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New Republic Via a GCR, Update for September 4th

New Republic via a GCR 4 Sept. 2016 Update

Compiled on 4 September 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery

1. The Global Currency Reset/RV was said to have been rolling out since Aug. 23 2016.

2. On Aug. 31 2016 it appeared that the Cabal had chosen not to capitulate and instigated the new US Republic Dept. of Justice to make multiple arrests on several levels: political, banking and trade platforms.Gary Larrabee – Philip Tilton Excited, 800 Numbers a…

3. On that Aug. 31 Tank & Yosef claimed that the top end Negotiable Rates were:

(Top end of the negotiated rates were available for those who agreed to a 5 to 200 year payout, signed a Non Disclosure Agreement and enthusiastically dedicated 80% to 99% of their monies to Humanitarian Projects)

Dong: $113.00

Dinar: $160.00 (International Rate around $8.00)

Zim: $571.00 (some say no zeros taken off, others say 6 zeros taken off)

Rupiah: $ 71.00

Afghani: $10.00

4. On Sept. 1 2016 Iraq signed the Oil Agreement with the Kurds. The next morning at 3am Open Mic reported that the Global Currency Reset started, while Real Truth Chatter Fisher claimed that Wells Fargo had the RV officially in process as of 8pm EST on Sept. 1 2016.

5. While the rate on the Iraqi Smart Cards had risen to over 5 dollars, the rate was over 6 dollars by that Sept. 1. In the last two days there had been a significant increase in the Dinar and Dong.

6. On Sept. 2 Yosef said there was an alert that we would RV some time over the Labor Day weekend.Gary Larrabee – Philip Tilton Says “Goodbye”, RV Expected over Labor Day

7. On that Sept. 2 several Gurus were saying goodbye for a week or so. Western States Open Mic Network’s AdminBill was out for 4 days; Guru Dizzy was unavailable for 5 days; Guru Frank26 was out for 8 days and TNT’s RayRen98 was out for 5 days.

8. Some exchange activity commenced at various locations on Sept. 2.

9. It was said those holding currencies to exchange would have the first 48 hours to redeem at the higher rates (3 weeks if you had travel or medical issues).

10. On Sept. 2 the final rates were said sent out to the top banks. A claim on TNT indicated there were unconfirmed market or international rates on bank computers of:

Dong: $ .37 to $2.27
Dinar: $ 3.71 to $8.00
Zim: $ .15 to $1.55
Rupiah: $ .98 to $1.28

11. On Sept. 2 2016 Dinar Chronicles posted, “We are one of the websites selected to be given the special email titled TETELESTAI. Contents will be posted at the top of the page under ‘1-800#’s and Instructions for Currency Redemption/Exchange.’ We are anticipating the TETELESTAI email shortly.” RV ALERT – 18:00:00 EDT – Friday – September 2, 2016

12. It was apparent that they were now planning to do the RV over the Labor Day weekend. The last step of the RV process was for the Admiral to enter his personal code into the system. This was said to be done at around 1am EST on Sept. 2, which started an internal set of security and protocol checks within the computer system. Evidently when it looked like a continuation of the process would disrupt the markets, the computer was stopped. However, the Admiral had already input his personal code and the point of no return had been reached.

13. By this Sept. 2 Intelligence sources had confirmed that redemption location employees were engaged in personal currency exchanges at off-site exchange locations for all major banks across North America.

14. After banks completed internal redemptions, they would exchange the Internet Group said to last through Sept. 12 2016.

15. All currencies were being redeemed at their printed face value including the ZIM with “no zeros removed.” ZIM redemptions were said to be processed at exceptionally high rates, both at the international and market rates.

16. There was publised a 48 hour deadline to redeem at the Sovereign or Negotiable Rates. Those who had travel or medical issues would be offered a three week extension. To get the negotiated rates you needed to exchange in the first 10 days.

17. On Sat. Sept. 3 there was a “sort of” signing of the Paris Agreement by Obama (which contained the Global Currency Reset). This was said to be the official start of everything and had to occur before the G20 meeting in China on Sept. 4.

18. On Sun. Sept. 4 WSOMN AdminBill claimed, “There is activity taking place in a specific location that will lead to a quiet release of the new rates. I don’t believe that will occur until Tues. or Wed. Multiple sources indicated that everything has been completed and finalization. We are waiting for funds to be cleared so they can be posted for release to currency holders. The bank balance sheets must show they have funds in order to do currency exchanges. We may see the journey end this week.”

19. The general public was scheduled to redeem the last half of Sept. 2016.

20. Public and bond exchanges were expected to begin some time during Sept. 2016. All would get whatever their contracted rates called for, and/or converted to at the screen market rate depending on in which country they resided, and which currencies or bonds they were attempting to convert or leverage. The International rates might also apply.

21. There likely won’t be live public trading on the IEX (the new platform for asset-backed currencies that replaces the Forex) until sometime after Sept. 15. Is this why the Iraqi budget needs to be passed by Sept. 10? Is the IEX waiting for the new asset-backed currencies to have a value?

22. Respected economist Jim Rickards claimed that the death of the US Dollar would begin on Sept. 30 2016. “D-Day for the U.S. Dollar.” That could unleash a devastating US dollar crash, massive US stock implosion, send gold soaring as high as $10,000 an ounce and change the balance of global power to China’s favor.

23. October 1 2016 is said to be the start of the new gold backed system’s municipal accounting, flat taxation rate and Basel lll compliance oversight per 30 treaties being signed this weekend at the G20 Summit in China.

24. Implementation of the Gold Standard Treaty was expected after Oct. 1 2016. This was an ongoing process whereby final implementation would begin for all international gold value as it related to taxable income via the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change Treaty.

25. Bloomberg News appears to be talking about the gold standard implications of the Global Currency Reset.


New Republic via a GCR: Update for September 2, 2016

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