Love is our new reality

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Mother Earth via Zane Morgan, January 15th, 2019

Dear beloved children, I Am Mother Earth and I wish to share a message with you today.

Children, as the days ahead may appear to grow somewhat chaotic, remember to please stay grounded. It may seem as all is lost, but please know that it is quite the opposite. As the chaos continues, know that it is a stirring of the old energies that are being brought up and brought to light so that you, the Light Workers and Warriors can transmute it. That is why you are known as Light Workers, because you know how to work the Light in such a way that it simply dissolves and transmutes that which once was.

It is not those times any more children, it is not time to suffer or worry, it is a time of great celebration and joy! Be in joy dear ones as you, the ones on the front line of this great change over, of this liberation of Self and Myself, know that this chaos is just the playing out of the old, the change over of the old guard that you like to say now.

So as you go about the times ahead, know that the future you want is already here, the planet you want to see and thrive on is here, I Am here children in all my glory and you are here in all your glory, walk, talk and act like it. It is from a place of unconditional love, not a place of egoic glory, but a glory that is of the purest love and light! Because that is what we are dear ones, we are ONLY love, you are ALL love, we are ALL love, so walk with your heads high and hearts open and love all that you come into contact with.

I love you so much my sweet children, your efforts and hard work will be written into the history books of the Earth, of my Earth, of your Earth. Claim your right to be love, claim your right to be sovereign and most of all claim your right to be all that you came to be!

I ever so look forward to the days ahead children where we can openly commune with one another. Where anyone can go for a walk in nature and talk to the elementals, the trees or any animals you come across. These times are coming children and they are not far off at all now. You can bring this about quicker by doing these things, by talking with the trees or animals, swimming with the whales or dolphins knowing they are sentient BEings just like yourself. We are all here to support you and it is time for the next step of our   journey.

I Am Mother Earth and I say this with tears in my eyes as we approach a new dawn. I love you dearly.