Love is our new reality

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Mother Gaia Fifth Planetary Chakra via Suzanne Lie, June 11



I am Gaia, returned to be your guide as we blend our chakras, personal and planetary, into ONE. I welcome you to my Fifth Chakra, and I invite you to enter into my planetary body, just as you have been allowing me to enter into your human body.

My Fifth Chakra, Mt. Shasta, California, USA, is an outflow/male energy chakra, with its highest peak acting as a lightning rod to collect the Higher Dimensional Light and download it into my core. Just as my Fifth Chakra serves to accept the communication of Higher Light through its vortex of power, it also serves as the means through which I can intimately communicate with all the beings on my planet, including my people.

It is no wonder that the Lemurians, the first beings to hold form on my planet, would choose Mt. Shasta as their fourth dimensional home. It is here that they have calmly waited for the “time” when they could freely dispense the message of TRUTH that they have protected for all these ages.

As Earth spends more and more of its “time” in the “space” of the Photon Belt, the consciousness of my people is expanding and the Lemurians’ Mission is commencing. More of you are listening to the Lemurians as they whisper into your consciousness that the Truth is “OUT there,” but most importantly, the Truth is “IN you!”


int_chakrareviewMerging your personal Throat Chakra with my planetary Throat Chakra is an important step towards your acknowledgment that you are all Gods and Goddesses of Planet Earth. Long, long ago, like a small seed falling from a flower, you allowed a tiny fragment of your total SELF to drop into our third dimensional experiment. You entered the 3D Game because you wanted to know if a fragment of your full multidimensional SELF would better learn and grow in an environment based on separation and limitation.

In your many lifetimes on this planet, you have survived myriad hardships. However, through facing your inner and outer conflicts, you have completed your “experiment” and are restless to return to the totality of your Multidimensional SELF. Because you have integrated your Soul/SELF into you physical earth vessel, you are able to communicate with me, Gaia, and consciously enter into our creative partnership of creating our fifth dimensional, New Earth.

With the blending of personal and planetary Fifth Chakras, which rule higher communications and expanded creativity, the fulfillment of our unified Mission shall be expedited. Like the ancient Lemurians, your SELF has long waited this time of fulfillment and unity and is impatient to express your escalating creativity. By joining your Essence with mine, your “antenna” will be amplified so that you can better communicate with the higher worlds, as well as the first through fourth dimensions of Earth.

You are also in the process of your greatest creation, becoming Lightbody, and your thyroid gland, within this chakra, is changing your metabolism in preparation for your transformation. I, too, am increasingly eager for the creation of my Lightbody Earth, as can be seen by my many changes in form and weather patterns. Remember, my people, in order to create the NEW, we must be willing to go through the chaos of releasing the OLD.

Let us now merge our Fifth Chakras, so that together we can peacefully, and steadily, experience the adventure of returning to our true, multidimensional form. Through this return, time and space is revealed as illusion, and unity and illumination becomes FACT. As ONE Being, person and planet, we return to SELF.


My dear Priests and Priestesses who have been dedicated to the Mission of remembrance across the span of many lifetimes, I ask you once again to journey into the core of my planet. Imagine that you are entering a dark cave. As you begin your traverse down into my core, allow yourself to absorb the heightened frequency of the Higher Light that I am downloading into the area of my body known as Mt. Shasta.

As you absorb the Light, a pathway is shown into my core that leads you to the electromagnetic vortex, which is the doorway into the Lemurians’ fourth dimensional world. Yes, the pathway is in front of you now. As you follow the pathway, it leads you to a Golden Door that is huge, as the Lemurians were much taller than present-day humanity. The Door opens before you, and you see their primordial land.

int_chaliceTake the Chalice of Remembrance that you see in the center of the pathway and drink deeply from it. As you walk your Path, feel the presence of these early humanoid beings of Gaia, the Lemurians.

Sense their majestic bodies of Light and their great patience and commitment to Purpose. They encircle you and draw you into their consciousness. They have waited millennia for your return, and telepathically welcome you to the world in which they have kept the Truths of LIFE.

With open hearts, they share their minds.
Open your heart and mind so that you can better understand them.

As your Essence communes with theirs, remember what you volunteered to contribute to our planetary transformation…

Slowly, through your integrated Soul/SELF, you receive the messages that the Lemurians have chosen to communicate with you…

Listen closely as the Lemurians remind you of the creations that are your Soul’s Desire to manifest…

As the ancient Lemurians whisper in your heart, repeat with them:

“The Circle is complete.
Gaia is becoming a Star.

I AM becoming a Planet.

TOGETHER, we create our New World.”

As you travel the inner passageways to the peak of the mountain, your Path becomes increasingly clear. Finally, you emerge into the Light, to BE the CREATOR that you have ALWAYS been.

Victoriously, you stand upon the peak of Mt Shasta. You reach up into the vast sky and pull down the Higher Dimensional Light of your Multidimensional SELF.

int_angellightProudly, you place this LIGHT into OUR Personal/Planetary Body.

Welcome to your SELF, dear people.
Welcome to OUR Planet.

I AM Gaia. We are ONE.