trump or Clinton to get to Ryan.

Both election candidates were well known by the intelligence community as being highly dirty and could easily be removed due to scandal shortly after the election.

Look for all the current policy turmoil to cease by the end of February, with Trump’s public resignation saga to conclude in March, with him avoiding impeachment due to business ethics violations.

The Russians and Chinese scripted this because they held the most USA sovereign debt, and agreed to this transition per international court bankruptcy negotiations with Republic leadership.

Nothing is happening organically or randomly at this point–everything is pre-planned by the NPTB going out some 50 to 100 years of our nation’s future.

Trump will leave with an excuse to preserve his career business interests, and true Republic leadership will step right in and not miss a beat. And everyone in D.C. knows it.

Trump’s resignation process will then pick up speed following the high court’s newest addition, and will conclude in mid March or by the spring equinox March 20.

Notice how the media is starting drive home Trump’s impeachment reality hourly now. They know exactly what’s going on as well and are doing their part.

Currency holders are right now at an all time low for awareness as determined by web traffic and total internet clicks for currency related sites, including daily and weekly conference calls, which are all monitored daily.

General Dunford is overseeing every aspect of the Republic’s transition in all theaters of operation–he’s the only one that knows the true roll out strategy–and he’s the only one the Chinese Elders trust to deliver the RV safely to the people.

Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch’s confirmation will signal the end of the restored Republic’s GESARA changes in full public view.

Ryan will get full credit for reinstating the gold standard and reissuing currency that is gold backed again, printed by the treasury and not the FED.

Look for Dunford not to take a political position next to Pence who will be inserted as interim President. In fact his retirement is now being passed around intelligence circles post RV, with Mad Dog Mattis taking over his Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs role.

In terms of the White House, look for Ryan to either be elevated to presidency immediately, right after 2018 or wait to run in 2020 with a woman VP candidate, most likely new State Department ambassador Nikki Haley.


The GOP is attempting to set up 4 or 5 Presidential terms via some combination of Pence/Ryan/Haley based on the enormous prosperity that is certain to flood the nation post RV.

God is with us.