“No HSBC Bank Near You?” – One Who Believes – 11.30.16

“No HSBC Bank Near You?” – One Who Believes – 11.30.16

Entry Submitted by One Who Believes at 10:54 AM EST on November 30, 2016

No HSBC Bank Near You?

First, there will be HSBC Banks all over the place very soon, but that doesn’t matter, because you will never go there anyway. You will be a customer of the Private Banking side, where they come to you. They will be at your beck and call 24/7/365.

HSBC Will Soon Be Everywhere

HSBC is the 5th largest Bank in the World and is in 71 countries. The reason that the HSBCs will be everywhere is because they are taking over the old Bank of America banks, and they are everywhere. So there will be one near you soon enough. But, you will most likely NEVER go into any of their regular banks, because you will be a customer of the high net worth branch of the Bank or a customer of Abbott Downing.

So Where Do You Exchange Now For HSBC?

According to the latest intel, if you have ZIM, you will be going to special exchange centers to do your initial exchange no matter where you will end up putting your money. Then you will tell the Exchange center where you want your money placed. That is when you will say HSBC.

Special Note: If you have ZIM you will go to special locations to Exchange, but while you are there, you can also exchange all the other currencies you have as well.

If you don’t have ZIM, but you do have other currencies, especially in smaller amounts, you should be able to walk into almost any of the top banks who exchange Foreign Currencies. With higher amounts of currencies, and higher negotiated rates, you will have to go to offsite Exchange Centers. You will have a choice of which Bank you want to place your money.

Wells Fargo Has Been Bad

According to Yosef, Wells was the one holding this GCR back all this time, and was involved in a lot of really bad things. Ironically, Bank of America used to be the bad bank, and Wells the good Bank, and now it is just the opposite. Now Bank of America has been bought by HSBC who will be the Top Lead Bank for this exchange, and Wells Fargo has sunk both in rank and trust ability. He has recommended that people go directly to the Main Lead Bank which is HSBC, especially if you have ZIM, to do your exchanges and cut out the middle men such as Wells Fargo. You can always diversify as you want, after the exchange. It is always your choice in the end, who you want to do business with.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the lead bank has reportedly been changed and it is now HSBC. It doesn’t matter if there is one near you now, because the Bank of America locations will soon be HSBC locations, and they are everywhere. But that doesn’t matter anyway because You will be using Private Banking, and they will come to you. While you can bank with whomever you want, it is Recommended that you go directly to the Main Lead Bank which is HSBC, and cut out the middle men.

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