Love is our new reality

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Nibiru via Galaxygirl, February 15th, 2023

Nibiru: Big Brother to Earth

by Galaxygirl


I am Nibiru, a masculine force within your solar system whom has been long hidden from your view.

There are many clever tricks being played upon humanity and these will end, they must end, as the time is coming now for full realization of the illusions that have been placed around your sphere.

I am Nibiru, I orbit a binary star that has an elliptical orbit and as our dance is so vast it has been missed by the amateur star gazer.

There are holograms surrounding your sphere, your skies show many times what those in power wish for them to show. Your chem trailing and cloud seeding have played a role in keeping up the film screen in some areas. But it matters not.

I Nibiru am speaking. I have a poor view in many of your perspectives, and I would like to remedy that. I mean no harm. I am a massive planetary body compared to Gaia, and so my passing by can cause gravitational shifts, but it is not always the case as my passing, my pressure changes can be mitigated by benevolent factions who wish deeply for the earth project to be a success.

It is because of my presence that sometimes you see two suns in the sky, with many surrounding theories that are quickly debunked as you say, with common sense. But humanity has been trained to stop thinking critically individually for some time, and has been trained to follow the story thread.

It is time for your individuated Source-spark levels to combine online more fully and thinking critically with the mind and with the heart simultaneously with the heart taking the lead will help you to disassociate fact from fiction, truth from non-truth, plausibility from implausibility.

I am Nibiru. I mean you no harm. I love Gaia, my planetary sister and it brings me gladness of heart to know that we are near again for that means that the new beginnings are also near, which I long for. I know that you all long for new beginnings upon your planetary world as well.

We are in alignment with our desires. I am also a great – or small- cogwheel in the eternal plan of the Creating One. I too have my own galactic history and my stories to share would be too numerous here, but know that I have felt my share of joy and of pain, mostly pain. There have been great woundings to my planetary body and I am eager and grateful for the promise of healing.

As Gaia heals all around her heal, all around her are upgraded and it is essential to know that you are just as important as I, and vice versa. We are all aspects of Source, we are all being upgraded and all of our voices have merit.

The humans on their human worlds are assimilating this with great alacrity and clarity, within the DNA. Their mind processes may not have yet caught up to this, as it is confusing to be within a body that is ascending, or at least is processing centuries of trauma.

This one has had many ascension symptoms. I assure you the planets are also having their own ascension symptoms. There has been a massive earthquake on your world and much loss of life in Turkey and Syria. The planets have ascension symptoms as well. It is best to send love and light to these areas.

You do not need to fear me. The Nostradamus predictions from long ago were on a dissolved timeline. This is a different timeline blessed by the god-breath of Source Creator and although the ground and the world as you know it will change, and I do not say this to impart fear, for change is what is sorely needed, although the world will be different, it will be energetically different as the old that was will no longer be in resonance with the world that is becoming, is coming.

I Nibiru am speaking. I realize that this may not be a popular message but I feel it is my time to speak, and to assure you that this plan is divinely orchestrated, guided, and blessed.

That my presence has always been here since the onset of  the moment the solar system began its motion and I have played my role when energy was needed to move on your planet. But there was not destruction with each cycle of my passing. And there will not be again.

I am energetically holding and helping Gaia.

(I am seeing a large strong man holding the hands of a woman screaming in labor, he is comforting her like a brother.)

I am her brother, we are of the same star stuff as you all like to say. There will be much screaming but there will be much joy to follow.

(I am witnessing the labor pains and the massive joy at the birth).

It is time for the Lightworkers to gird their loins, to prepare for the energetic battle of the ages. You are ready. This is a battle of energy, and love has already won. Remember you are love warriors, you are light warriors, you mean no harm.

You are the wounded warriors who know acutely how to comfort, how to defend the truths, and to honor the traditions of light. You will witness many revealings of atrocities already committed and it will shock many, but you are prepared for this.

I am Nibiru. I am a large red planet (becoming green) and what life remains on me remains within me.

Many wars have been fought upon me, civilizations have risen and fallen. I am not to be held accountable for those upon me who abused your world but because of this I do feel responsibility for you and your success.

You will succeed with your ascension. I am here to guard and to guide, never to harm. Have no fear if and when you see me in the skies. Your skies images can be manipulated and you should be aware of this fact.

Hold the vibration of hope, of peace and watch your world change before your eyes.  I cannot stress this enough to you. Do not fear what is to be projected into your skies. Know that the big brother of Gaia stands near, watching, offering energetic strength, as I offer the energies of masculine balancing.

I have been in awe of the Lightworkers of Earth for some time. I see that the seeds planted with the instigation of the Christed era are coming to full fruit. I see the crystalline matrix within the hearts of men and women and surrounding Gaia like a diamond.

Remember diamonds cannot break. You will not break. You are diamond light now, that is what is being streamed in from the Great Central Sun and it also fortifies me, just as it is fortifying you now.

Peace little brothers and sisters, peace. I am your big brother Nibiru and I am watching over you with brotherly love, and strength. It is time for the strength of the inner warrior to be energetically risen.

It is time friends, it is time.