Love is our new reality

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One Who Serves and others via James McConnell and Susan Sammarco, January 17th

January 17 2016

You Are Here To Usher In this 

New Golden Age, This New Dawn

Guardian Of The New Dispensation

Greetings everyone,

Today we had a surprise visit from The Guardian Of The New Dispensation assuring us that all is on track and that we are the ones to usher in the New Golden Age. We also heard from The Divine Mother and One Who Serves and Ashira answered questions.  Our discussion part generated questions that were then answered by the Ascended Masters.
If you are planning to attend our next Sunday group and have not yet RSVP’d, please do so as soon as you can as we are filling the room. 
Enjoy and Be in joy and keep the faith as the end (or the beginning) is near.

Victory of the Light!

Love and light,
Believing Is Seeing!

Guardian of the New Dispensation and One Who Serves
channeled by James McConnell

Divine Mother and Ashira
channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

Note: These messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on January 17, 2016 


Greetings to you.

One Who Serves here to pave the way, make room. OK?

Be back here shortly.

Guardian of the New Dispensation

We are here in these times and moments to bring in this entire process. To make it all happen. You have heard many times that all is being orchestrated. All is being handled in this great process, this great plan that has been in the process for some time. You are those ones here who are to bring this all about.

But please understand that you are not alone. There are many of us from many different civilizations, from many different dimensions that are here working with you. If you were alone working through this you would not be able to make it on your own — at least not in this lifetime.

But with all the help that is at your disposal now, with all that is here to assist and work with you to bring this about. This is what it is all about, all working together. All coming together as one to make it happen.

But as I have said, you are the ones who are in the forefront, in the vanguard of what comes before. And you are being readied and prepared to be of assistance, to be of service to those who would be in need.

And yes there will be those who are in need. There will be those who will not understand what is happening.  They will not see the dawn. They will not see the light. They will only be aware of the darkness. With your help they will see a glimmer through the darkness. A shining light piercing through the dark clouds of their perception.  And they will know then that all is well. That all is what it must be. And they will know then that they are here to usher in this Golden Age, this New Dawn.

So I, the Guardian of the New Dispensation, and all of my brethren and all of those who are here to work with you are all behind you in this endeavor.  And although you may not see the ramifications of all that has been in the works, you are now going to begin to see more and more. It has been said that those who have eyes to see and ears to hear… and that is certainly the case now, but it will also be shown to those who are the unbelievers.  The non-believers. The ones who have to see it to believe it.

We know that this must happen to have the entire world population to move forward in this process. All will not move forward, but many more will. This is the result of holding back, so that there can be a full manifestation of Ascension.

I thank you for your time. I leave you with peace and love as you continue to move forward in this endeavor.


One Who Serves, here to assist you in questions. We know there are questions coming so let’s get to it, OK?  What questions do you have here for One Who Serves and Ashira, who is standing by now?

Question: Should we expect one initiation or graduation from each of the three waves I believe are coming?

ONE WHO SERVES: It is not so much that it is in association of the waves you are speaking of, but there is going to be more of these processes, of these initiations, as you are calling it, or movements of consciousness. So there is more of this coming.

When you hear the term “graduated,” that does not mean the end. That is only the beginning. So you are moving forward. It is the same as when you graduate from high school. Is that the end of their life? No. It is just their very beginning. You see?

It is beginning of coming into consciousness. It is knowing themselves as adults. You are now at that graduation point where you are coming to know yourselves as adults. Up until this point you might have considered yourself at the children’s area. That is not to denigrate you or to put you down or anything of this nature. It is simply to say what is.

As we look at you from our point of view, as ascended previously, we are telling you that you are also going through this process.  At some time you will be the teachers, the mentors and all of these things. And you see, at our level as Ascended  Masters, are still children to the Universal Selves. You see?

So it is all a continuation of a process here. All is continuing to move toward being the “One.”  Anything to add Ashira?

                 No, thank you.

Question: Would you say that our attitude will be the most important thing to get us through this?

ONE WHO SERVES :  This is why we throw a monkey wrench into the works.

ASHIRA: Attitude is extremely important. A lot of that comes from ego. And even though we spoke to another two weeks ago about ego and the importance of that, what is the most important? Being open.

Being open to learn about self.  Being open to learning about others. Being open to learning about those things you speak about on these Sundays. Being open is probably the most important thing at this point in time.

Also flexibility for being flexible allows you to shift when you need to shift to make the changes you need to make. Also to come into that State of Neutrality which  we speak of.

Does that answer your question?

One Who Serves?

ONE WHO SERVES: Wish to add one thing here, as we find in the James here. The experience of “attitude leads to altitude.” As has been the experience with this one, so we use it here to help you understand that your attitude is everything here. Your attitude brings you to the higher vibrations.

If you are in a negative attitude, a lower sense of attitude, you are not going to be in those higher vibrations.  But if your attitude is one of gratefulness, your attitude is positive and strong and energetic, then you will be able to move into those higher vibrations because you will see those higher vibrations. You will see what is part of the higher vibrations, the higher dimensions. You see? It will raise your frequency into those higher vibrations.

Question: In the “Matrix” movie, Neo walked into a room where children were bending spoons with their minds. We remembered the line earlier, “There are no spoons.”  What can you tell us about that?

ONE WHO SERVES: My goodness. That was a saying for a special understanding, a deep understanding for those that would be able to grasp it. As you said in your discussion earlier, it is all part of the illusion that is going on here. And it is being able to see beyond the illusion that is important.

It is being able to see and to know that there are expressions beyond this illusion. And that you, within the illusion tend to hold onto the program you are in. Therefore, if you hold onto the (3D) program you are in, you see that the spoon cannot be bent unless you do it by your hands.

But if you see that it is not there at all, then there is nothing that can hold you back. There is nothing that you cannot do. Therefore, if you know it is an illusion, then you will know that the spoon can bend because it is not there to begin with.

Anything to add, Ashira?

              No… thank you.

Question: It’s like when Neo dodged bullets and bent way back, is that the lesson we are here to learn? That we have control of that?

ONE WHO SERVES: Yes, my dear friends. That is “Believing is seeing.”

Question: So if we see the illusion of the chemtrails, we have the ability to erase those from the sky?

ONE WHO SERVES: That is correct. Do you remember when Neo said in the movie to Morpheus, “You mean I will be able to dodge bullets?” And do you remember what Morpheus said? “When you are ready, you won’t have to.”

It is all symbolic, for the changes coming over you all in this Ascension process. Bullets will have no effect. Chemtrails will have no effect.  The vaccinations will have no effect. Sicknesses will have no effect.

Question: As long as we believe that?

That is correct. If you lose faith, then you are pulling them right back into the programming. That is right back into the spider’s web, as far as the Cabal is concerned. They have been attempting to do this through many different avenues here, as far as Black Magic and all of this over many thousands of years here, to create the programming, to hold you to it without you even knowing you were in this programming. 

That is all changing and has changed a great deal here. For you all are at an awareness level that allows you to come out of this programming and create your own programming now. 

Anything to add, Ashira?

ASHIRA: You have done a wonderful job answering this.

Question: Can you please share your understanding on the phrase, “I AM that I AM”?

Ashira, would you like to take this one?

ASHIRA: Yes, I will take this one.
I AM that I AM…and so are you!

I AM that I AM is an important concept because, whatever you speak your energy and your truth into will manifest for you. I AM that I AM, if spoken in negative ways bring results that are not benefiting ourselves.  If we are working with I AM statements that are positive, then we are a positive being.

I AM that I AM. I am sick. I am poor. I am alone. These bring you to a lower state in your vibration. Your body and your life are not operating at the highest levels.

If instead you are grateful: I am prosperous. I am fulfilled in every way.  That supports  your Ascension process, does it not?

The I AM statement is essential for your introduction to the next world, as it is to this. You can see what you need to leave behind. One heard today her understanding of her I AM messages to herself.  All understood that, grasped that and shared in that.

The statement, I AM that I AM is crucial to the next steps in your new world. Does that help?

ONE WHO SERVES: We would add here to go back to your story of Moses when he is on the mountain top and he is speaking to the Lord or God.  He asks that Being, “Who are you?” How does the Source respond?  “I AM that I AM.”

That in itself will tell you that you are what you are. And the I AM presence is within all of us. There is nothing that does not have this I AM presence.  It is the “Force” from Star Wars. It is all one in the same. You see?

So, be who you are. Be the I AM presence within you! And nothing can hold you back.

Question: Can I ask about an extension of that? If we could see others with the same I AM presence that we see ourselves, it would fortify them too.

Yes. Certainly.
Question: I would like a clarification, please. I heard that I AM One with God and with humanity. Is that right?

“OWS”: The I AM that I AM presence is everywhere. It is everything. It is the source of your being within you. When you come to the awareness of the I AM, when you can say, as Ashira has said, I AM special, I AM One, I AM at the top of my game, I AM grateful and all of the I AMs you can come up with that are of a positive understanding then you are raising your vibration each time that you do this. You are rising into your frequencies. You are moving more and more into your ascension process.

You see, what you do not know yet is that when your mentors are introduced to you they will begin to share with you in this way, they will share directly with you. This way you will move more quickly along this Ascension path.

This is the forefront, the beginning only. There is much more to come here. It is the initial training that you are receiving to bring you along the Ascension path here.

Question: If we say I AM, you are, does that not create it for them?

“OWS”: Yes. You are your brothers’ keeper. You are your brother. You are your sister. You are all one. We are all one. There is no separation except what the mind creates as separation. So, if you understand the I AM presence within you, you also understand it within all, and the I AM presence  within all, then you are all connected. You are all connected as this one force. This God Source running through everything. It runs here on Earth, it runs through the entire solar system, it runs through the galaxies. There is nothing that is not connected by this force, this God Source.

That includes those who are upon this planet, all of those within the planet, all of those in the oceans, in the trees, in the skies. All of this is part of the I AM presence.

“OWS”: Very good. Do we have another question here?

Question: While reading St. Germaines’ work, he said that the name of God can be inserted into I AM statements. Like I AM God. I love this because it explains who we are in simple terms. Is that true?

“OWS”: Yes, certainly. And you can add to that, “I AM God” or “I AM the universe”.  Or if you can’t say that, say “I AM God becoming”. See? It is all a part of the oneness here.

You are all moving into this direction of the Oneness and coming to understand that you have never not been in this Oneness, not been a part of this Force. You have never not been a part of the God Source.

Question: What I understand is that I am an acknowledgement of the power of the Divine?

“OWS”: Yes. It is all a part of becoming aware.  And beginning to embody that.

Any other questions here?

Question: This is about my mind. I ask a question and I receive an answer but I also then receive a negative tho9ught about the question. Is this a sign of a mental disorder?

“OWS”: We must chuckle at this because there are many who experience this. What they would consider negative thoughts coming in and they say, “Where did that come from?”
“Why am I having these types of thoughts?”

You see your mind is operating at all times and there are those points where there is this constant chatter that is coming in. And when there is this constant chatter and there are those of us mentoring to you to reach through and make it through this quagmire that is within your head, within your mind.

But understand that this is nothing to be concerned about because all have gone through this and if you are going through this now it is going to release and open up if you allow it. And the more you allow it, the more it will release. The more you allow the more positive thought, the more positive connections to come through to you and then you will begin to hear voices. Then you will begin to think you are crazy! And all of these things. But, know that it is not becoming crazy. It is simply opening up to what is.

“Ashira”: Our friend, take into consideration all of “OWS” words. We know that you are concerned about this but it is part of your growth. It is part of your growth that you are experiencing so take those parts that arise that do not support the growth you desire and place them on the sidebar.

You will know that as you move forward they will bother you less and less. You will begin hearing, as “OWS” said, those voices. As those of us who serve you in this group and other come to you, you will become more aware of all and able to act upon those influences.

Question: Isn’t this part of mastery?

“OWS”: Mastery is in your heads. It is part of the programming. There is not a need to come here and master these things to overcome the programming. It was never here to begin with. It is all part of the illusion. The spoon that we spoke of.

The programming is only there if you believe it is there. But you can whisk it away in a moment’s notice, in the twinkling of an eye that has been spoken of. And that is how these changes are coming. In the time since in all of time this will be in a twinkling of an eye. You see?

Question: So what you are saying is that when we believe we can move past it, we do.

​”OWS”: ​

Yes. James has used this understanding many times before and he always says, “If you can reach your hand out and an apple appears in your hand or anything else appears in your hand just because you believe it to be so then you have mastered this idea of believing is seeing. And you will have ascended at that point. Because there is nothing that is holding you back anymore. Believe it and you will see it!

That is not to say that we want you to hold out your hand and ask for a million dollars to be placed in your hand. But if you put your hand out and say, “I want a million dollars to appear in my hands.” Watch what happens if you totally believe in this process. It will not necessarily appear in your hands but it can come in other ways.
Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened.  These words were given by Yeshua for a reason.

Further questions here?

Question: During meditation recently I became aware of a presence. I turned my attention to this presence and I got more agitated and became nauseas. What was this? Was this my Higher Self?

“Ashira”: We smile because we can see this occurring for you. Indeed, it is that highest part of you that you are reaching up toward. This is an energy balancing process that is taking you upward and  one you are getting accustomed to.

This is not another being outside of you. This is actually an aspect of you and as you continue to move into that direction you may find that it does not work. This is something that will come to you easily and effortlessly. This is an aspect of you that you can lay on a bed and think about more fully than sitting in a chair and vibrating in the chair.

We are smiling for you because you are striving for this aspect and it is already yours.

“OWS”: Any further questions?
Nothing, then we release channel.
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

“Divine Mother”
I am the one known as “Divine Mother” and I have been with this group many times.

I have come to share with you today the knowledge that you are who you are. You are the I AM that I AM.

These times are dark. These times are to lead you off the path. But these are also times of great, great celebration. Celebrations that are taking place around the planet. You have not heard of these because they are not in your news.

There are so many people who are dancing and are joyful. There ARE free energy devices being spread around the planet. There are other “goodies” being received by a grateful people.

Those in this country are not on the receiving end at this time. This country is still in the dark. But, I will share with you that this is the time of Light. You have been told this. This is the time to open up new areas for yourselves. New areas to see and to speak about.
We look forward to when you will not need to listen to the negative because all that you will be hearing will be positive. Positive through the various news stations that you have.

We are excited about this year. This is an amazing year! An amazing time to be alive. An amazing time to have the conversations you have in this room. An amazing year to be moving forward into your new world. We are excited to be with you.

I fill this room with my blue light. I fill the room with my love. Take this light into your heart with my blessings.

This is a good time. Do not be swayed by the negative stories that you hear. Do not be swayed by that not going right or this not going right because over all the world, it is good.
And so it is.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated