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One Who Serves via James McConnell, December 10th, 2017


Om Mani Padme Om. Om Mani Padme Om. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here with you to continue on with this never-ending programming here that is happening here. And it is going to be never ending. The journey continues on and on and on for forever really, infinite infinity. And you will continue to move along this journey wherever it may take you. But for now the journey that you are on is a journey that is working together with each one of you all of you coming together as a unity, as a unity consciousness. I speak now of the group but we also speak of unity consciousness here on the entire planet. All of humanity coming together.

And what a miraculous and amazing … difficulty in some ways that this is for you. It is something that is, something that is very hard to continue to experience but you are all going through this. You are all moving through this transition and everything is going exactly as it is needed and exactly as it is planned.

Yes, as we have told you many times we have Plan A, B, C, D, E, and so on and we continue to move along through these different parts of the plan. And when one doesn’t work we move to the next and to the next and that is what has been happening with all of the things that are happening outside of yourself.

But always remember that for you to experience those things outside of yourself and those continuing things that you want to improve on you first need to find the improvement within yourself. So it is always So Within and So Without. But the within is always first. No matter what you may hear from others or anything of this nature it is always coming from within.

And this is where you need to continue to focus all of your attention, all that you can, to find that inner resolve within yourself and move through the inner discipline that is necessary for you to experience the changes that you need at this time to go through. Because as you move through these changes, as you move through this transition, you will be ready then to assist all of those others that will be beginning their own transition. You are much through your transition at this point and others have not even begun to even know that there is such a thing as a transition. So you will be there for them when the time comes. Okay?

You have questions here for one who serves?

Q & A

Q:  I’m here with my 11-year-old son Valentino and he wants to ask the question but he is a bit shy. He wants to know if he can ask a question.

OWS:  Either he can ask it or you can ask it for him. Either one.

Q:  He wants to know if his higher self is on a ship at the moment, and if possible, would you tell him his higher self’s name so he can try and telepathically communicate with his higher self. He’s struggling going within yet because he’s quite young so basically if he has a name he can then start to speak to his higher self.

OWS:  Valentino. My goodness. An 11-year-old that is coming into an understanding of such a thing here that there is even such a thing as a higher self is quite monumental here. And it is very … we admire you, the parent, here for bringing this process to this one, this young one, for there is so many times when the ones that are young see things, experience things, know things, but then when they tell their parents of this their parents say no, that is just your imagination. It is not real. But for you, you are making it real for this one. This is wonderful.

This is the, the ones that are coming now into the experience, into this illusion here. But they are the ones that are coming into now continue to break this illusion down. They are the ones that are in many respects the ones that you have all been waiting for are here. And they are going to make major shifts and changes.

But now directly to the question that is being asked about higher self, yes, you can certainly communicate with your higher self — we are speaking to Valentino here — you can communicate. He/she is there for you. We are not going to say whether it is a he or a she at this point. But that one, your higher self is there for you. And you do have a connection with being on a ship, certainly, as many of the light workers, the light warriors all have this connection at various levels. You are not all commanders but you all have some connection to many of those Galactic beings, our brothers and sisters in the skies. So if you can help him understand this, if he does not quite understand this, this would be helpful here.

As to name here, you know what we feel about names so we are not going to give any names here but certainly as this one, Valentino, you communicate with your higher self, a name will come to you. And then it is up to you to allow for this process to be. Allow for this name to come through and then believe that it is real. That is what is important for you will receive a name. Maybe several names and it is important for you to then allow for that process to happen and then believe in it as it does. Okay?

Q:  What is the process that we should go to to truly surrender to source?

OWS:  The process for you to do so has already been given in the idea of the Surrender Protocols that has been brought out by the one, the missionary here in a sense, the Charles. And this has been brought into the group here specifically and purposefully so that you can all begin to work with this process or something similar, if something works more for you, but it is a particular technique. It is one of the tools that has been brought to this group. And as you continue to work with these tools you will more and more find yourself preparing for that which is coming and that is to move, continue to move through this Ascension or rather through this transition through your Ascension process and finally, as many of you heard there at the Advance, the idea of Transfiguration which had not been spoken of before, but it was introduced purposely into this Advance as something that will be there for you. And those of you that are working through this process are the ones that are preparing to be in the first wave of Ascension and then also Transfiguration here.

Q:  In terms of the, how should I say this, the negative things that we have experienced and we are letting go of, and we know that were letting go of them and that’s very clear, and yet at times we need to put a focus on them to heal them. (Not that we want to stare but we do need to put some focus on these things so that we can get them out of our way. Can you say more about that distinction between how much we need to look to just move forward and not give our attention to them, and how much we need to put the focus on to get them out of our way?

OWS:  Yes certainly is a wonderful question and we would answer this by saying that you put all of your focus on positive things happening in your life. Do not focus on anything that is negative. They may come up but turn your focus immediately away from it. As you move into the higher vibrations and continue to find yourself in those higher vibrations therefore closer and closer into the higher dimensional frequencies, then you will not have the experience of any of these negative beings or negative entities or anything negative in nature whatsoever. This goes for all things here, even within your illusion. Those things of chemtrails, those things of interference, different kinds of radio interference, and anything that can harm the body and all of this electro … we are finding … electromagnetic rather, electromagnetic interference, and those things which can harm the body, this is nothing that you have to be concerned about as you continue to move into these higher vibrations. As you continue to find yourself in those higher frequencies then the lower frequencies cannot harm you. Okay?

Q:  I have a Christ Light center here in South Dakota. I’ve lived in Payson for about 10 years up until about 2000 we had 100 light workers that sent the great invocation all over the world. In the meantime I’ve had this 100 pound crystal that was at one time connected to the Earth Keeper Crystal in Hawaii. It’s now with me back in my hometown of Rapid City in the Black Hills. I’m feeling that the Black Hills are very important. Under the hills are all these crystal caves and I’m seeing the Christ Light Center that I have becoming more and more important and the pieces are falling together. But my question is what am I going to be doing here? If the hills are important, is there anything more you can tell me about the Black Hills here?

OWS:  That area is so very much important that you at this point do not yet realize just how much. But because of what is under there in terms of crystals and how you are all moving into more of a crystalline nature it is going to become more and more important that all of these crystals throughout the planet become enlivened once again. They bring their energy to the planet, to those here on the surface. All of this is coming. The return to the crystalline function you might say. Not only within yourselves but the Earth body herself will become much more crystalline. It is already doing so. So those areas where these crystals are located and formed and all of this is going to become more and more important as an energy portal you might say that will open up and make connections across the planet through these various centers here. And the center that you are speaking of can be one of those centers.

[Please mute your phone. We can hear background noise. Please mute your phones.]

OWS:  People do not realize when they are on their phones that you can hear everything that comes in their conversation that they are having in the room there. So that is something that you all need to become conscious of more and more here. It is happening though much more than what it was in the beginning yet. Remember we always used to say these crazy contraptions? We have not had to say that too much anymore for you are becoming more responsible about this.

Other questions here?

Q:  I was just wondering if all or most negative will disappear off of the Earth on December 21st?

OWS:  Now for those of you that have been here regular guests you might say on this program, you would know that when we would attempt to answer a question such as this we cannot. We are not allowed to answer questions about dates anymore with an exception of a hint here or there. But to say what is going to occur on a particular date as your December 21st as you are asking, we cannot give that because that is not yet written here, in terms of there is nothing written in stone. It is all based on probabilities and possibilities and that particular date is a possibility not a definite. So there is a possibility, maybe even a probability, but not a definite. But not to the extent that you are giving here as to what it means. You see?

There are many similar dates, you might say, time frames that are going to come up which are going to create possibilities more and more as you move along. But there will come a time — and we will give this more on the time of the New Year’s Eve here, as you call it — we will speak more on this as to what you can expect here in your 2018. And what kind of a year that is going to be, what it is going to bring and all of this. So it is going to be quite a show, we can say here, that is going to be had for your New Year’s Eve celebration. And yes, the one that you call the comedian one here will be with you very much so, maybe singing, we’ll definitely be celebrating with you and may even bring along another certain someone here. That is just a little hint for you. Does this answer your question at the best we can answer?

Q:  I’m trying to think ahead of what I’ll be doing and what other light workers will be doing when we are working with people to help heal them, heal the Earth, heal all of nature’s kingdom. I’m wondering at what point, because it’s my understanding that physical and mental illnesses as well as addictions will be will cease to exist and people will be freed from them, and I’m just wondering is that something like at the beginning of our journey will happen or will we still need to be looking after people in those respects for a little while?

OWS:  It will be part of the transition as you move through this Ascension process. So you will find in the beginning it will be an immediate turnaround, in many respects, once the Earth is pulsed here from the Source. And once that occurs there will be many immediate changes but it will also be a changes over a time period. So it will not be quite so drastic as what would have occurred on your December 21st, 2012, if that had continued on into completion as it was meant to at that time. But at this point it will be a little bit more gradual but there will be those intense periods that you will find where you are experiencing now a sense of bliss or a sense of wonderment or a sense of some type of change within you that is sudden. It will be sudden as well but even more pronounced at that time when this pulse of energy comes into the planet and consciousness shifts in many respects overnight. But it will also be a gradual shift over a period of time as well for many. For some it will be immediate. For some it will be a gradual shift over time. Okay?

We are going to release channel. Just continue everything that you are working on individually, going within yourself, finding that surrendering within yourself. It is very, very important at this point. And this is why it has been brought to you in various forms here. And it is important that you utilize these services as they are given to you and these techniques and tools that you are being given here.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell

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