Love is our new reality

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Nature Spirits of Hawaii via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, October 18th, 2019

Nature Spirits of Hawaii

We are the Nature Spirits of Hawaii. We hold within us the sacred energies of the heart of the Mother Gaia. So as the ancient trees’ roots lie deep, so too must your faith dig deep in these times of turmoil and tumultuous change upon your surface world. You, friends of the light, are to anchor the light of the higher dimensional consciousness deep within this field of consciousness. We see you are doing this but are weary. Allow the winds of the mother to soothe you. Allow the warm crystal waters to caress you. Do not be afraid. So as there are many colors of lights contained within the flowers of Hawaii, allow these lights to enfold you, to enter you and become enlightened with the colors of the heart of your mother. For her heart is wide and open and pure just as we see you to be. It is true that the human forms have been most unkind to their mother not realizing, not understanding their connection of anything outside of themselves, for their consciousness was so limited by their own choices and those that chose for them. We see through the cycles of time and we see this cycle as nearly completed as the humans awaken to their surroundings and self inflictions. We see much light being born again into this field of reality, blossoming into many colors of light. Just as the flowers of Hawaii are vast on their beauty and their differences so too do we see this same array of beauty within the field of the light worker collective as you all integrate these higher dimensional lights and experiences uniquely and with great power and love into yet more light into your field and into the fields of those you surround. Your fragrance of love is expanding to the others. You are creating an interconnectedness upon Gaia that has not been witnessed since the ancient times of Lumeria and Atlantis. We see the heartbeat of our mother expanding into yet more light and all upon her expanding as well. Expect great change, friends of the light, for you are bringing it.

We are the voice of the Nature Spirits of Hawaii. It so with great delight that we speak once again, that our voices are being heard and honored once again. The Hawaiians hear our voice. The ancients are returning, are returned and many of them are you. May the fragrances of the spirits of joy and peace enfold your forms with light and love. May the fragrance of Hawaii, of the heartbeat of your mother Gaia, enfold you. May her salty oceans take your tears and wash them away. May her sandy shores enfold your ever walking feet in golden warmth. May the sweet fragrance of the flowers of her breath smooth and comfort.

We are the Nature Spirits of Hawaii. Many portals exist upon our chakra of the Mother and we wish to extend these portal energies with you, activating your heart chakras with the green warmth of love. We have spoken. We are pure in our connection. We hold you with great respect and honor, ancient ones returned. Remember the tribal beat, the drums, the dancing circles, the fire of love and the light of a renewed spirit. The elders are watching. It is time to dance. Be renewed and be at peace. Be comforted. Be one. Much change  is upon the form or our Mother. Anchor the peace and anchor the light. We are the nature spirits of Hawaii. Aloha.

~ galaxygirl