Love is our new reality

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Mother Gaia via Mirra Rose, December 8th

” Welcome, children of my creation. 

I am preparing vast shifts. For the sake of humanity’s progress I have postponed my most important movements, allowing gentle transitions. As I prepare in earnest for a new upliftment, it is most important that you keep serenity, joy, and alignment with your highest self, that I may escort you into the chambers of protection during the time of my transitions into Light.
Therefore, be protected in your thoughtforms, that you entertain only that which is of the highest truth in your thoughts and feelings; and I shall perform my miracles for humanity by uplifting even the mountains!  . . . which shall sing the truth of my new song of peace, harmony and delight for ALL.  
Humanity, you are my most precious jewel;  I carry you in my arms forever.  Be at peace, look to the horizon of the new Dawn, exploding with potential . . . and the starry children who shall be born upon the shores of my new land carry forth the promise of a New Humanity and a New Earth.  
I am now ready for my next steps in evolution. You shall be carried upon my shoulders of light, held within my bosom of strength and love; and I shall nurture you, I shall protect you, I shall propel you into the greatest joy you have ever known.  
The time of no time approaches; the Event of vast proportions escalates its preparedness, and we, the souls of many worlds, together rejoice that there shall be a new light in the cosmos,a new star shining, the Nova whose time has come.” 
Mother Gaia