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Mr. Ed’s Intel Update, February 20th, 2018

Mr. Ed’s Intel Update via Email – School Shooting

INTEL Update (Real News) via email – “ATTENTION: Protesting Students in the Florida Shooting ” 2/20/18

ATTENTION: Protesting Students in the Florida Shooting

Comments by: Mr.Ed @ Rumor Mill News

This is about all the shootings we see all the time at night clubs…schools…casinos and other public places.

What you are seeing is a manifestation of a battle between good and bad…dark and light…right and left.

Trump has disturbed the hornets nest and what you are witnessing is a reaction from ‘draining the swamp’.

These acts are False Flags and created by the CIA using an old technology of Mind Control called M K Ultra.

This latest shooting in Florida is no different from the Oklahoma bombing where a crazy man (Timothy McVeigh) was the fall guy for what the CIA did.

The building that was destroyed in Oklahoma is no different than the 9/11 as far as it was done by the same group of people.

The killing of JFK was the same group.

They blame it on somebody crazy and he gets killed on the spot or after a death penalty.

You can pick any False Flag event you want and they are all done by the same group: Waco…Ruby Ridge…Trade Center Bombing…9/11…JFK…Pearl Harbor…Las Vegas Shooting…Boston Marathon…Sandy Hook…all the school shootings…oil spill in the gulf…earth quake in Haiti…fires in Cali…flood in Dallas…hurricanes Andrew…Katrina…Hugo…and MANY more…Fukushima…Jet crash in Russia last week.

I mean the list just keeps going on and on…I am sure I am missing tons more obvious false flag events and yet nobody can see the elephant in the room.

It is always the same group behind these events.

It always has been and still is.

In this case I am talking about a program used by the CIA which is a branch / arm of the dark forces behind all of this terror.

You can call them whatever you like…but it is all the same: Deep State…Cabal…Illuminati…Satanic…Dark…Left…Democrat…Elite…and more.

The M K Ultra Program will abduct a victim and ‘chip them’ with a micro chip in the brain so they can be activated remotely by CIA operatives for these False Flag Shooting Events.

This is why often the shooter is dazed or confused…or he can’t remember.

Often they kill the shooter so nobody can lean more and the witness is gone.

In most cases the shooter is the victim and is not in control of his actions or memory.

The dark side want nothing more than an angry mob calling to kill the shooter asap. (and destroy the evidence)

And so you see the ‘Fake News Media’ on TV now foaming at the mouth to ‘KILL the kid’.

When the real agenda here is to take the guns off the street so the cowards on the dark side can feel safe enough to march in and take over this nation.

But right now they are afraid of us so they create these false flag terror attacks all over the place so the fear makes the flock move in the direction they want…which is to take your guns away.

Yet it is the very ones behind this lie that used the guns…they are the shooters.

They are the only terrorists…always have been and will continue to do so until we eliminate them. (trust me…Trump is on it) 🙂

This is being done right now and is why so much violence is in the news.

They create all of it folks.

The kids in Florida laying in the streets making public protest about guns is exactly what the dark side wants them to do.

Guns are not the problem.

Cars kill…are they the problem?

This is why Trump has not spoken about the shooting in Florida.

He is a smart man and he knows everything I am telling you now.

He is running his own investigation into this latest shooting (which was very close to home for him) and you can bet the truth will come out from this one.

They need to take the shooter and get his brain scanned for an implant device.

That will put a new light on the subject.

Below I provide links for a google search and some youtube videos on M K Ultra & the CIA programs.

Also a current intel video telling the same as I just did.

They want to keep putting terror in your face…so I hope this back fires on them.

Do your part to get this out in social media to wake the people up to the truth.

All the best Mr.Ed 🙂 Agent for Truth @ RMN


M K Ultra CIA Mind Control – Google Search



M K Ultra CIA Mind Control – YouTube