Love is our new reality

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One Who Serves via James McConnell, August 12, 2018

 One Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om.Om.

[Audience participates] Yay! You are singing my song. Wonderful! We love it when you do that so we are not only the only one that is singing; the only one that is making the fool of themselves.

But here we are again. Here we are again in this wonderful place in this wonderful area of the forest and this Advance. And that word Advance: You understand now why we have been saying to call it an Advance. You aren’t retreating away from anything. You are moving on moving, on moving on, and having the time of your life or at least we hope you are having the time of your life. And if not the time of your life you are having the change of your life. Because this is all about change people. This is all about transition. This is all about doing the things may be that you did not think you would be doing ever.

Did you ever think you’d be coming from across the ocean Ria? Did you ever think you would be coming here from across the ocean to be with us? Did you ever think you would be coming from all areas of the world and the country to come to this little town here, this little forested area and be with all these crazy people and listen to all these crazy messages that come through? Did you ever in your wildest dreams think you would be doing that? Dear Josh, did you ever think you would show up one Sunday and meet James and Joanna and now be here, be here? And did you ever think that some of you would actually be going down to Mexico and entering a volcano?

My goodness! How everything is changing, everything is transitioned. And you, my dear friends, my dear brothers and sisters, you are all part of this transition. And everything is about to change. Everything is about to go topsy-turvy on you here. We are warning you. We have told you fasten your seat belts. Get ready. Prepare! Prepare! Prepare! But we did not prepare you yet for this. This is going to be something else!

We did not even prepare you last night for Prime Creator because we did not know we had to prepare, because we did not know Prime Creator was coming through. But wasn’t it wonderful? Wasn’t it wonderful that Sugat Gu Ra Ru did what he did? Came in and shared and experienced with you! Yes it was all wonderful and that is what we want you to see. We want you to see how wonderful everything is. Wonderful here and now. Not tomorrow. Not yesterday. Here and now, in this moment, everything is wonderful. And that is what we want you to see. We want you to see how wonderful everything is. Wonderful here and now. Not tomorrow. Not yesterday. Here now in this moment everything is wonderful.

Now, you look at everything that is so beautiful. We tell you that over and over: look at the beauty all around you. But guess what, there is also ugliness around you. There is also darkness from the light. And dark and light are one and the same. They are the same two sides of the same coin. You can’t have the light without the dark. You see? Before the light guess what there was? There was the dark. The dark came first. Did you ever think of that? Did you ever possibly think that that would be the possibility? Dark first. And then light. Unmanifest then manifest. This is how it works. And it continues to work that way.

Now when we say to you that the light is coming into the planet and all of this, it is coming into the planet. The light is extinguishing the dark because it is time now. The dark has had its moment. The dark has played its game that it needed to play. The dark and the light have played this game together and you your selves have played both sides.

You are going to hear in a moment here. You are going to hear from the other side. Do not be afraid. Do not run from your phones or whatever it is. Do not run out of the building. It is okay, we promise you. You will still be safe after this.

But there is the other side of the coin and you never hear about the other side of the coin. You never hear the other side of light. You never hear of the darkness. But it is there. It is there to understand the light. It is here to help you understand the totality of who you are because you are the light and you are the darkness at the same time. Always have been. Always will be. So embrace the light and yes, even embrace the darkness because it is all part of one. Okay?

We are going to turn this over now to dear Randi Joy because she is going to bring you through a special message. But before we do please understand that the wording may not be exactly what you are wanting to hear. It may offend some of your — what is the term– your virgin ears. But forget that! There is no such thing as virgin ears. There is just what there is. Okay? It is okay because it is all in fun. It is all part of the game. But even more importantly it is the transition that you are moving through. Embrace the change. Embrace the transition and be ready for your ascension.

Yes, we turn it over to you now dear Randi. We may jump in at some point but maybe not. We will see what happens here. Go with the flow. Right?

FUFairy – Aspect of Divine Mother Consciousness

Randi/FUF:  Right! We’re going with the flow today. This will either be the most valuable four hours of your entire life or you will say well it was four hours that kind of made me upset. And that’s what your experience is meant to be. You’re here. You’re here playing the game and this is what showed up in your game. Just decide how you choose to accept it. I’m not going to make about me deciding for you. It’s about your journey. I hope that you’ll find it as a positive, if you’re going to label it as something, but maybe negative is what you need.


I would like to explain the dragon’s breath because I didn’t understand it until 1 minute ago when One Who Serves said about whispering in your ears and sometimes it burns your ears. Is that how it went?


OWS:  You can look at it anyway you want here. If you want to think of it in that respect, yes, the dragon’s breath is very important here. The dragon’s breath is truth. The dragon’s breath is experience. The dragon’s breath is everything that you have always been, are now, and everything you will be.


R/FUF:   Dragon’s breath is always truth. That is what it is. If it burns you it’s because it’s triggering you to higher consciousness. If you don’t let it burn your ears or let it trigger you, then just let the breath come in and see what it has to say. Consider that the …

between … and God.


OWS:  Please mute your phones. There is some [interference] in the background here. Please be considerate of everything that is occurring here.


R/FUF:   And what Gene told me this morning is we have the dragon’s breath and I really didn’t know what that meant. But I just now understood what that meant. The dragon’s breath is just going to speak truth. If you take it as it’s going to hurt you then it will. If you take it as if there is a message for you to look deeper inside to maybe see there is something more that can be offered, if you’ll listen to this instead of reject it the second it hurts just a little bit, and give yourself that possibility and that window, then that’s when the dragon’s breath comes in again. And it says how does it come out this time? Do I try to tell the whole truth or just a little bit? And so if you don’t tell the whole truth then it burns every time you try.


They’re not trying to burn you, they’re trying to get you to listen. Just consider this possibility. Because if you do – if you get it – you’ll have this compression breakthrough that’s phenomenal.


But if you reject it before you even gave it a chance to speak because it spoke a language that was oFFensive to you – you see we have all these divisions in our world and languages and problems and papers all mixed up when it means the same thing, because [inaudible] it always is both things … that’s why you can interpret it however/ either direction. That’s the dragon’s breath.


Joanna:  You guys, make sure they heard all that.


OWS:  Did you on the phone follow everything that was said? [Yes! But it’s very difficult to hear with all the emotion in …]


R/FUF:   It’s how to get your freedom back.


Shoshanna (Thru Joanna):  All things are presented to us, are for our own understanding and expansion. When we reject that which is said to us, when we are approached by that which we think is an enemy, when we are approached by that which we think is a friend, when we are approached with that which is the truth, often we reject it because it is fearful. When we accept, integrate, and allow, the expansion will take place. The breakthrough will take place.


It comes to my mind now that break down is a feature of breakthrough. We must allow the breakdown to breakthrough. We can call it dragon’s breath because that is a fiery, scary, frightening, idea. Who wants a dragon?! Who wants to be approached by pain and anger and suffering? Well, we turn it into pain and anger and suffering if we do not integrate it and see it as a message for us. All things – enemy, friend, message — all things that we hear, that we see, that we do, that we imagine, are for our own integration and expansion.


Do not take the dragon’s breath as a feature of fear but as a feature of truth.


OWS:  Wonderful. We are going to add here since you are speaking about dragons. We are going to clear something up for you. When you speak of the dragon breath what do you think of? You think of fire. Right? But it was not fire. It was depicted to be fire over the mythologies of your times. But it was not fire it was love. They did nothing but share love.


But you see when you send love, pure unconditional love, and that love is not accepted by the one it is being sent to, it burns them. They are not ready for it. But it’s the ones that receive that love that expression of love from the breath of the dragon, and they receive it as love, they will then become love themselves. There is nothing higher expression of love in your world — and in many worlds for that matter – than the expression of the dragon. The dragon is not a monster. It has been depicted that way purposefully so that the love that the dragon expresses would be taken out of the equation here. And therefore when the dragons realized they could not be here anymore and continue to share love because they were what, they were then spreading fear because others created that fear that they were spreading. And then they left.


They purposely left this dimension and moved into a higher dimension. You go into the inner Earth you will find your dear dragons. They are there. They are on other planets, other systems, other dimensions, and we will add this here they are coming back. They’re coming back now even as we speak to you in this way. They are coming back first ethericly. They will come back into your etheric space. And just as you are able to see starships and UFOs and all of this, if you are ready to see it, if you have the eyes to see, if you have the eyes to see you will also begin to see these dragons.


You will also begin to see those unicorns coming back. They are all coming back. The fairies! Look up at the trees when you can. Communicate with the trees. Ask the trees to show you. Ask the forest to show you what is really there that is being hidden from you and then you will begin to see the sprites, the fairies, the elves, all of this. They are real. They are in your mythology but they left. They left because they were no longer being loved. You see?


R/FUF:  Yeah, so if you realize what I’m trying to share with you today is the love of the Mother — the part that was always scary to you, which is the truth — and she brings that aspect but every time it’s always rejected. And that is what caused the wounded feminine. So they tried to explain everything from a lie and that’s why there was Satan and Lucifer because they made it a lie because nobody would listen to the truth.


So this is your choice [inaudible] live your life through your love and joy. That’s what I do every day now but nobody gets it … including me, right. I learned every bit as much from what he teaches [gesturing to OWS] because I finally get/gave her a voice. I was so afraid to bring her in because everybody rejects that. And it’s all of you. You all reject your own truth. What I’m sharing with you is my truth from multiple perspectives. Your truth can be whatever it needs to be but realize when they bump up against each other even the [inaudible] yourself feel it. Just listen to it. Give it a chance before you decide that that’s not true. Give it a chance. Listen and then it won’t burn you. If you listen, the love won’t burn you.


And the love of the mother is all of those aspects but because she was shut out so much they got you stuck in this [inaudible] for so long that the dragon that loves you, that tried to help you and tried to love you it was because you spoke different languages. And they made it that way on purpose. That’s why all the languages were confused. Right? When I reached the light and whatever it was the languages were confounded to bring more duality. But if they would just listen to each other’s vibration and realize that they are true love that that’s really twin flame energy right there. Twin flame isn’t a person. That’s part of one love story, the twin flame.


James and I are twin flame energy and I had to be held back because that’s the only way we could get to people is gently, gently, gently. But you get to the point where he’s gently led you to the darkness and you could barely [inaudible] and the dragon to pull you all the way through to light the way so you can go all the way through the darkest spot and come out and gain the wisdom of the dragon.


She’s just saying let me share that with you now and let that seep in. That’s why it goes down in the darkness because the seed has to be planted and then it has to go into their own darkness. Their own dark night of the soul where it thinks I can’t go any further. Just kill me now because I can’t be all of this. And when you accept that you are all of this, it pops through, it sees the light again and that it was always a beautiful flower that had to have the roots to support it. And that’s why it’s like everybody’s killing off their roots before they understand what they are.


OWS:  Wonderful, wonderful. Wonderfully said. And we are going to add an experience here that might give you more understanding of where this is all going. We’re going to share a brief experience that the James had here in terms of a past life regression that he did in this lifetime. He looked at many different lifetimes but they were all mostly very positive, very wonderful in various ways and then he was shown, purposefully, he was shown a lifetime in the, what you call the Old West here. And in that lifetime he realized that he was not a wonderful person at all. He was a, what he calls a gunslinger. He was a bandit. He was a murderer and a rapist and he did all of this killing without remorse. Just doing it because he needed to because it was part of his programming, part of the expression he grew up with in that lifetime. We won’t go into why it was or patterns that came in but just know that it was.


Because the important part is not what occurred in that lifetime but what occurred after. And this is why we are telling you this. A very dark, dark, dark, lifetime but when the end of the lifetime came — and incidentally he was hung by the neck — but when he left there, the one who was guiding this process asked him to go where he went next. Did not end the experience at that point but to go to see where he went. And he thought he was going to go into darkness. He thought he was going to go into the so-called hell but he did not. He went up into the light. And when he reached the light, guess who was there: All of his loved ones. All of the Angels were there welcoming him in. And he was incredibly shocked by this because he thought he had done bad and was going to be punished now. He was not. He was welcomed. He was embraced, embraced by the light, embraced by the love that all had because all that were there for him realized that they were all One and they’ve raised the expression that he was bringing into this life now.


And that is very important to know because you are, again, you are both the dark and the light. You played both roles. You have played both roles. Every single one of you here has played both roles, believe it or not. You have played it in some respect either here on this planet, or on some other planet, some other system, you have all played the role.


You have all played the roles of Darth Vader. You see? You weren’t all Luke. Some of you, many of you at times were Darth Vader.


And because you were consumed by the darkness you were consumed by the fear; the fear that leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to the dark side. You’ve heard this, those of you that know the Star Wars story. But it is not a story. It is real. It is real because it is your life. It is your life expression of who you’ve been over the countless lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. And again we speak way beyond this evolution here on this planet. You do not know how far you have come. That saying: you’ve come a long way baby. You don’t know nothing yet how far you have come. You see?


R/FUF:   And how far we’re going if you’re ready.


OWS:  Everybody say, “Yes! We’re ready!”


R/FUF:   Do I have to filter for you or can I be truthful and authentic?


OWS:  Please, be truthful, authentic. Be your authentic self.


R/FUF:  I don’t want you to feel bad because I’m speaking in a different language to you. Like, you know how it’s funny when you have a foreign exchange student come and they think they’re asking for soap they ask for douche. They just got the wrong word. It’s like this awkward situation. Right? And so it’s kind of like that. Just think of it as, oh, gee, the word F#*% means Freedom. Because that’s to me what it means, that’s what I was taught. So that’s the word I use for it. And there were times, freedom meant captivity. And so to me freedom is [inaudible] never be captive again. It has stayed with you in your reality for so long giving you a false sense of freedom. And you free thought that that was freedom and it wasn’t. You tend to go, ‘f- you, I’m done.’ And you leave because it’s not your freedom. [Audience murmurs agreement] Does that make sense? Good. You’ll have to explain it to Randi. [Laughter]


Do you have any questions?


OWS:  We interrupt you. And how many times did you hear the beloved Robin Williams speak and tell his jokes and all of that and use those words? Many, many times. We have to curtail him somewhat when he came here but he still said some of that and even taught us some of the words we did not know. [Laughter] You see when you talk about that, it’s been so long we don’t even remember what that was like anymore to have that experience with another being. Because we have come into the, what is the word here? To come to the joining of ourselves. Our masculine and our feminine selves together all in One. So we do not need necessarily the partner or anything of this nature. Now that is not to say we do not have twin flames. We do. And that is not to say that we do not have comradery to companionship and all of this. But to have the sexual experience that is something that is precious. That is something that is Divine and to speak about it in whatever way, as long as it is not said in a derogatory fashion. But your word the F-word that you are using here is not derogatory in the way you are using it. You are using it in a fun way. You are using it in a joyful way and how can that be wrong? Can there be anything wrong with having joy in the moment? No! Certainly not. You must always seek to find the joy in every moment and if it helps you to say that, if it helps you to say those words then use them. But do not use them to offend anyone, use them to help express yourself in whatever way needs to be expressed in that moment. You see?


R/FUF: Yes. Because it’s the vibration that’s the word. We don’t speak in words we speak in vibrations…


OWS: Halleluiah! Brothers and sisters you have arrived! (That was Robin Williams, by the way.)


R/FUF: …Consciousness that created it which in this reality this word meant this and in this reality [inaudible] he’d create all these different things in this duality, f— and freedom mean complete opposites. You see that they don’t, when you really think about it you realize that they do. But, believe me that when I say that that’s the part of the dragon that was left out because every time a truth would try to come through she would burn you.


Okay, this is where I could have Josh. Josh, remember when you were the dragon (during a play enacted yesterday). How did it feel when you were told you had to hurt them? … even though it wasn’t real.


Josh: Well, [inaudible] in my experience in the Dragon Realm aspect of my soul …


OWS:  You are going to need to repeat what he is saying or he is going to have to come up to the stage here. Come up to the stage dear brother.


Josh:  So playing the role of the dragon is a lot of fun. And, to start off, there is an awareness that I have of being very connected to the Dragon Realm. Part of my soul aspect is very connected to the Dragon Realm, specifically as it relates to shepherding in the Divine Feminine energy and giving birth to the Divine Feminine energy and that is why the One Who Serves said we are moving closer. We, of the Dragon Realm are moving closer. We’re here. And so part of my understanding as Josh, my experience, my understanding from the Dragon Realm is that there has been confusion and dilution over time where the role of the dragon being obfuscated, distorted. It’s the role of the dragon is one of immense love. And within that immense love, yes, there is a deep desire to serve right now. And so part of my connection to this realm if you will is to help understand and help to dispel the fear that often comes up around this realm. And paradoxically now as I understand and go through the process with Randy and having followed this story is exactly what that parable did very beautifully. And that’s what I have to share about my experience.


OWS:  Dear Josh, can we speak here for a moment? We would ask that you take it upon yourself now. You played that role purposefully. It was meant to be part of the orchestration here and you played that role because of who you are as you are saying in terms of a dragon connection here. Certainly you have that. You already know it.


But what you do not know yet and what we are going to suggest here, is that you and this one Randi Joy come together and bring this story to life. Not just to this group, bring this story to life on the big screen. You can do it as a animation, or you can it as real what you call real what is the word here real action, real-life, how do you say that? Yes. Either way. Do it so. Bring it to life. You write screenplays do you not? Write the screenplay here. This is another reason why you have come here. This is another reason, another part of the orchestration. You see how all this is coming together? Do you begin to understand how you are all part of this orchestration. You are all bringing this together, all part of this transition. And what better way to help many others out there to move in through this transition than to give them an understanding, in a playful manner, in a way of playing a game, acting out a play that there is the dark side and the light side of every one. And everyone plays both roles just as you depicted in this play here. You depicted both roles. The Prince came in and played both roles. The dragon played both sides you see. And the dragon and the Prince were one and the same right from the beginning. Always were, always will be. Just as Prime Creator said last evening that you all came as one from him. You are all one with him, he is one with you. Never has been anything different than that. You see? Put it into words. Put it into a screenplay. Bring it out on the big screen. We challenge you now. [Laughter]


Josh: This is the time.


OWS:  And if you want you can ask to play the dragon if you want. [R/FUF:  He has to!] Then be the Prince. Be the Prince. Whatever it might be.


R/FUF:   But then he has to make sure he gets to the point of the program we’ve been playing and the realization of what that program was. [OWS: Yes] When we get to the end of the play with the Prince slaying the dragon he sees himself, his own reflection. [OWS: Yes] [inaudible] … coming unconditional love for self. When you love yourself that much, no matter how ugly you look, no matter any of that, when you know who you truly are, and you love that person and you see that reflection in the mirror you love who you see. That’s unconditional love of self.


OWS:  Yes. We will add here, in your “Star Wars” movie in the time of the training by the Yoda of the Luke. And what did he say? ‘You are going to be afraid. You are going to enter this cave and you are going to face your fears.’ And as he went into that cave what did he find in that cave? He found the mirror reflection of himself as Darth Vader. He saw the reflection. He saw the darkness within him that he could become that darkness or he could become the Jedi and be the light. Either way. [R/FUF:  He found The Force.] Yes, he found The Force. He found the balance within The Force. And dark and light is all about balance. Another example is the when we told this already but we need to reiterate it again. When Yeshua went through his ascension process and he went to meet with Prime Creator you might say — what he considered God — and he came face-to-face with God, what did he see? Looking at God what did you see? He saw himself as if he was looking in the mirror. He saw himself. You see? So you go and you go and you go and you think you finally get there, and you realize there is never any getting there. You will never get to the end. The end will always keep outdistancing you. You will keep going and going and going, just like your Energizer Bunny. You will keep going and going ever forever. You see? There is no end. There was no beginning, there is no end. There is only the perfect Now.


R/FUF:   Can I tell the new Star Wars version of that too? [Yes]  To get a little more perspective on the feminine and the divine aspect of the feminine. That was Rey. (Ra)




R/FUF:   If it burns you. I don’t f-ing care anymore. [Laughter] I’m just going to give it all to you and you’ll either love it or hate it. That’s your choice. This is the new Star Wars movie. There is a line by one gal in there were she says — and it’s my favorite line of the movie. As soon as she said it I’m like I love this f-ing movie.  She said: ‘That’s how we’re going to win. Not by fighting what we hate but by saving what we love’. [Audience agreement]


See how powerful that is? [Yes!] That’s how you can watch movies in Hollywood. And it’s not unspiritual. It can be the most spiritual experience you can go to like 5000 years of church and get more out of two hours or three hours of Star Wars to get the message. Right? But most of us have to go through 3000 years of church. Which is what all this was. Duality … [inaudible] create of these dualities none stop and  make you feel guilty about the [inaudible] so you hate yourself so much that you quit. And nobody will listen to you anyway.


And this is the perspective of the F#%*ed Up Fairy to understand where this is coming from. Okay? Her perspective is clear out here. [gesturing outwards] She was rejected so much she just said F you all. And that’s: Freedom to you all. [inaudible] do whatever you want. That’s what she said. She said I tried to help you all but I didn’t know how. I tried to say F-you but what I really was meaning, before the word was polluted, I’d say it to you all. Dream whatever you want. That’s what the Mother is trying to say here is truthful. But you have to accept the truth that I think should be easy for you to accept but for some reason you just don’t. You’re just not getting it. [inaudible] [Randi asks:] What did she just say? [Laughter]


Audience:  She said that we don’t get that we are creating everything. And in essence that’s the freedom.


R/FUF:   Okay. Yes. And here they are saying Freedom to all of you! But you all got mad because she didn’t come and help you in every little thing every time because she tried to give you freedom. You know? And that was the first distortion. There is that agency to create whatever you wanted. So let’s try that game. Let’s just let them create anything they want. No guidelines. No nothing. They can do anything in there. The problem was that we realized, ‘ouch!’ we’ve really got to know ourselves here. Right? We didn’t know that all these possibilities for practices point in all these different ways were possible. And we never gave voice to them so we decided to hate the other side.


This is why Josh [as the dragon in Saturday’s play] had to give voice to those egos. Why? Because the egos have wisdom for you. But we only think we have to chop the ego, chop the ego, chop the ego. But we would just listen to its perspective then you would gain ascension consciousness because you listened to all aspects of yourself, you found them and you considered them. Just be open. Open to possibilities. Open your portal to possibilities. That’s all she’s ever been trying to say but nobody wants to take acceptance to the fact that this is our creation too. And because of guilt you’d be terrified for miscreation so you’ll always go away when the dragon’s breath tries to lead you to the truth. [Amen]


OWS:  Wonderfully, wonderfully said. And we will bring up something here that may/will help all of you in this moment. We want you to just for a moment close your eyes. Not going to do a long meditation or anything but just close your eyes now. Everyone close your eyes and remember a certain movie – not “Matrix”. Not “Star Wars” but there was one called “Braveheart.” And we want you now to picture, those of you that know the movie, picture the one … what is the name of that one? [Audience: William Wallace] Thank you. The one from England of course would know that! William Wallace was on his horse — and wasn’t it a white horse as well — and he was on his white horse going back and forth in front of all of his troops, his men and what was he doing? He was raising his sword as he was going across. Raising his sword. Archangel Michael raising his sword. You see? Going across back and forth back and forth giving a speech telling everybody not to be afraid. Move on.


Know this is important if you want to live then you need to move on. Whatever the words that he was using. But what was the major word that he used as he raised his sword? [Audience: Freedom!]


Freedom! Freedom! Everybody now say it: Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! We will add here. Even though you are calling for freedom and you think you are not free, you have always been free. There has never been a time in your entire existence that you have not been free. It is just the programming that holds you back thinking you are not free. It is those ones of the dark side that are playing the role that they are that are telling you that you are not free, that you are not free to run your families the way you want to. You are not free to have the jobs that you want. You are not even free to live a long life. They took that away from you. But they took that away from you because it was important to play the game.


But the game, my friends, the game that you have come into play that you volunteered to come forth is nearly over. But again as was said last evening, guess what? This part of the game is over but the game continues. The game of life, the game of your existence never ends. It is all one game that continues on and on and on forever ad infinitum. You just have to keep playing it… Or not! That is up to you. If you want to stop playing the game then just step out and say I’m taking a time out or whatever it might be. But eventually you will all come back into the game. Even those ones of the dark forces, the cabal that have chosen or are going to choose to not come back into the light, they will eventually come back into the game again and they will realize as they come back into the game that it is the same game that they created and the same game that they were thinking they were creating for everyone else but not for them. The game is for them as well. You see?


Shoshana: Can I share?


R/FUF:   Yes. Come shed a little light here. The opposite perspective has to be seen.


Shoshana:  So the only time that the game is over is when you stop putting energy into the game. And you must be conscious of the idea that you are putting energy into the game. And if you are not conscious that you are putting energy into the game, the game will be the same.


OWS:  Yes.


R/FUF:   Wow. And here’s the thing about playing the game. Why do you think we created the game? What was the reason? [Audience: To play.] To play! We had to create some other way to experience ourselves [inaudible] Joyful, wonderful, play. Two squirrels running around loving each other. We didn’t really care about anything else but squirrel nuts. So we played that way and we created a game where we played hero and villain. So they’re going along and playing the game here. And pretty soon they get kind of bored because they keep doing the same thing over and it never really gets hard. It’s fun but it never really gets hard so you want to try a harder game. Like the hardest level possible. Level 12. You’re on level 12, the hardest level possible. You’ve never ever, ever beat dragon, the dragon on level 12. You’ve tried so many times but it never worked. Okay? So you’re playing the game and you go deep, deep, deep, dark into it on the deepest level where you have to forget you’re One. You have to forget you’re on the same team. In fact everyone that is your light worker, you have a complete arch enemy because it has to be that way for you to play the game. That is the game. That’s the duality. You have to split yourself in both directions if you are wanting to play the game.


Can I tell you the love of the Divine Masculine energy? It’s so powerful! And when you get his story it’s beautiful. Okay? Is that okay if I share this? [Audience: Yeah!]


With the Divine Masculine you always hear the feminine fell. That’s not true. The Divine Masculine saw the darkness and how scary it was but really wanted to play this game because that’s what she really wanted to do. And so he wanted to give her freedom and say okay let’s play the hardest role possible. So I’ll jump into the darkness. I don’t know what’s down there. Neither one of them knew what was down there but he couldn’t let his beloved jump into darkness and get lost. Right?


So he said I’ll go into the darkness. I can handle it. But he forgot how hard it would be when he has to forget. When that veil comes over. When he totally wakes up in this dark cave and has no idea what’s going on and is scared and is vulnerable and it’s new and it’s scary and he starts to get, he starts to create [inaudible]   And he sees some stuff a scary and he thinks he’s hurting his reflection, his other half. So he pulls it all back in and just stays in the void, stays in the darkness because he doesn’t want to hurt his beloved with the creation, right. And so he thinks that she’s scary but she’s not. She actually came as the dragon because he became so afraid consciousness won’t expand in that darkness and so she became …  and really the dragon’s breath was watery. It was watering the seed with love, with joy, with everything and wanted that dragon to bloom into the light. Because she knew who he was and she had to come back to be an agitator because she knew that that would sprout [him] up.


So the Divine Masculine energy is truly the love because that’s how it started. It started as love. He did that because he loved her so she wouldn’t have to first, just not realizing how hard it was. And she loved him so much she said, “I never wanted to play that role but I’ll play the role of the really scary agitator in order to wake him up so she really gave him true love’s first kiss. Because when he did he woke up. But he just turned his eyes as he was leaving and that was true love’s kiss up here. Right? He said I love you so much. I know we can do this. And gave her true love’s kiss before he fell. So they both woke each other up.                                                                       

The one staying on this side was the one who was already awake. This is the dragon. The dragon understands the game. That’s why they can manipulate us so easily because they made the game and they understand it. But they want … they have to play that role so you’ll just wake up. And remember you can do the same thing because you are them. You already have that knowledge from them. If you don’t get it in this lifetime then you have to go through the lifetime of being the cabal. We’re giving you the short trick. If you just want to go to those deepest, darkest levels and understand when the spirit comes back, that darkness come back, you’ve been so afraid of and you shielded yourself from, and you protected yourself from, it was always you. It was always you asking for validation of your program. And when it didn’t want to validate your program you saw it as darkness. But it’s trying to change your program to remember that it’s love.


OWS:  Very good. Are you finished here?


R/FUF:  Someone give me a question, maybe. I need to know what they understand of what was said.


OWS:  We will now turn this over to question. We make this the question-and-answer time. But we would appreciate it if rather than all the other different kinds of questions that you would ask that you would pertain to this particular area that we are on here. This particular change, transition that we are moving through and how if can relate to you. Would anyone wish to be brave enough to start with that?

Q & A

Q:  Here is my question. I feel totally misled because I have been following the light, I have been maintaining my balance and my high vibrations, and now I feel like, f—!! [Laughter] You just messed up with me completely.


OWS:  We are messing with your head. No?


Q:   No kidding!


OWS:  But we are doing it purposefully. Because it is time for you to embrace the total self that you are. The total totality that you are. You are both, light and dark. This is what we are attempting and Randi Joy is attempting, and others have been attempting for some time. You just were not ready for it or did not understand it. But we have been telling you these things in one way or another. And it is important if you are going to become the light … or remember that you are the light — not become it. You already are — but to remember that you are the light you also have to remember that you are the darkness within yourself. We all have that that dark shadow you might say, that shadow within yourself. The dark nature of our own selves here. And that is within each other. There is the Brotherhood of Light and there’s the Brotherhood of Dark. The Dark Brotherhood and the Light Brotherhood. It is all one and the same. We are all in this together. One family. One humanity here. One existence where we all started from the same One, the One. And when we say always Be The One, we are not saying just to be one with everyone here, we are telling you that you are The One. You are the One. You are the Prime Creator Source. We are all together. We are all the One. But it is up to you to come to understand that that is the situation, that you are The One.


I am the One. Robin Williams is the One. Sananda is the One. Ashtar is the One. Athena is the One. You are all the One. Each and every one of you is the One.


R/FUF:   And the F—ed Up Fairy is the One too.


OWS:  Yes. That is correct. And even the … we do not utilize names often but we are going to say this because this is the darker side of the James here. Not in terms of being the connection directly, we are not saying that, but whenever you hear — many of you — whenever you hear the name HW Bush, how do you feel about that? Those of you that know what he has done. What do you think about? What do you feel when you hear that name?


Audience: Anger. Horror. I feel sorry for him that he has to play that role.


OWS:  You feel sorry for him. You feel sorry for him having to play the role. Now that is a higher level of consciousness thinking there. What about someone here who when they hear that name or they see that person in the wheelchair and the people gathering around him and praising him and saying how wonderful he was, what do you think or feel?


Audience:  I think he was an aspect of me. Then again, higher consciousness. That is not where we are going with this. Be honest.


Audience:  Disgusted.


OWS:  Yes! You want to have the police or the marshals go and arrest him and take him to the prison and show him what he has done to everyone. Right? [Right!]


Not only that one, there is the younger Bush. There are the other ones that were involved with 9/11. There is so many out there that have perpetrated darkness on this planet because that is what they have come to do. That is what they have known to do. They are simply playing out their roles. They are going to reap what they sow, please understand that. They are going to. But it is not up to you, each and every one of you to judge them. There is only one that can judge the HW Bush. Who is that? [HW Bush.] HW Bush. He is the only one. You see?


R/FUF:   Can I give another perspective on that?


Q:   Didn’t we call him into existence?


OWS:  Yes. In a respect, yes you did.


R/FUF:   This is what HW Bush really represents. Okay? He was a choice of the Dragon Family. They always pick our Presidents. You think you’re voting but that’s your freedom screwed up. You got f-ed. [Laughter] [inaudible] But, freedom … [inaudible] because he’s changed it to something else. Okay, so we picked HW Bush for one reason. You know why? Because he still had a lot of light left in him. He was one who could maybe break the program if he was willing to go against it. But he didn’t. With Trump, same situation. He was picked not because he was the nicest thing or because he wasn’t super egotistical [inaudible]. And he’ll do that. Which is why so many people loved him because it was what they wanted to hear too. But he gave us our voice and so many people were afraid to hear it.



Donald Trump was picked because he had the potential to shift the program. That’s why this also happened in this particular compression breakthrough. So he gets to run the program again of world war. Did he choose it? [No] What did he choose? He chose love. He said this light and dark bull is done. I just want to choose love. Do people that love each other kill each other? [No] No! What’s the first law: thou shalt not kill, because that takes away a person’s agency. And that’s the one law you weren’t supposed to break. You let the other person have their freedom. But when you kill something you take their freedom away.


And so when the Divine Feminine got battered at so many times, you take her freedom away to express and you lose the wisdom she would have given you if you would have let her speak. And this is the side that doesn’t ever get to share because everybody is so afraid of it and gets triggered by it. And it’s all you. It’s just me giving perspective to that side of you so that’s your ultimate guiding divine wisdom. And that’s why the F-ed Up Fairy, when people would ask her questions like, what should I do about my life,  she says, “I don’t care! What do you want? I gave you complete freedom to create anything you want. Just pick something! Pick something and play. Have fun.” That’s what the game has always been about. To just let you play and have fun. She didn’t want to create roles anymore. She wanted you to play. She wanted you to expand but she had to show up as the dragon just to get the game going.



OWS:  But also, also, as you are saying, and it is wonderful the way you’re saying it. And it is important to always know that you must choose. You must choose a side one way or the other. It is time to no longer be on the fence. Many of you, not so much here in this room or even some on the phone, but many of you are still on the fence. It is time to get off the fence. It is time to get off and go one way or the other. You see?


R/FUF:   Hey, bring it back here. Why are there two sides? Why can’t they just be on the fence together for a while and just love? You see?


OWS:  Are you asking here?


R/FUF:   I’m trying to teach the Divine Masculine a really important lesson that it keeps missing. Okay? Truth, divine love that you say they’re going to have to choose or you’re going to burn and send them to the sun. Why do you think they keep the game playing so long? They don’t want to die. They want you to remember that they are your true love. It’s the One. You’re not separate. You are not … If you pick a side you already lost the game. You have to remember that you’re both sides. And it’s not a game of winning or losing. It’s a game of playing. And you don’t have to play the duality game, you just chose to. You chose to make it hard. But in choosing that your one self had to split. It didn’t get a choice. Everybody has to play both sides. The feminine just did it for you because the masculine loved her too play it. Which they had to play or they could never get out of it. Right? You have to play the game. But when you get to level 12 and you face the dragon, how do you beat the dragon? [Audience suggests various answers]


No. How do you beat the dragon? No, don’t get into the game yet, how do you beat the dragon? How do you win the game? Level 12. How do you beat it?


True love. And did true love kill the dragon? [No] What does it see? It transformed it into yourself. You see that it was always you. You were always your twin flame entangled and every time you think you want to play a side, you play the f-ing duality game again! [inaudible] and you judge it.


OWS:  You misunderstood exactly what we were saying though. We were saying here when we say to choose a side we were not saying actually to choose a side. We were saying to make action. To take action. To get off the fence in terms of being passive. Do not be passive anymore in your lives. Be active. Take a chance. Move ahead. Allow change to happen in your life. This is what we were referring to. We understand, yes, you cannot choose a side because each side is One already. And if you choose one side then you are discounting the other part of you.


So what we are saying directly is to get off of the couch, the seat, and all of this and take some action in your life. It does not have to mean going out and spreading the light everywhere, although we would love you to do that. It simply means taking charge of your life. Taking  charge of your life, in the moment, directly, right now. Do not worry about what has happened in the past. The past is over. Do not worry about what is coming in the future because as you continue to take action right here in your life now in this moment you are creating a more wonderful life for you ahead. And the integration of both sides of yourself bringing the balance to your life will come together.


Q:  I don’t get it. [Laughter] Okay. I don’t get it.


R/FUF:  Let me tell now the other perspective of what the James once said. The James one. He’s a masculine energy. He’s the Divine Masculine energy giving perspective and allowing [OWS: That is correct.] perspective so you can see the perspectives of both. You see they both want to be seen for their truth. Right? Okay? So the mother says, you’re lying on the couch, you won’t get off the couch. Why? Because you are afraid every time you do you’ll hurt someone or something so you just want to lay on the couch. And so the Divine Masculine says get up and do something! Go to work. Go do something. You’re being lazy. But the Divine Feminine sees a little innocent boy and says, “Go play. Just go play outside. You’re only six. You don’t have to start working yet. You have time to play.” And so she tried to create a role where you had time to play but then you made the world all about time. That’s the opposite of the way it was supposed to be. You have infinite time. Infinite possibilities. Infinite everything when you remember it’s all you. You have the freedom to create anything. That’s why only the moment matters. Time doesn’t matter. Time is an illusion. The only thing that’s real is this moment and how you play it.


If you want to play the role where you take classes and you work really hard and you provide and you do the goals, that’s fine. You don’t have to be anyone. I want to go to where I [inaudible] my fairy where I could just build my house and play. I want to play more. And in that innocence you remember the power of the creator. When you start getting off in your head about business and titles and drugs and governments and blah, blah, blah, you forget to play because you’ve lost that inner child that just allows you to play. And now you’ve just worked all week that you’re so exhausted that all you can do when you get home is lay on the couch. Right? They’re going to lay on their asses anyway so maybe if we put all the true story  in movies … You know people stopped reading because that took too long so they like to watch movies. Some people still like to read. It’s a valid perspective.


I like to watch movies because they’re more fun and interesting to see how they play out. But the Dragon Family is telling you all these truths now in movies. If you look at it there’s so much truth coming out in shows and movies and that’s not coming from the Alliance, that was coming from the cabal. And do you know what the Alliance really was? You know what the Alliance really is doing? They’re making an alliance between the Dragon Family and humanity. Let’s play a different game. How can we make this good for everyone? That’s what the purpose of the Alliance is. They’re negotiating. That’s how you’re seeing it play out in the big world. How it’s playing out in yourself is you’re looking at all your own perspective and you’re saying, you know, I’m not sure which one of you is right. Why don’t we try all of them and then see how it works out and create our own torsion field. Right?


And we try all those possibilities and we come back and say, wouldn’t it be really fun if that whole strict duality thing, where we forgot who we were, that was tough. Right? So we did program it with an ending where the veil comes up and you’d remember. Right? Start remembering who you are. That has to be a slow, slow process because that’s a lot to take in for a consciousness to see that all at once. Right? And that’s why you keep the veil on because it gets us to learn from our choices and have fun with them. Yet we all come up here and we forget to play. And then we forget the whole point of why we created it anyway. So just play and it’ll be okay.


Q:   Can I ask a question here? I just want to say how I see things. And I want to know if I’m flawed in the way that you are talking about. I’ve been looking at the Beatitudes lately. And from what I can see there was the same truth contained there. And what I see … maybe I can give an example. I found myself, not too long ago, very much alone. I had no friends. And the person I was living with was not a very healthy relationship. And so I have feelings about that. You know, sometimes I’m angry, sometimes I hate myself, all kinds of different things. The way I see it those feelings that I have don’t change it but that they are movers, they take me into my heart.


And so when you go in the heart, it’s not like you’re alone. The Source and all that’s good is there too. And when you take all those feelings that are painful and are negative and you’re not at rest with them, you take them into the heart and they soften and you begin to see that there is possibilities. And it works on you. I don’t how it works but that’s kind of the way I see it. Is that what you’re saying?


R/FUF:   That’s a very beautiful explanation and a beautiful flower blooming. 


Q:  Thank you.  [Applause]



Q:   I wanted to go back to what we are talking about the roles that we play in life. Are you saying — and this goes back to Bush, when we were talking about Bush. And this is the same comment I was going to make at that time when the question was asked about Bush — When I talk to people and I had a conversation recently with a couple. And they were talking about how people who kill people are going to hell. I try to explain to them how life is and how it is in this dimension. And how this is a place where we came to experiment and how we have different roles to play. And that goes back to Bush. Bush has … we’re all at play. This is the way I explained it. We’re all in a play. You have your roles, everybody has their roles, and if you think of a play where the villain comes in and he strikes somebody dead, doesn’t he go to jail afterwards? Is he crucified? Does he go to hell? And I tried to explain it like that. And this is exactly what it is. Bush has a role. He had his role.


OWS:  Is there a question here?


Q:  No, I’m not asking a question.


OWS:  We are here for those who are wanting to ask questions at this point. This is the where we …


Q:  Can I just finish this one point?


R/FUF:   I’m going to give you a big clue to it that will help you finish it. Can I do that? Will you take a clue?


Okay, the one you call HW Bush — we had this discussion this morning — is the same Being that you call Archangel Michael (note: this is a matter of personal opinion – please use your own discernement). Why did he go down in that role? Because he was the strongest Being possible and knew if he could break the programming in that one, so that he could create something totally new and amazing which is what he wanted. And that is the St. Germain energy coming in through him. And this is the same St. Germain energy that is coming through your President Trump which is the Archangel Michael energy. It’s all the same energy because he had the potential to have that; to turn to compromise. Because that’s why they were picked. Isn’t he the great negotiator? Right? That’s why he’s a really great negotiator because he can get the Divine Feminine to listen to him.


And if you see his wife, Melania? Did you notice this one day she had on a beautiful yellow dress and she looked like Belle? [Yes!] Right? And you suddenly saw beauty and the beast. You saw the beast. She is the antagonist. She is what got him to shift because she spoke the truth to him and she unconditionally loved him, even though she was actually bought into slavery. He fell in love with her. And when he fell back in love with his divine twin flame reunion, they found so much new things and so many more possibilities. Because he could suddenly see that perspective. He said, the more I see well I can’t just take control of everything or whatever because it’s just another dragon. He sees why there has to be a great negotiation where we all come together and remember we’re all on the same team. So he’s the dragon born because he can’t go through the Dragon Families and he also is … Melania [inaudible] from slavery, but he fell in love with that. Right? And he wanted that for everyone. He wanted to set her free. He was the king and he wanted to set the energy free. Does that make sense? And that’s when it became f—ed. It’s free. It’s freedom. It was for freedom. So this is why you have Trump; this is why you had Bush. They were all aspects of the Michael, of the St. Germain. He puts that in a lump and that’s why we pick it. That was to manipulate you to think we pick it, but we really are picking the best one even though it comes with a pig that says all the wrong things [inaudible, interruption] … but it’s a program.


Q:   But in the end, in the end where we are now, in the now, Bush has …


R/FUF:  In the now? Do you mean Trump?


Q:   I’m talking about as far as we said who was Bush going to answer to in the end. And it would be himself; which is the Source within himself.


R/FUF: And we would have the New World Order.


Q:   So in other words, that’s what I’m saying is that right now he has that choice. He can either go to the light or to the dark. [Trump?] Either one.


R/FUF: Trump is the only one in the now. Right?


Q:   I’m not talking about who’s in office. I’m talking about …


[Conversation continues over which President is being referred to.]


OWS:  Please. Please here we are going to interrupt this. This is going nowhere here. You are just simply arguing. That is not going to achieve anything and if we need to we’re going to interrupt this entire process here because it was not meant to be this way. You must come to balance here. There is a lack of balance that is occurring right now in this moment. We are allowing it up to a point but we must curtail it somewhat because it is conflicting with too many emotions both here in room and there on the phone as well and we need to … not pull back, that is not quite the right word, but we need to allow rather for those to express themselves but in a way that is not a affront on another individual. Because if you are affronting another individual, you are simply falling back toward that dark side. And again that is okay in some respects because you are both. But the goal here is to integrate the two not to become one or fully the other but integrate both. Integrate the darkness of the dragon and the lightness of the dragon. So if you wish to continue this process in the way we are doing, and it is somewhat like a game show or something we are doing, no, one of your talk shows, here. And that is okay as long as the host of the show is able to continue to hold order and not talking about new world order or anything of this nature just simply order in the moment. And that is important. Otherwise you go into what is called chaos and chaos does not lead to order despite what you may have heard.


The movement away from chaos can lead to order. And order is important because order can lead to balance and balance is what this is all about. This is what these Advances are all about: coming to balance. Everything that is happening here is a breakthrough. You have had tremendous breakthrough those of you that are understanding what is occurring here. And if you are not yet understanding it yet you will. It is going to come to you.


But you have come to a breakthrough, this compression breakthrough. It is happening now in the moment. But it is not only happening here in this moment in this room or over the phone it is happening across the entire planet more and more. Your meditation that you did here was very successful not only for those of you that worked on it within this group but for all of the groups all over the planet that worked on this. It was incredibly successful. It had a major influx or creating a major direction toward the advent or the coming of The Event. Everything leads to that.


Now always understand even as we are saying the coming of The Event, The Event has already happened. It has already happened at the higher levels of your being, the higher dimensions you might say. And it is simply waiting there to be introduced to those here at this level. But, you have to understand that it is going to be introduced at this level, this third dimensional level, it is not going to be what you would want it to be. So that is why we are saying wake up every one. Awaken. Move into the higher vibrations. Move up so that when The Event does come from down from above and comes into your reality now, you will be ready for it. And that is important to know. So again please understand this is all a process that we are going through. Even right now in these moments we are going through a process but we cannot allow this to disintegrate into chaos here. Okay?


R/FUF:   Okay you want understanding instead of sharing what you perceived from the perspective you’re perceiving it? Do you want high heart awareness understanding to this question? I know you don’t realize what your question is but it’s a question you need the answer to.


Archangel Michael, he loved the Divine Feminine so much that he had to go into the darker role too to help them shift. Once that light and that energy comes in there’s a potential, and so that’s why it’s coming in. All these ones, and this is what they always wanted to create, they come in to that. And if they break the original duality programing that made HW Bush and Archangel Michael the same thing they realized they agreed upon it and that would shift the energy.


A lot of people thought Trump was so evil and awful. How many people like this had friends that were just Trump haters? What if they knew that was Archangel Michael doing his very best to come through but every time he does, they say, you pig! You this! You that! So he had to develop the biggest ego possible that basically said, look, I’ll be the great negotiator. Just let me negotiate. Trust the plan for just a little bit and I’ll negotiate a good deal for everyone.”


That’s what your President Trump is trying to do because he even braved that Divine Masculine energy, that love that just learned to love because he fell in love with his flame. He fell in love with Belle.


In your story Beauty and the Beast, you had the beast which is now HW Bush, which is now … um … your new one, Trump. And Trump sees his wife as the Belle and the beauty and everything and says I give you your freedom. And she says thank you, I choose to be with you. He gave her that choice. He gave her fortifi…  whatever that was as the king and that was her freedom to just love him unconditionally. Not because she was a slave. Not because of that, because she still had to go back and take care of things before she returned to him. And he was afraid and he watched her in the mirror thinking that oh she’s going to get hurt. She’s going to get attacked by the wolf. He watched her out of love but he knew she had to go on that journey. Then he had to trust that she would come back. And she did come back. [inaudible] she gave him true love’s kiss and he turned into her Prince which was really her true love. And it’s his, it’s his true love. That’s why we turn into opposites so we could see each other as beautiful. And that’s beautiful.


And sometimes when we [inaudible] we still recognize this role that we have a loving experience with and another one maybe both come in a masculine body. That’s fine, right? They’re seeing soul. They’re seeing that true love which is beyond the meat-suit which doesn’t matter. That’s why that program is being brought down right now and it’s just about love. And imagine dragon, he may be cabal but what’s the message he’s spreading? You know? You know [inaudible], it’s just love bigger. Let’s try that. When we love bigger we want to give, we want to share. We want to have, we want to serve each other when we remember we are not on opposite sides and never were. We were just playing a game and we wanted to make it fun. But we always knew we’d come back and remember and eventually — it took longer than expected — we hoped we’d come back and remember that it’s just a game. And she’s waiting for you being the protagonist to get you so you’re pushing at each other.


Like the thing we did in yoga where we all got up and we all pushed on each other. Right? And it stayed strong because there was balance. And so we need to see that I have to be the balance to James. It’s not that I want to take over and change the perspective, but I have to balance that perspective with this perspective. It’s wasn’t what you thought and that’s what you asked for today. Right? But can you give that time and ask questions and be willing to get answers that maybe was something you never considered because you never gave this voice another perspective because it triggered you.


OWS:  That is important because when you ask for when you ask a question and we are willing to give you the truth, you must be ready to accept the truth. And the truth is not always what you are wanting to hear. And we had this happen many, many times over these years here in working with this group. Someone asks a question, we give an answer that is the best answer that can be given to that particular person at that particular moment, and it is not what they were wanting to hear so therefore it turns them off to hearing anymore truth. But that is exactly what we do not want to happen but we cannot prevent it from happening. We are here to share the truth, to show you the truth, to show you the door. But you are the ones that need to walk through that door. And everything that is leading up to this point has brought you to exactly where you are now.


So embrace the truth, embrace both sides of yourself. Come to the balance, which is so important, the masculine, the feminine energy, and this one Randi and the other side of herself here, is right that there is the feminine side and the masculine side here and this coming together between the Randi Joy and the James here is very important because it is all about integration and balance. And bringing the masculine and feminine energies together. Because that is what is important across the entire planet is to bring the two energies together. Not to have one above the other but to bring them together as One which they began as One and they need to continue now as One.


Q:   The word amalgamate seems to apply here. Is that what’s happening? What is the word amalgamate mean?


Joanna:  Amalgamate means to combine. Integrate.


R/FUF:   Yes. So that’s exactly it. That’s the merging and realizing they’re all one and they were just showing different perspectives so that they could come back and bring it in and say okay let’s look at it. What do we think? So that was kind of hard. That was really kind of hard.


Okay, let’s play it this way. Let’s make there be no money. You can just create whatever you want and there’s no money and see how that plays out. Or let’s make it be there’s so much money that people realize it was always worthless. So then if it’s worthless we’ll give them replicators that could make whatever they want anyway– which they already have the power to do but they forgot. So you have to give them step two and they’ll believe the technology can do it not realizing that technology is our unconsciousness. So their unconsciousness literally creates this steak because they love steak but their polar opposite is the vegan who thinks it’s horrific and awful. And they either separate or they compromise. What’s the compromise? Okay we’ll make a machine that makes this steak and we won’t have to kill any animals and you can have your vegan food. I’m going to make one that makes brownies and cupcakes and everything super healthy for me and it’ll have all the nutrients I need, and you can grow yours outside. Both will have the same nutrition but that’s another part of the duality we created.


I wish I could go to heaven and brownies were healthy and are like a health food and you can make them that if you want. That’s going to be like my main thing! Why do you think chocolate is so delicious but yet so healing? Women love chocolate. Well, a lot of men love chocolate. Most everybody loves chocolate unless they’re allergic to it or something. But chocolate is the one thing they thought we can pack this full of amazing stuff like, that’s why it’s one of the highest antioxidants like brain food, that’s why you get higher vibrations when you drink pure stuff.


But higher vibration, lower vibration, how about if you stay somewhere in the middle where you can experience. Right? [Inaudible] middle of the play because people say they have all these higher vibrations and whatever. What is the highest vibration? Where does it exist? It’s right here. It’s in each moment you are experiencing it. Each moment you experience it you create from that space. Each moment you hate you create from that space. Each moment you want to punch somebody for what they did you create from that space. Each moment you want to love somebody no matter what they did you create from that space. You’re doing it in every single moment you’re choosing and that’s what is creating your ascension. It’s not a big light coming down through the clouds. That big light is you.


Remember you are the stars, you are the sun. You’re all of those things so when it comes in it’s all you. That’s why it affects the entire universe but the compression breakthrough has to happen here by listening to both perspectives and compromising. Coming to neutrality over it.


So maybe the decision is all right, you go play your games for a while. I’m going to be [inaudible], that’s a choice. And then you can decide whether you like it or not like it and you’re invited back into their Utopia. It’s just all play. Play it however you want. And use your technology to get you there, because what is virtual reality?


Q: Another stage of reality.


R/FUF:   No. It’s another program of the game. So you’re thinking you created virtual reality and the origin of creation is here [pointing to her heart] because it gave you a way to create anything you wanted and don’t play the game. People didn’t realize how lost they’d get in the game. But it’s fun. It’s meant to be fun. When you realize you’re the program where you can create anything you want you only have to believe. And if you have to believe that technology that can get you to suddenly create then that’s what you do. And you invite your friends and you can all play different characters. You see how you got here? It’s like you and your girlfriend went on a date and said let’s play the virtual reality game and then you forgot it was a game and one signed up to play the dragon and the other one was the Prince and you got so caught up in the game you forgot you were on the same team. And you just came to play.


OWS:  Is this one excited or what? Excited by the energies. Excited by the downloads she has received. Excited by who she is becoming, and rather even more so, she is now. And this is important. But if we keep going and we are just going around and around on the same thing over and over here and it is time now …


R/FUF:   But who gets it? Let’s find out now who gets it.


OWS:  It is time now … [interruption] Please hold here. It is time now to move on here. We can come back to this at another point with a different or an added perspective here. Because whether it is getting to others out there… now you understand dear Randi Joy, what we have been dealing with for some time here. [Laughter] Saying the same things over and over in so many different way, pounding our heads against the wall when the others, they are not receiving our message. But do we give up? No. We keep coming back. [interruption] Hold. We keep coming back. That is the important thing. We keep coming back and presenting it in another way. So we’re going to suggest to you and to all here now that we are going to come to a conclusion on this now for now and we will entertain this – and I do mean entertain – we will entertain this at another point because this is certainly not going to be forgotten. It is part of the necessary orchestration that is going on now and we are going to continue it. We promise you. But now no more questions…


R/FUF:   Please. One more please. Could you give me one more question. I want to see if they’re getting it. I waited around so many times to see …


OWS:  You cannot do that, dear sister. Because they are either getting it or they are not. You cannot push or control that situation. You can ask one more question and one may get it and then you can ask another question, and one may get it. Or what? You can go on and on, ad infinitum, and unless that one is ready to understand at the level that you are on right now – and we can tell you that may be one or two in this entire audience right now are at the level that you are dealing with right now. But you are going to come down to Earth yourself to some respect. You are going to come down to a balance and you are going to realize that if you want those people around you to understand what it is you are trying to convey to them you must learn to monitor yourself somewhat…


R/FUF:  [interrupting] Is it any help to monitor the ego again instead of just letting it have a voice one time …


OWS:  Please, you are interrupting here. You will have your moment. We gave you this moment. We want you to have these moments …


R/FUF:  Is it before the end of the Advance? Are you going to let me speak again?


OWS:  Yes. Yes we are going to. But you see that portion of you it is almost like, if you those of you could see what we are saying, this one is playing two roles. She is going back and forth. One minute she is Randi Joy, the next she is the F-ed Up what did you say … Fairy. And she is going back and forth as if it was in a play and the one is playing one side and her voice changes and they change to another. And you can tell when she changed back and forth. And yes, it was entertaining and very important, and very amazing information in the way it was being put together. But you have to at some point you have to realize that you are just going to continue to pound your head against the wall now, just like we have been. You see? But we do not stop. We do not get frustrated as you are getting frustrated. [R/FUF:  I’m not frustrated.] [Audience believes otherwise] We do not get frustrated. We do not get disappointed because we have no purpose in you, right now. We have no purpose in you other than to be of service to you. Now you, though, otherwise, you have a purpose in getting your message across and that others will get that message and they will get that message when they are ready to get it. So let them be.


R/FUF:  Can I say, can I tell you this? The message is the play. That’s all it ever was. Just play the game.


OWS: That is the message. But how many times are you going to say it? Again and again. Play the game. Let them play the game.


R/FUF:   When they get that they will have their compression breakthrough.


OWS:  That is correct. That is correct. And we will add to that when the entire planet gets it or at least a certain population of the planet gets that there will be the compression breakthrough as a whole by the collective consciousness. So you are on the right track. You are moving in the right direction. You are bringing all of these people along in the way that needs to be and the way that we were wanting it to go. You did not necessarily know that we wanted this but it is part again of the orchestration. So continue to have the process that you are going through. Continue to move through this transition, but allow people along the way to have their transition as they go through it. That is very important. And you will understand that there are times to hold back and then there are times to get excited and get that information out — just look at our other One Who Serves that comes on from time to time. He wants to tell everybody. He wants to share with everybody. He wants everybody to get it as well but he also realizes certainly, he has learned enough, just as we all have, that we do not know all the answers. All we know is that we don’t know everything. You see?


R/FUF:   [interrupting] There is no answer to play, though.


OWS:  There is no answers to play. There is just play and that is what you are doing. But as you are playing the game realize it is a game. And it is important for those that are wanting to play the game to continue to play it. Those that want to step back for a moment and try to understand what the game is, need to do that as well. And then once they understand what the game is they will jump back in, they will go to that 12th level, they will slay the dragon or whatever it is they need to do because they are the ones deciding to do it. You see?


OWS:  Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Channeled by James McConnell

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