Love is our new reality

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Mother God via Galaxygirl, May 9, 2021

Mother God via Galaxygirl | May 9, 2021

Mother God 5/9/2021

Dear children, this is your Mother God. I love you. This one has needed rest and she has allowed it. It is important to listen deeply to the needs of the body-spirit and return rejuvenated. Many are the needs of the ascending form, especially in this moment of heat and change as the crystalline structures begin to unwind and twist, move and stretch. (I am seeing tulip bulbs grow from the viewpoint of underground, the roots stretching deep, and the plant bursting forth climbing towards the sun.) You are doing this, children. You are doing this and so you are so weary! Rest in my embrace of flowers, of love. Today is Mother’s Day on your sphere, a painful day for many – many mothers have already joined my embrace on this side of your experience and are not with you now, many partners have longed for a baby and have not been able to conceive. Remember you have all been mothers and grandmothers in your many sojourns. You have all been fathers and brothers, you have all been many aspects of your divine self. Today it is the aspect of the divine birthing female that is honored but let us expand it. Let us expand it into love, into inclusivity for the divine is all things. Yes, we honor those who are mothering. (I am seeing a hen with her chicks, a mother owl with her owlets tucked under her wing. I am feeling the protection of being under Mother’s wing.) Yes, you are so well loved, protected, nourished and understood. The Divine Feminine aspect of love is awakening upon your world and it will change everything. Today is another catalyst for this change. You are seeding the divine feminine, you are causing these roots of my love for you to go deeper into the soil of Gaia into the hearts of mankind. Just be. Just be this love. Just be my love. Just radiate the heat of passion of my love for you and it will heal, it will balance, it will uplift.

I am Mother God. For too long the divine feminine has been squelched and all have suffered. Balance is returning. The divine is a balanced, even love, covering all woundings of inequality and soothing the pain of loss. Your world is focusing on inequality right now, and the pot is being stirred. Do not assign ‘good or bad’ to this observation, for that is yet another form of a dualistic viewpoint, and divine looks objectively, neutrally, through the eyes of love. People are waking up. It is part of the waking up process to sift through all of the layers of inequality and pain that being embodied in a masculine-dominant and controlled sector has wrought. You are all my children. You are all tremendously loved. (I am feeling her tears.) These sufferings were never intended but it was known that you would suffer when you embodied, and you chose to come. You chose because you were and are so very, very strong. Strong in my love. Strong in your determination for healing of the realm, and strong and bold enough to carry this through – no matter what obstacles would face you. You saw that YOU could make that difference and so you volunteered to come. And I bless you, we are all sending you our tremendous love and blessings and we hope that you can feel them, open your heart enough to feel them. (I am seeing a barreling St Bernard running towards me, filled with joy and excitement.) Be healed. Accept our kisses, our love. The divine feminine has returned and it is through you. It is through your hands and feet, through your enhancement of the understanding of love, of balance, of harmony. The divine feminine holds space. We – I have been holding space for you. That space is my love, my lap of space. Climb into my lap in any moment. If you need to cry because the world seems too much, then cry. Let it out. Let out the waterfall of tears, for dams create blocks energetically and are not healthy for flowing systems. Do not allow blocks imposed by others. Now is the time of free-flowing love to course through your chakras and nourish them. (I am seeing a waterfall of light extending from Mother cascading down around the earth, covering the people in waterfalls of light, unblocking the chakras. I am seeing that now the chakras are less distinct points of color but prisms of free flowing rainbow light within the ascending human form. I am feeling a rainbow in my spinal column now.) Rainbows come after the rain. It has rained on humanity long enough.

I am your Mother God. Children, happy divine feminine day. All have the divine feminine within. All have this power, this nurturing, this love, this passion for expansion into yet more love. That is me. You have me within you. I love you with a never-ending love. Sit with me in my rainbow of waterfall light and let your sadness, the overwhelm be washed away. Know that you are strong enough for this task and you have been chosen to lead. Lead the charge, my beloved ones. Feel my light pulse within you and be at peace. I am ever with you. I am your Mother God.

~ galaxygirl