One Who Serves via James McConnell, April 29th, 2018

 One Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here to continue as we always do here to bring you to the next level, the next part of this expression as we do each week. And we just as you are basking in the glory and the energies that were in this past weekend in your Advance, so too are we. Because as you are advancing we are advancing. You may not quite understand that because you look at us as the Ascended Masters and we’ve already made it. We’ve done that. We’ve gotten there. But we haven’t. We haven’t gotten anywhere yet.

There is still so far to grow because there is never end to how far you can go.

And that is what you call a paradox is it not?

And we are continuing to move and have our expression in these new energies just as you are. And we are assisting you, as we say many times, just as you are assisting us. So it is all a part of you rub our backs and we rub your backs. Okay?

We can take questions if you have them.

 Q & A

Q:  I did listen to the Advance and it was wonderful but I had a very challenging week. I felt like I was on a very different page than the people around me at work. They would say things that I thought the exact opposite about. And the week didn’t end very well. I was thinking I was going for a raise. I was thinking I was finally going to get some credit for some hard work that was done and really quite the opposite happened. But I just kept thinking how odd; I just couldn’t understand where anybody was coming from. It was such an opposite direction. Can you comment?  I know people felt really wonderful and elevated and high and I did, but then I was confronted by something very, very opposite.

OWS:  Because dear sister you came back into what you call the real world. You came back into your regular reality. And in that regular reality, that so-called real world, you experienced what the energies that were around you. And those energies that were around you at that time brought you back down, brought you back down from that high vibration that you had reached while you are listening and being a part of this great Advance and brought you back down into the what you might call the doldrums or the lower energy, working back at the lower chakra centers again. And this is indicative for many who go through these high intense expressions of much higher vibrations, higher frequencies, and then are plummeted back down into the so-called reality to be with all of those around them [who] have no idea what they just experienced, what they just went through. You see? So it is not unusual for you to have these expressions as you go back to your work related position, go back to your job your just over broke because that is the old paradigm. And that old paradigm is leaving. So do not be concerned whether you did not get your raise or you did not get this or this did not happen or whatever because it is going to become a moot point anyway because it is not going to matter that much longer. You see? You will not be in a situation where you have to worry about these types of things much longer.


Q:  While I do appreciate that and I do feel that was an accurate way to describe it as being ‘plummeted.’ That’s exactly how it felt. But I wonder then like you say the light warriors are having their paths cleared better and I’m just wondering if that I was expecting, maybe, it was going to be more clear.

OWS:  Did we hear? Did we not say to keep those seatbelts fastened because things are going to get a bit rocky?


Q:  [Laughing] Yes, thank you.

OWS:  Well, now you understand some of what we speak of here. But only some of it. It is going to be different for everyone here, you must understand. Everyone is their own individual here and everyone will have their own experiences as they continue to move through this transition and through their ascension process. So always remember, you are in that ascension process right now. You can say you have ascended or you can say you are ascending but either way you are going through this transition and it is going to happen regardless of what occurs all around you. You see? You are in charge of your own ascension. How it goes is completely up to you as you continue to move through this process. And as those mentors come to you — and yes some of you said that your mentors have shown up because you are the mentors. That is somewhat correct but it also goes beyond that in that there will be mentors for each one of you that will be introduced to you if they have not already been. And they will be there to take you through the next levels, you might say, through this further transition and fully through the ascension process and the full ascension individually within yourself. Okay?



: To the one that was finding themselves deeply in the third dimension again. Our message to you is be as a duck. The duck allows the water to roll off its’ back no mind …

It is important that there is no focus made on the chaos and the chatter that occurs around us as it will continue until we no longer pay attention to it. That is it.

OWS:  Wonderful yes. Very, very good.


Q:  I had a dream many years ago that has really stuck with me. It was very vivid where I and a lot of people rise up out of the ocean holding hands. I’ve been thinking about that dream a lot lately and I was wondering if it has anything to do with maybe a lifetime in Atlantis or Lemuria?

OWS:  It very much does have something to do with that but it is also a indication an indicator of what is coming in the terms of rising up rising up out of the ocean as you are feeling here and were seeing but it is just simply rising up in vibrations. And that is what you are doing and will all be doing here: rising up. Shoshana you have something you want to say here.

J/S:  I think that it is clear what you have said and I feel that this one speaking is for sure remembering; remembering something that had occurred and that she was able to master long ago.


Q:  Thank you for that confirmation. I haven’t yet gotten any memories back of anything. Everything is just a deep knowing. But I’m so drawn to this group and I keep having this curiosity if I’m drawn to it can I just trust that I was there and I was a part of this. And this feels like a little bit of confirmation for me so thank you so much.

OWS:  Yes certainly and my goodness you were there. There is no question about it. You were there in Atlantis. You were there in Lemuria. And you are here now. But that is the important thing: you are here now, and in the now. And as you continue to be here in the now you will have more and more experiences such as you have just described and more that are coming. Because one of the things that is going to come for many of you, what you call, what we call the gifts of spirit, they are coming for all of you at various times. And you will experience more and more of this as you go through here. The visions will become more and more prominent and more … what is word here we are looking for, more understood. As you have these visions you will begin to learn from them and understand what they are. This will be coming. You will certainly becoming more much more telepathic because you are practicing. You are practicing for those times when you are meeting with those that are coming from other planets other systems and they are using telepathy. They will not necessarily use the spoken voice as you have for so long. So this is just two of the many gifts of spirit that are coming for many of you and if not all of you at one time or another as you continue to move through this great transition that you are in now.


Q:  From the Advance there was a lot taught about programs. And I was guided to a message about some of the brief history of our past. Were programs brought to us by the Orion’s, certain negative Orion’s for mind control? And if so were they built based on crystals and some type of electrical source in our consciousness? Can you just bring some light on the subject of how we can de-program and reprogram and is that from the etheric or is it astral? Can you help with the level of consciousness how we can clear these negative programs and install new light programs?

OWS:  Yes. First of all of the first part of your question where did they come from. We are not going to go fully into that but we will start with the times of Atlantis. This was after Lemuria went down and toward the end times of Atlantis as well when the programs, as you are saying, began. When those of what you call the cabal now, which were the Annunaki, which were those ones that were setting up those programs at that time, because  they were putting themselves into a position of power where they would be in control. And they knew that they were going to continue their bloodline families throughout history. They were going to continue them and they knew how they were going to do it and why they were going to do it. And they set up these programs so that they could be in control and control the masses. And they knew as the centuries went by that they would continue to be in control and continue to create these many, many programs that you have all been following for a long time now. You have been following them blindly not even knowing that you had programs that you were following. But now many of you know and understand that you are in these programs. You are following these three dimensional paradigm that have been created here, that you have created because in a sense you created them but for purposes of this great experiment that was to be a part of here.

 And you continue to have the process that was bringing you to the next levels of your evolution. And these levels this level of your evolution is now. You are in the final stages of this part of your evolution. And as you continue to move through these final stages that programming that has been so entrenched within you is now beginning to fade away because you have, first of all you have learned that you are being programmed. That is the first part. And then the second is then what to do about it. How to move out of the programming. And you are learning that you can simply do that by moving up in vibration. And to move up in vibration you simply find yourself in a place that is of higher vibrations or you create a place that is in higher vibrations within you, and therefore then you are in those higher frequencies. And in those higher frequencies the programming no longer works. This is why those members of the cabal now that are doing what they’ve always known to do and what has always worked for them is not working that much anymore with those of the light workers and light warriors because you have recognized this programming and you have raised your vibration. And the programming, it is almost like these programs are hitting a brick wall now and just falling off. They cannot penetrate anymore into your psyche. And as you continue to move up in vibration and up in vibration the programs have less and less effect on you. You see? Does this make sense to you?

 J/S: Dear brother Darrell, if we come to the awareness that that which is programmed is due to the programmer, and that the programmer has the awareness to change the program running, all things around us will change. The external that we see is a result of our own programs externalized. It is simply a matter of becoming aware that you and all beings are the programmers as well as the programmed.


OWS:  Was that not wonderful?!


Q:  Last Sunday in between the sessions during the Advance I went to the beach and a cliff, which it was there for a long time. I was lying down and I thought, oh if a big rock fell on me fell down on me it would crush me. Then I said this is the negative thought and I need to switch it. And I switched that thought and moved on. Two days later I went back to the same beach and to the cliff which was stable for eons of time and a huge, huge rock fell down. So my question is what happened? Was I connecting with the rock? Like the rock was telling me it was going to fall down? Or is it like the one about my manifestation skills? Or is it anything else? 

OWS:  As we find it, your consciousness is in touch with that area that you are speaking of and your consciousness then was relating to that particular rock, as you are saying – and please understand that this rock these rock formations and such, just as the one that the James read here earlier and the spirit of the mountain — these mountains, these rocks they have consciousness. And they contain a great deal of energy and memories and all of this. And this was imparted to you that the connection that you had with this, it was told to you that this rock was going to fall. And it made sure that you were not in that area at the time that this would fall and neither was anyone else so no one was hurt. So because of your connection with this rock it created the situation that where no one would be hurt here from this. It would happen when there was no one there to be under it. You see?

So you are looking here at consciousness growing and evolving. And consciousness being able to communicate with not only other beings such as your selves but with the animals, with the plants, and with the rocks and stones themselves.


Q:  My question is concerning the timelines of Lemuria. I’m just trying to understand, if I can at all, I’ve heard various things: millions of years, hundreds of thousands of years. Is there any light you can shed for us of, in Earth the years, when it was this time where we were last weekend [during the Advance]?

OWS:  All of the above is correct in some ways. But what you are mostly involved with was say 20-some-thousand years ago if you want to understand in terms of terminology that you can grasp here. And at that time that was the Golden Age of Lemuria and the final stages of Lemuria as well. It was moving toward that time when Atlantis and Lemuria were communicating more and more and in this communication was the downfall of both Lemuria and Atlantis. Before that Lemuria was separate and unto itself and it had its own civilization and its own culture and everything. But it became what you might call muddied or mired in a kind of a quagmire as the two became more together and began to interrelate, and in that interrelation there was the lowering of frequency and vibration over a period of time.

And for the Atlantean time you are looking back at approximately 13,000 years ago when Atlantis went down. Prior to that you are looking at hundreds of thousands of years ago that Lemuria was in existence. And think about it in terms of your short experience as a culture and how long the Lemurian experience was and you can understand how a culture and a civilization was able to move to evolve rather so much more fully over that long period of time. But looking at how your civilization has evolved it seems like it is a long time to you but is a relatively short period of time that you have been evolving in this evolution of man here in this time. And everything is continuing to change and evolve. And just as Lemuria went through this evolutionary changes and these leaps of evolution, so too did Atlantis and so too is this culture and civilization now. Okay?


Q:  It’s just a quick, quick question. I know you said that many of us will be having more dreams, more visions now, remembering our astral travels, and they will be coming more and more apparent that we will be finding out what we were in the past. And I just want to quickly share with you that I had a, I’m not sure if I was dreaming or if it was an astral travel that I remembered, but I remember looking from the outside in that I was looking down at many people walking in a line and I couldn’t get to them. I like almost in a dome or something and I couldn’t get to them. And I could see Krishna. And then I’m talking to this woman next to me it looked like a woman she looked human but I said, “Look, look! There’s Krishna and ah look there is Radda,” and all these beings I recognize and then lots and lots of people. I was trying to get to them and I recognized this one gentleman this beautiful gentleman I was trying to get to him and I was almost flying to get to him and they were walking further and further away from me. They were in a celebration. They were so happy and it was wonderful. And I was going, I’m going to get to them, I’m going to get to them and then all of a sudden I couldn’t get to him and the rest of them. And this one beautiful blonde lady just turned around and recognized me. She said Arianna, that is clear as day, “What you doing here? Why are you here?” And I said I just said, “You know me, you recognize me.” And she said, “Yes.” And I said, “Well I’m stuck. I’m stuck here on Earth. I can’t get off. I’m stuck.” And then suddenly I woke up. I woke up. That was it, I woke up. And the minute I said I’m stuck here I’m stuck on Earth I woke up. So what I kind of got from this, well one question was why did I feel everybody was, I was trying to get to them and I couldn’t get to them. And then the other one was obviously Arianna and it was plain as day I believe that must’ve been me in another life. And beautiful blonde lady, I know it was Athena. And I just want to know Arianna the word the name Arianna. I think this was me wasn’t it in a previous life or something. I just, I mean I just didn’t get a chance to ask higher self properly so I was wondering if you could help me clear that up.

OWS:  Yes Shoshana wants to speak your first.

J/S:  I am astounded as there was an exercise that the one known as Sue or Susan conducted for our group and we were going to connect with the Elementals and that which is known as our personal fairy. And the one that came to me and had me write her name, had Joanna write her name on the paper as she drew the fairy was Arianna. The one Joanna had never heard that name before but was clear that she was connected to Arianna.

It is my understanding that your dream is one that you live now in this third dimensional reality as your sense is that you cannot get to people. Your sense in this dimension is the same as that which you were dreaming. It’s a program that’s playing out for you that you cannot reach people. And this is not the truth of your being. The truth of your being is that you reach all people and you reach them through that love in your heart and that light that surrounds you. It is unmistakable. At all times, Arianna, you are reaching all beings. It is the third dimensional programming that is so clear to me that is telling you you are not. Release that idea and you will reach all.

OWS:  Wonderful. We agree completely with that and we would also add that you are, it was also somewhat of a precognitive dream in that you were experiencing the celebrations that has been spoken of. You could not get to those celebrations yet because it was not yet time for you, or for any of you yet, but it was sharing that these celebrations are going to be going on. They are actually ongoing now in many respects and you are going to be able to be a part of that when the time, when the frequencies rise enough to allow for that entire process to occur.


Q:  That was so beautiful. I can’t thank you enough. And Arianna, plain as day. And the whole A’s. I’m getting a lot of A’S: Ashtar, Athena, Arianna. I’m getting A, A, A , a lot. There’s something significant in there. I’m still trying to figure it out. And that was such a beautiful message Shoshanna and One Who Serves. 

OWS:  We can share a bit of light on the ‘ah’ sound which you are speaking of. And that is ancient and it comes from the mother tong in the ah sound. And if you look at predominantly in these times, many of the female names end with ah. You have Arianna, you have Adrianna, you have Miranda, [Riya] [Joanna] … see? All A’s. But if you look back at times even with the male expression you have Sananda, you have Adama. You see? There are the a’s Sanat Kumara. You see? They are the a’s the ‘ah’ sound from long ago and it is a vibration that was set up so long ago and that vibration continues to this day. And many that have that ah sound at the end just as the Joanna here, Joanne became Joanna, the Cindy became Cynthia and so on. It is the ah sound which has brought a vibration reverberating across the times here to bring it into this age now so that it assists in the consciousness within the individual to have that vibration bring back their memories and all of this and to find that reverberation within themselves largely because of that name that ah sound at the end. That does not mean you have to have that ah sound it just means it assists in the vibrational frequency to move into that new resonance here. Okay?


Q:  I’ve never asked a question before so this is the first time for me. The last night of the Advance I’ve been hanging in there for three nights from Florida and it was really late nights and I was so exhausted and I didn’t want to hang up, but after I went to bed that night something woke me in the middle of the night. Something shouted in my ear, “light, light, light!” And I immediately woke up. And I realized it was a warning that had awakened me and I’m not going to get into all the details of that but this morning when I woke up I’ve been wondering who was that. I thought maybe it was Archangel Michael because I call for him for protection and all but I woke up this morning with the impression and I actually saw the face of an angel leaning over shouting in my ear and I think it was an angel that awoke me.

OWS:  Yes. We are looking into this now and we can see that you are correct in this understanding. It was nothing negative that you would look at in terms of darkness or anything. It was of the light. And it was shouting to you to remember that you are of the light, that you are the light. And it was giving you that understanding and that remembering, you might say, that you brought the light here to this planet, you anchor the light now as it continues to come in and you are sharing the light. That is the light, the light, and the light. You see?


Q:  Well what was interesting was when we got the transcripts of the last call, the one I fell asleep on, was St. Germain saying we’re going to shout at you. And I thought, well that’s pretty good. They’re already shouting at me.

OWS:  There you go. Yes.

We are going to release channel now. As everything continues to move on, as you continue to move on, always know that there is never a stagnation. You are never stagnant. You are always moving, you are always growing, you are always experiencing. And as you continue to move through these various experiences that you have you are constantly evolving; evolving within yourself, evolving helping others around you to evolve, to move through this transition. You are all moving through this transition. And you are all moving through it together. And as you move through it you are moving through it in the now at all times.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell

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