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One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell, Lady Nada and Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco, September 18th

One Who Serves channeled by

James McConnell

Lady Nada and Ashira channeled by

Dr. Susan Sammarco


Greetings! How is everybody?

As you are continuing to follow the guidance that is given, the wee spot of small whisper that comes to you, as you continue to do this, your lives will evolve in the direction they ae meant to be. If you allow this, go with the flow as we have been speaking of many, many times. Go with the flow in so many different ways, you will find that you are exactly where you need to be in any given moment.

This is what the New Age is all about. This is what the Higher Vibration will bring. This is the New Golden Age. As you are moving in this new direction and having all of these experiences of glimpses throughout the veil, you are moving more and more to the Higher Frequencies. Then you can have those experiences that you long for, that you came here for. That you incarnated to this life to bring about.

You know that you need to go through various challenges and tests. You are making your way through these various challenges and tests. You are having the experiences you must have. In order to bring about the most perfect you that is just around the corner, but we would also say it is right here, now in the moment in which you find yourself.

So, be of good cheer people. Everything is happening exactly as it needs to happen. Maybe not on your timetable but it is on Divine Timetable. As you continue to allow the process to work out, including the announcements you have been waiting for, the dominoes to fall, all of these things. They are coming. They are not figments of our imagination or your imagination. They are real. They are happening even as we speak now. Many things are in the background you might say. Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear have that which is to happen in the very moment you are in.

Sit back and enjoy the show because there are very many different types of announcements that are coming. Many different experiences that will bring the understanding to you that all is in process, all is the way it needs to be. You are the catalysts to bring this all about.

We will get off of our soap box now. We are ready for questions with Ashira standing by.

Question: Will there be a Presidential debate on the 26th?

Will there be a Presidential debate?

We can tell you that the election you have been accustomed to in the past is not going to be that way. There are many different things that are coming that are not what you are accustomed to. This is a Cabal process. It is something that they have created. It is not the Republic that was created by the Founding Fathers. It is coming back to that.

As it begins to move back to that so all of those things that were Cabal oriented begins to fade away. We cannot say directly whether or not you are going to have a debate or whatever. Think about this if there were a debate as you have become accustomed to, how would that go for the ones who are going to participate in that debate? Meaning the one who is having quite a bit of difficulty now as we spoke of earlier. We believe you understand of what we speak of here.


There has been much in alternative media this week about this situation with Hillary. You are going to see things unfold in the next couple of weeks. We would be very surprised if you see the debate happen as you are expecting or if it would happen at all.

Please understand that these predictions are based on probabilities. The probability of this thing happening now as we look at it is not there lightly. Certainly things can always change.

Question: I’d like to know if the shift in the astrology signs is true and why are the Sun and the Moon looking so different in our skies?

The entire Solar System here is moving in a direction the Galaxy has not been in a very long time. All of this is shifting consciousness, is shifting understanding from the process of the past. It is shifting into different areas of the Galaxy. As it shifts into new areas of the Galaxy, new energies are becoming involved. The new energies that are involved are not only in the Earth but also the entire Solar System.

I will address the issue of the astrology. They have moved up the deadlines for the different signs to start and to finish. This really applies to the children who are born of this time now. You are not to worry about this. Everything was in its place; the Solar System was where it was to be when you were born.

The idea of astrology will become less and less important to you. It will not matter to you as you move up in your Ascension Process. It is not something that other beings in other dimensions are even concerned about. You have asked this question and it is applying to those children who are born now.

Question: What more can you tell us about this month and the importance of #9 in numerology?

You have already said it. This month is important because of the shifts of consciousness and the many things that are happening in the background that are going to come forward. Many things are to make their appearance you might say.

As these things, the shifts if consciousness, happen across the entire planet will become more swift and move into a full force consciousness shift. As the Wave that came three times this year, it will continue to affect many shifts and changes as it continues on.

This is an important word, completion. Number nine is a number of completion. The next number is one when you are looking at a Numerology chart. Look at these three sets of #9 completion and three is a number of finality.

When you look at the #3 in your culture, we can say it is communication but also think about something being done three times in a row, it is done. When we get to the end of the month, we shall see that many things One Who Serves spoke about the consciousness of the planet, it will have a wonderful leap of completion and time to move forward. OK?

As Ashira has said, with the new beginnings you will have a greater understanding of who you have been before and who you are now. All of this is coming. We say sit back and watch the show, but, we add:  be ready to participate in the show as well. This is your show!

Question: In the meditation I had a realization. I saw my Merkaba and I saw the planet’s Merkaba. Is this where the energy for the free energy is coming from?

What you are speaking of is the energies that are going to become known. They have been kept hidden from the populace for a very long time. There are scientists that are aware of these things and have spoken of them in terms of torsion fields and all of these things.

All of these energies that you have become accustomed to on this planet within your particular programming illusion will be shifting to your new understandings. As you become accustomed to the new energies, you will see a shift in consciousness and changes within you and outside of yourself as well. These energies will become more involved in your everyday life and you will see that the energies create you and you create the energy.

This is a very difficult understanding. It is beyond the physical understanding that is here on this planet. It is coming to more and more of an understanding of how these energies come together and begin to work for you. These are the energies we talk of when we speak of the crystal chambers and all of this and the replicator also.

It is very wonderful for you to note “Mother Earth’s” Merkaba. This is amazing. This is not an it. She is a Being that you can talk to and share with. She has a Merkaba so that she can move in the directions she needs to move in the Universe. This is a wonderful perception you had today!

Question: Can you provide me with some insight on why I was so challenged by family members this past week? Will I see a change in the family’s energy?

You are facing forward into that which seems very challenging and difficult. That which may even turn you away. You are experiencing that which everyone on the planet is experiencing at different times with their friends and families.

Do not let this get the best of you. Stay on your path. Know that as these energies come into this planet; know that all those you came into contact with this past week will be in change as well. There will be a time that you can go to them and be open with them and they will be open with you. And there will be an understanding.

In this moment that may not be and allow it to be what it is. You come back to your full life and allow them their understanding.

Question: I am reading several books about Ascension. There seems to be a lot of disagreement about the timetable of events. What can you tell me?

The Event and the Changeover are the same. The Event is a series of events coming together to push the main Event. When the main Event happens, that is the pulse from the Central Galactic Sun. You have not yet felt this particular pulse. You have waves of energy coming, but not this pulse yet. When this comes, this will be the Changeover.

We agree with you, it is frustrating for people; it is confusing for people who are trying to figure out what comes first. Does the chicken or the egg come first? We would answer that as things unfold, you will know what comes first.

Be patient. All of these things that we have talked about and things you have read about will happen and are in the process of happening now. The big Event will happen after several incidents happen, those dominoes begin to fall. You will be awake and aware that this is coming.

Question: What can you tell us about Disclosure?

Full Disclosure is coming. It is not going to be a partial Disclosure, although that is already in process now. Full disclosure is coming. It is going to be a part of your understanding. The world’s understanding; not just the Lightworkers… the planet.

It may take a great series of events to bring this about. But it is going to happen and as Ashira has said, we do not yet know the sequence of how it is all going to transpire. You are going to have this in your lifetime, not lifetimes after this. It is certainly in a very short time.

You must understand this is a process. This entire Ascension is a process that you are moving through in. All of these things we are speaking of NESARA, Disclosure, mass arrests all of these are part of the greater picture here.

No more questions? Then we are ready to release channel here.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


I am Lady Nada, We thought we would speak in the beginning of this, but we did not take our opportunity. We would like to share with you.

My beloved, Sananda and I wanted to share with this group. We are with you every day. We are with you when you do not think about us. We are with you when you do think about us. This group is important to us and we love you.

We know that as you receive guidance, the areas that you talk about, know that we are here with you. We are near you and we love you.

Giving you our all.

I am Ashira. Thank you for being with us today.

It has been an enjoyable day as it always is with you in this group. We know that it seems to be getting noisier and noisier out there. It is good that you make time for this group to be centered, balanced and in harmony with yourself.

We are proud of the growth that each and every one of you is showing. From three years ago, things have very much changed with you. This is a very different group than you had six months ago. Think about the changes personally in your lives. Think about changes that have been asked of you. Think about changes that have come unto you. All of this continues to move you forward along this path. Along this Ascension path.

We find it humorous that the book, Ascension Mysteries caused such a discussion here. Many in the outside world think you already know all of this stuff! Yet, even you are saying let us read, let us absorb. Let this continue. Each of you is growing. Each of your lights is big and shiny.

This is an important group to the world. You know who you are and what you are. To share your light easily with the world. In your meditations you light the world up with your single light shining with all those on the planet.

If you are not having dreams or seeing things discussed in the group, know that all of these things are happening to you even if you do not remember them. This is a perfect time to be here, open to all of the experiences that are coming to you. See as the orchestration of your life is laid out. This is a wonderful time to be alive.

We are glad to be of service.
We give you our love. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
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