Love is our new reality

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Mama Gaia Wants you via Ana Daksina, April 4th, 2018

Mama Gaia Wants You To(o)

Visualize creatively
Light Era we’re about to see
And while you’re doing that, my friend
Please leave room for me

Not everyone will glide around
A foot or so above the ground
Even though by then we may —
Some of us gambole and play
Ecstatic dancing through the day!

Leave room for the jokers and
The unusual-appearing man —
Just because we’ve robes of light
Doesn’t mean can’t take delight
In whatever clothing seem
Congruent with each current dream

Look — there some all sparkling go
Others no raiment wish to know
At all! That headdress, towering
Magnificence its wearer bring
While this other brother’s dreads
Could surely stuff several beds
Wonderful is tossing ’round

To the happy-making sound
Of many sorts of music — you
Can have your fav’rite music too
We all just turn it down bit
So others don’t put up with it
Or take it to some otherwhere
No problem — just right over there

Young girls will still be giggling
Young boys look at their wiggling
Though rather than, as now, frustrate
Them guiltily to masterbate
Likely in harmony arrange
Instead pleasurable exchange
With conscience as completely free
As love’s conscience should ever be

How poorer we’d be for the lack
Of sweet things wearing pink and black
Greatly impoverished in thought
By every missing polka dot
Equally poor for lack of he
Prefers to dressed in leathers be

It isn’t only Mama Earth
Waits to gather up the worth
Of souls who truly are behind —
She also waits for our collective Mind
To open truly to diversity
Destined th’evolving door go through
Along with me, and all the rest of you

That not another Age we see
Required in which you are agree
Behave, believe, reach out, receive
In every thought and mannerism be
A redundant replica of me