Love is our new reality

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Mother Gaia via Oceanpotato, August 9

Gaia, I Am in deep gratitude, even more than normal
the last couple days. Wish to have communication with
you now, if you have something some of us, your children
would benefit from.

Dearest children, let me first say something about information.
Even with your faith and your continuing
growth in the knowing within you all, I can feel your doubt
and worries at times. Part of the “Magical mystery tour,”
that we share is the rising of information. Much of this you
call “The light,” is information. “That that is hidden will be
brought to light,” and there will be no stone un turned. This
is happening all around us, and it is accelerating. Selfishness
and it’s resulting actions are being exposed, and this
exposing is not just “shining” for those whom were not
aware. It is also for those whom have created these “secrets.”
The more this information surfaces, the more chance for
even the most selfish, and arrogant to “see the light.” They
have opportunity to view themselves and their actions with
better perspective. Please trust that this is happening. Will
it happen for all? Yes, though not perhaps in this “lifetime,”
for some.

Can you feel love and compassion, and forgiveness for
these poor souls, cursed with worldly wealth and power over
others? Our Jesus taught of this with the parable, “Easier for
a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich
man to come to the kingdom of heaven.” The kingdom much
of which could be called information. A primary piece of
this information is that we all love each other, and this love
is not preempted simply because any may behave badly.
There is not one person, being, aspect of All that Is, call it
what ever you wish,whom cannot change in the light of fresh
information, and the resulting view of ones actions. Fear can
block us from reaching for this change. Fear of what could
happen should this information be exposed. Fear of facing
ones self, and fear of loss. Truth is, no matter what a being
has done, gaining this information and changing perspective
and choosing to change will bring about more true happiness,
peace and contentedness than all the “possessions and all the
power” one could horde for ones “self.” Knowing the
information within, and feeling this oneness and choosing to
change will bring any, more true happiness. Even if it meant
being thrown in prison, or even if sentenced to death.

Now my dears, I ask simply that you rest in your hearts, and
let no doubts remain for long. I Am not going to die, and we all
continue this dance. Information gained in every way, by
all means is happening, accelerating, and truly my dears it is
Now setting us free. One for All, and All for One.

Spread the news, spread the love, and know we are loved,
supported, and gaining. “All together now.”
I Am your host for this dance, and blessed to be so.

Your loving Mother, “Gaia.”

message free to all.