Love is our new reality

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Mother Gaia via Pamela Kribbe, March 14th, 2018

Mother Gaia ~ There is Always a Choice

By Pamela Kribbe, 03/14/2018

Dear, dear children of the Earth,

I speak to you from deep beneath your feet; I am the voice of the Earth. Rest in me and let yourself relax. Allow the tension to leave all your muscles that are too often tight and tense. Particular attention should be paid to the muscles in your shoulders and neck. Relax them, and assume they want to relax and that you only need to go along with the natural state of the body to be in repose.

Feel the facial muscles around your eyes and your mouth, and release the tension that is there. Go with me and sink deeper into your body. Feel a beneficial flow of tranquility and gentleness emerge in your abdomen. Now sink even deeper into your tailbone, into your hips and thighs, and become aware of your knees.

Center your awareness into your knees. What do you feel there? A lot of knowledge is often stored in the knees. Can you feel the energy flow in your knees? Maybe there is a difference between the left and the right knee. Look at them with a combination of interest and respect. Is the one knee perhaps colder than the other? Is there a knee that needs more warmth?  Assume that the knee itself knows what is good for it. You do not have to create the heat that is needed, it is already in your body; simply allow it to flow.

Sense what the coldness in your knees, or in one knee, represents; what kind of energy is there? If one knee is cold, there is a certain tension holding back the natural flow of heat in your body, and that can have an impact on your lower legs, on your feet, on your grounding in general. Take a look at what is possibly bothering you there. You may see a figure there that expresses a certain emotion, so have a closer look. Or perhaps you see a symbol of what is keeping you restrained there. Look at that knee in a calm, impersonal way.

This is you, your body, so have no fear about doing this process. Know that you naturally carry a powerful healing energy, so when you simply observe a part of yourself that feels restrained, or held back, or that feels unworthy of being included, that part changes. With your attention, and with your cosmic light power, you warm this part. Also, through me, the Earth itself that lives in your body, there is also a natural flow of healing. So there is improvement and healing available from us both.

You stand on the side of good, so you are stronger than evil. Evil is that which you allow to be devoid of light, of warmth, of love, of joy. Evil is often something you do to yourself because you believe you do not deserve the good. You think you ought to “stand out in the cold”, because you are unworthy and not good enough to be included. How did you arrive at that conclusion? This is not the finding of the Earth, and your cosmic soul did not make that judgment about you.

You stand between two forces as a human being – the Earth and your soul – but you can get buried under the negative ideas and judgments of the human world that surrounds you. And if you feel yourself to be small because of these societal judgments, and thereby make yourself small, then you have little resistance against the flow of negative energy. The cold permeates you and you feel even more small and powerless. The problem – for me, the Earth, and the Cosmic forces that want to assist you – is that we will never force you to be open to us. As a human being, you have free will, a possibility of choice, and therein lies the source of all growth and evolution: that you can choose.

We are always standing beside you. Your soul is constantly knocking at your door; it wants to come to you, wants nothing better than to flow through you, and therein lies your soul’s source of happiness. My energy is available to you as well. I want to nurture you, to see you grow and prosper. That is what makes me happy and whole, and therein lies my fulfillment: to give to you the roots you need here as angels of light on Earth. But we can do nothing if you shut down against what is available to you, and therein lies your strength: your ability to choose.

Those resources are not available to you if you do not make a choice, or if you think you have no choice, and that is the biggest problem that exists in being human. You might think that your soul, or your higher self, has control over your life, or you might think in a more traditional way, that God has control over your life, but that is not the case. You have control over your life! Only you can decide to turn to your own greatness as a soul, and to the nurturing power of nature around you. You have that power over yourself; you can always choose.

Feel how open you now are for the light of your soul and the nurturing powers of me, the Earth. Focus first on me. Go with your awareness down from your knees through your lower legs into your feet and feel the energy centers or chakras in both your feet. You may imagine that you see something spinning around in your feet, or maybe you see a color or a form. Sink deeply into your feet. Do they feel joined to you? Is one foot maybe more firmly rooted than the other? Ask your feet: “Do I allow myself to be carried by the Earth? Do I trust the Earth? Do I believe there are forces from the Earth that want to bring continuous support to me and to take me to where I need to be?”

To make it simple, imagine that in both your foot chakras is a small door that can be opened all the way, or closed, or somewhere in between. Look at the center of your left foot to see how open the door is that allows in the nourishing Earth energy, how open it is for you to receive that energy. Now look at the center of your right foot. There is also an opening there and see how open it is. 

By looking at yourself in this way, with an undertone of respect and discovery, you change something within yourself. You choose to be aware of who you are and where you stand. You choose for the light. When you move within the flow of darkness, negativity, self-pity, anger, or anxiety, you no longer look at yourself. There is no interest nor openness toward yourself, and you are propelled along with the shutters being closed. Opening them again begins with love for yourself, and with a balanced, impartial attention, and through letting go of judgment. 

Finally, pose this question to both feet: “What helps me the most in everyday life to allow in more Earth energy, more support, encouragement, and security? In what situations am I nourished the most by Earth forces?” Feel deep inside that you have a choice, that there is within you the option to choose for more light and openness for yourself.

Then go with your attention upward toward the center of your heart. Ascend with your awareness into that area of your chest and look at this heart center, the heart chakra. See if an image appears of this center: a flower, a dancer, a child – whatever it is – and let it appear. Let the symbol stand for the extent to which you are open to loving energies from the cosmos, your soul, and your guides, from everything that wants to come from that dimension.

You can use a simple method to see to what extent something stops you by imagining that a hand appears in your heart chakra that is open, or closed, or something in between. You can see either one or two hands, but look at how the hand appears. In one extreme, there is a clenched fist that is defensive and does not want to, or cannot, receive, and in the other extreme, the hands are open in total acceptance and receptivity. Feel for a moment the tension in both your hands, and try to relax them as much as possible. Literally feel that relaxation all the way into your fingertips.

Release all your excess tension and receive! Allow your soul energy to flow through you in a natural way – and it will flow by itself. Feel the peace and quiet in that energy and with that release. Feel how you are touched both from above and from below by fields of energy that are healing and are naturally part of you. You have the choice to attune yourself to those energies, again and again. Let both the earthly and the cosmic energies come together and merge. They belong together, they are partners. Let them come together in your abdomen.

In your everyday life, you have to cope with influences that pull you away from your power, your freedom, and your choice. That is why we ask that you regularly withdraw from these influences to within yourself and restore the connections with both your soul and with the Earth – it is very beneficial to do this. You do not distance yourself from the world by doing this, you recharge yourself and build toward a new world. And that new world lies outside the existing concepts and ways of thinking. But you can do it. You have the power and self-determination that are necessary to go on a new path, and I would like to instill that fact in you.

We want nothing more than for you to flourish, so be open to us, to the forces around you, to your soul, to the Earth. There is a force in us, and a knowing, which cannot be demonstrated to the worldly, rational way of looking at things. The proof of the existence of these forces is that you can feel them within yourself, and by attuning yourself to them, to live in accordance with them. In doing that is the proof they are real and effective. Choose and become a human being carried by the forces of Heaven and Earth, and with that, a new path, a self-aware path, for humankind.

Thank you for coming here today.