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Mother Earth via Pamela Krobbe, March 12th, 2023


Earth Speaks: The Joy of Life

by Pamela Kribbe

Dear people, I am the voice of the Earth, and I greet you all.

I have come today to talk about joy, the joy of life. You all long for it wherever you are on your path in life. There may be lighter and heavier periods in your life, but despite that, it is still possible to feel a basic joy flow through your life.

And how do you get to that joyful ground, how do you create that? It is by letting go of control; through releasing and surrendering. And to what do you surrender? You surrender to something greater than your mind and your ego, with its desires and plans and thoughts.

The movement toward surrender, to letting go, seems to be a step into nothingness, into a deep, dark hole. But that is something you have been made to believe. You have come to believe that it is necessary to take control of your life with your mind and your will. And that is a very human thing to do, because only humans are capable of free will.

Compared with the other creatures of nature, you have many more capabilities, and it is tempting to want to shape life using your will and thought. But if this determination takes the upper hand, your vision becomes narrow. You are restricted by what you perceive from your perspective, as well as the ideas you derive from others.

You develop tunnel vision if you rely only on your wits, on what you know, and on your reasoning, ideas, and the plans you have. And this can happen especially when you do these things without consulting your feelings, your true nature, because consulting your feelings, your nature, is basic to the flow that brings you joy.

And how do you find that? You find it in a very different place within you than in your intellect and reasoning. However, doing so can feel awkward for people who have grown up with the idea that the mind is the most essential part of being human.

Let us see where we can find that natural flow in your body. Take note when you try to take control of life, and observe which parts of your body become activated. Look at what wanting to control your life does on a physical level, how it registers in your body.

It is often accompanied by thoughts such as: “It has to be; I want this now, it is time, it is necessary”. Be aware that there is a pressure behind those thoughts, a certain urgency, and there may also be fear. Feel for a moment what that flow of energy does to you. It is often like a steamroller that wants things to go faster than is often possible. This flow has to do with the energy of the head, and you can also feel it in your solar plexus, the seat of your will.

Now feel what happens when you let go of trying to control life. Take something from your everyday life, something that occupies your mind, such as a problem in which you have already invested many hours of thought, or the things you worry and fret about, and now imagine that you release all expectations about a solution.

Release the problem and look to where your consciousness travels of itself in your body. You can feel, when you let go, how you sink deeper into your body. You become more conscious of your physicality: your arms and hands, your legs and feet, your abdomen. Feel the tranquility that is natural to your body.

Your body goes through many processes during each day: blood circulates, food is digested, breath flows in and out, skin cells renew themselves. All these processes progress steadily at a natural pace. Everything has its rhythm inside your body, just as does the life of nature outside your body. Yet you often have such an anxious spirit: it wants to leap ahead and so loses connection with the flow inside you. However, your feelings are closer to the natural flow of life within you, so connect with them and let your awareness flow throughout your body.

Now look again at that situation you so often think about, the problem on which you are so concentrated, and it could be anything that is distracting you. Allow yourself to detach from the problem. Feel what it does to you when you say to yourself: “I don’t know the solution, so I will just let it go completely and return to my center.” Doing that is immediately grounding.

Wanting to think too much and to be in control keeps you away from the now. But grounding and letting go brings you back to the present, to being here and now.

Dare to rely on larger forces that are helpful and beneficial and want to accompany you in your life, and rely on these forces without being able to see ahead with your earthly senses or being able to contain everything within your human mind. These forces are always and everywhere present and at work.

Animals and plants find it easier to allow this flow. They do it spontaneously because they do not have the kind of thinking processes that humans have. Put your trust in the natural flow of goodness that runs throughout Creation, throughout all life, and listen to your feelings.

At the times you get stuck in your life, you are often full of thoughts. Thoughts that tell you that things are not going well, that things should be otherwise than they are and should go differently. And you work yourself into a state of mental tension doing that. However, the solution never comes from the mind itself or through thinking.

The real solution always comes from letting go and stepping back.

Feel that you are good as you are. Know that it is possible to experience joy, a quiet sense of well-being even though there are problems in your life, even when there are challenges that demand a lot from you. You can experience the basic current of joy and goodness by daring to let go, but this requires a certain discipline. Not the discipline of concentration and effort, but the discipline of going against this inclination to require a solution, to do it all by yourself, to think you know better.

Sometimes the solution is just over the horizon and it can come to you only when you let go. And if you feel a kind of relaxation occur – a sense of relief when you do let go – then you know things will be okay.

Because the flow of goodness in the universe, the power of joy, can be recognized by your own senses. Feelings of happiness and of relaxation will tell you that you are making connection with that joy. Put your trust there, again and again, even when it appears to be against the laws of the mind.

Make regular contact with your body. Observe yourself to make sure you are completely present in your body. Realize that beneath all that worries you is something greater that supports you. It is that which is greater that has caused you to now be here on Earth as a soul embodied as a human being. And it is that which is greater that you will take with you to the other side when you let go of this body.

Trust that this greater reality is also with you during your life. You can call it the soul or call it God, it does not matter. But the language it speaks is one of joy and peace.

And as soon as you feel that, you are connected to the essence of Creation.

I wish you all much joy of life on your path and the courage to dare let go.

Thank you so much.