Love is our new reality

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Obeedichyah via James McConnell, January 15th

I am “Obeedichya”! I have not been with you for a very long time, it seems. As you remember, I am the one who stands nine feet tall in front of you on my tail. Black and white. Yes, you knew me as a Killer Whale but that is only a name in this particular world.

This room is filled. It is filled with all of the porpoises and whales that I brought with me. Can you feel their energy? Can you feel their love?

This is the time we promised you for such a very long time. This is the time we talked about; we visited about a year ago. This is the time you have been waiting for.

You have been noticing that many animals on this planet are making choices. Many animals upon this planet have chosen to advance in front of you in the world which you call the heavenly plane. Dogs and cats and pets, many who have gone out of this body and moved to be able to greet you in a way that is new for you as you move up and through these times.

These are such great times. Many of you have found that your dietary needs have changed. Many of you have noticed that your need for meat has been decreased and maybe even done away with. Those of you a year ago wanted permission to eat your chicken nuggets; we told you, go ahead, it is not for you to worry about. Now you may find that they are not of interest to you.

These are times that we have been holding the doors open so that your friends in the animal world could move through. Now the people, the mass consciousness of people are moving through as well.

We are not of this world. We could tell you stories of long past histories. We can tell you that we have been here watching over the people that have been placed here, who have arrived here, and who have come here. All of this you will be hearing in the very near future.

Mother Earth, Gaia, gives us her permission to speak and we are glad to be here. It is only an update for you. To know that those things we talked about a year ago are now in effect. All of those who have been your pets, who have been showing you love, who have been showing you the way, are proud to hold the door to show you, invite you, ask you to walk through.

Many of us in the world under in these oceans, including the Merpeople, which you do not hear about very much in your regular news, do you? Including the Merpeople, we are all anxious for you to raise in your frequency of vibration and be able to greet us with open arms and have conversations with us as you will be having with so many that you are waiting to speak with.

This is an exciting time! This is a wonderful time for all. This group is very good in monitoring what you see, what you take in. We have been happy to visit with you today. We know that “Lady Nada” will speak to you next. Then “Sananda” through James.

This was a time that Susan and we got together this week to talk about what we should be sharing with you. This is our message.

We give you our love.