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One Who Serves via James McConnell, April 23, 2018

You Are Being Drawn Back Together Again

St Gemain and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

This surprise session took place during the closing ceremonies of Ancient Awakenings April Advance in Christopher Creek, AZ on Monday, April 23, 2018. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated)

One Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

We just wanted to come in one more time and do a farewell message (for our Advance)  but it is a message that comes because of all that has been going on here.

We are watching diligently; those of us of the Ascended Masters, those of the Galactics. And you must understand that everyone is aware of this group. You have no idea yet just how important this group has become and is yet to become more. And the message that we are here to give now at this time is what is coming next.

You are working on a program, as has been said, you are talking about going and continuing the journey for the records and all of these things. And all of this has been building and building and building from one Advance to the next. And each Advance, as you are beginning to understand, you say how can that last one be topped … and then it is topped. And the next one tops the one before that and so on. And we did say, did we not, get ready for amazing. But the amazing things are yet to come because of who this group is as a collective consciousness together.

You are being drawn back together again as you understand now the old soul. James did not even fully understand this old soul, old soul. Even though he memorized it, he knew it, he can chant it and all of these things but he did not fully understand the full ramifications of what he has begun here and what you have all contributed to this process.

This is only the beginning people; only the beginning now. You are in a process of raising vibrations within your selves, certainly, but also as a group. And as you continue to raise your vibrations as a group, the vibrations all around you raise from this group consciousness that has been built here. And the vibrations will continue to raise and raise. This is why it was determined, not by us but by those who even mentor to us, that it was time for you all to have this anointing; for you to be given as somewhat christened so that you can go out now and spread the light more and more as if you each carry the Sword of Michael and you can knight each one as you come to them. This is what it is becoming.

Do you understand, the founding fathers of this nation — and this is why we wanted to come and give this final message — you understand who they were. You understand what they were about and that St. Germain has been so influential in all of that. Well St. Germain wanted us to come and give you this message that you are all, as the founding fathers and mothers if you want to look at it that way, as forming not a new nation but a new understanding that is going to spread from here and to here and there and on and on and on. It is as the James gave here briefly through the higher self coming through that you are preparing a presentation to the world. This is what this group is going to become if all things continue as they are this is the mission that you are all taking on. And it is going to reverberate far and wide as a result of this.

You have heard before Sananda speak of the Tables and the Twelve of Twelve. But what you did not know is that you are the only ones that He has yet shared this with. You are the ones that will begin this process if you choose to do so. You are the ones that will take the seats first because you are the only ones that have had this experience at sitting at those tables up to this point.

So do you understand where we are going with this now? Or rather more importantly where you are going with this and the importance of all of this?

And now also, the one Moses is speaking about protection, speaking about making sure that everything, all the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted and that there is the protection, because as you do continue to grow and as you continue to work more and more with these records, until those changes come where the cabal has been neutralized fully you have to be careful about this. We give you protection. We surround you with light. You have no idea how much light you all have around you from all of us, from Ashtar’s Command, from the Pleiadians that are getting ready to come to the planet and make themselves known, and to all that are in the Galactic Federation, all that come from the Andromeda Council, all … I mean it is on and on and on. Council after council. And all of these councils, believe it or not, are aware of this group becoming what it is.

Ancient Awakenings is not by happenstance that this name was given. And even the fact that it is AA as you always say, that is also something important here. And you are all becoming more and more a part of this. But the important thing and the mission that you have all taken on now, those of you that have been involved in this anointing this weekend, you have all taken on the mission of going now and spreading as if you are spreading the seed, the seed that will germinate to all that are ready. And that is a tremendous responsibility that has been given.

Just as it was given by Yeshua to those of his disciples; those that went out and spread the seed you are to do the same thing if you will take this upon yourself. If you do not, that is okay. There is no one ever to be forced to do anything. This is by choice. Completely all within your choice.

So if you are ready to take this then we will continue to work with this group — we will work with this group any way — but we will continue to even increase the pressure or the vibration that comes to this group. Because all of you now are going to begin to feel the vibration that is being sent by Archangel Michael and all of the other Archangels now. They are all so much aware of you and they are going to be sending vibration after vibration.

The one Daryl has already felt that. That was what happened there. It it was not the dark night of the soul. It was the vibrations coming from the archangels that created the vibration that went into him and the consciousness that developed as a result of this. He is a new man as a result of this. He does not yet understand that but we are saying this. And this one James and Darrell have a connection which they have not yet pursued but the James has begun to get the understanding that the two are linked here beyond what even is imagined at this point.

Just as the James is linked with Sananda beyond yet what he imagines. And many of you here in this room are linked to your various twin flames, your twin souls, and it would astound you as to what some of them are with you as you have already begun to understand the aspects and how this works. And it is all beginning to come back to you. And as these downloads come you will realize more and more the importance. The importance that Ruby has come to understand now. This was a meaningful expression in this weekend for not only Ruby but for many of you here.

Many of you that journeyed far and wide to come here but you have not even begun to see or begin to understand the journey that is yet ahead of you. And it will in some ways cause some of you to decide to not participate because the journey can get a little bit rough. This is why we have been saying to this group, and this group especially, that you need to keep those seatbelts fastened because this journey ahead of you is going to become somewhat rocky. Especially, and we are saying this now so that those that are not equipped for this will decide not to go, because the journey that is ahead of you going down to that crater area — not that it is difficult in the sense of physical difficulty, it is not — but in the sense of emotional and mental difficulty. That is what some of you may struggle with.

But it will be an opening that will come to you that will be beyond anything you have had up to this point in this lifetime. We can assure you that.

Channeled by James McConnell

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated.

“Believing is seeing!”