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One Who Serves via James McConnell, February 10th, 2019

ONE  WHO  SERVES   (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum;  om, mani padme, hum, hum, hum.

Greetings to you!  One Who Serves here to continue on.  We will move right on with your questions.  Do you have questions here for One Who Serves?   And is Shoshanna standing by, or not at this time?

Shoshanna:   (Channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

Shoshanna will be available.

OWS:   Shoshanna is available.  Wonderful, wonderful.  We are ready now.  Do you have questions?  Unmute your phones.

Guest:   Yes.  I wanted to find out about a week and a half ago there was some kind of broadcast about a pyramid space craft that hovered over the Pentagon in December of 2018.  And then there was a message, we are not sure if it was fake or not, from the U.N. announcing to the Assembly that there was craft over the Pentagon.  I was just wondering if there was any validity to that.

OWS:   What we can say to you, what we are allowed to say to you, is there is validity in much that you come across in these pictures, these videos, these reports that you receive.  But there is also much in the way of disinformation at times.  And that is where it comes to you to use your powers of discernment which is very important in these times, as you continue to learn more and more to use that discernment that you have within you to be able to ascertain whether or not these are real for you.  Not so much that it is real for everyone, but real for you, you see?  So as you look at these pictures, or you view these videos, ask within yourself.  Ask your higher self, “is this real?” and you will receive the answer.   But in order to do this, you must here that small wee voice within that comes from within the heart center.  You see?  And this is how you will know.

For us to say, “yes it was real, no it was not real” will not be of any benefit to you at this time.  You see?  Even though we could say it, we are not going to say it because, again, it is not going to be helpful to you.  You need to use your discernment for all of these things. Alright?

Guest:   Yes.  Thank you very much.  For sure.  Thank you.

Shoshanna:   Yes brother, Shoshanna wishes to share a small thing with you.

Guest:   Yes.  Thank you.

Shoshanna:   Brother, you are to that brotherhood, you are so close to your ancestry beyond the stars.  You are so close to that, closer than most, acclimating to the third-dimensional world has been such a chore for you, so difficult, it seems so foreign to you.  And we see that in your consciousness that when you glimpse as a potential ship or they are coming, or they are here, your heart leaps.  You long to know your family.  And this is why your questions are surrounded by the curiosity of these ships that you see.  Your ship and your family are close by to you, and they watch over you, and they know how hard it is for you to be in this third-dimension and their heart goes out to you.  Dear brother, they are watching you.   Namaste.

Guest:   Thank you very much.

OWS:   Do we have other questions, here?

Guest:   I have a question.  My question is about receiving downloads or channelings.  Many times you told us that it won’t be like this forever, at some point in the evolution of humanity, connection to spirit, the message will be different.    What I am experiencing lately is knowing information coming into my energy field and that it will be brought from my subconscious to my conscious mind and I will be accessing this information.   Like two weeks ago I received knowledge of information of the Library of Alexandria is being downloaded to my energy field.  So my question is can you please clarify?  Because whenever I hear somewhat channeling or talking about downloads, I feel a separation there, it does not feel comfortable to me.  Can you please clarify this for me, the one here, how am I receiving or accessing this knowledge, and for anyone else about this experience what I am talking about for accessing the universal library and the universal mind.  Thank you.

OWS:   What you are finding, and many:   we will direct this not only to the one who is asking here, but many are experiencing these “downloads” as you call them, because the information is beginning to more and more flood into this, we will just call it this transition that you are moving through, here.  And as you continue to move through this transition, these energies, these downloads, this information, these remembrances, all of this is coming back and will continue to do so.

It is up to you, though, as this information comes in to, again, use discernment.  Know not where it is coming from, but how it resonates within you as it comes in.  For it does not matter where it comes in, only the message that comes in with it.  And the download of the light language that is coming with it.  And you are experiencing this.

Many of you are beginning more and more to experience this.  We tell you now that this is going to increase tremendously as you continue to move through your transition, move through your ascension process, and come closer and closer to that wave of ascension, and not only that, come closer and closer to what is being called more and more by many different sources the idea of First Contact as you come closer and closer to the contact with your family members that you have.  Okay?

Guest:   Yes.  Thank you.

OWS:   Very good.  Any other questions, here now?

Guest:   Yes.  I wanted to ask you that some of us are thinking toward this amazing wonderful blessing where we will be able to do projects on the planet to help people raise their level of consciousness or get closer to the ascension.  For many of us, it is hard to comprehend, or at least for me it is hard to comprehend how a person goes from point A to point B.

Say for instance being an abuser, and then all of a sudden they are not.  For me, I see the process of kind of collapsing the identity to create an identity is rather an intricate one, but yet I seem to be hearing from you that that will not be the case, that this somehow is going to come down.  The identities are going to be shed in a really short amount of time.  So I would like to know more about that.

And I would like to know what is going to be needed.  Will there need to be, for instance, rehabilitation facilities for criminals that really, really work and bring in the love.  Will there need to be schools that are kind of a combo platter of the new and the old for a period of time.  Or will it be sort of like awaking from a dream and everybody is hugging each other, and then it all goes away?

OWS:   That is a wonderful question, and we need to tell you, though, that you, as well as many others, are looking at this from the point of view of your three-dimensional consciousness and how things are now, and how this is going to relate to come into the future and through this transition process.

But as we have said many times, this is a transition.  You are not going to move from point A to point B overnight, but you are going to move through this transition over a period of time, and it will not be a very long period of time as you think in terms of long.  It will be a relatively short period.  Because as the vibrations continue to raise, your idea of everyone hugging and loving and everything like this will become more and more the reality as you will have it.  And you will find that as you move fully through the ascension and are in the fifth dimensional vibration almost exclusively, then you will be building your new Golden Age.  You will build the world around you.  Just as you built the world around you here in this 3-D illusion, you will build the world around you in the higher vibrations of the fifth-dimension as well.  Do you understand this?

Guest:   Yeah.  Are we bringing along our brothers and sisters who have done things that in their 5-D they never would do.  And if we are bringing them along, is there some work to do on that?

OWS:     You are not bringing them along.  They are either coming along or not coming along.  It is not for you to determine or even be concerned about whether they will accompany or not.  It is for you to look within yourself and do all of those things necessary foryou to go through this transition and the ascension waves.  And leave it up to Spirit, to Prime Creator, to the ones who work with these other ones as to whether or not they will, as you are saying, come along.  Okay?  Shoshanna anything to add?

Shoshanna:   Shoshanna wishes to share with this one.  May I share my perspective on your viewpoint?

Guest:   Yes, definitely.

Shoshanna:   We find that your heart wishes to assist all.  Your heart wishes to raise all to uplift all.  We find that you are in emotional pain over the state of the third dimension and you wish it to be resolved, so you look for the answer.  And we must tell you, sister, there is no answer.  It is a moment-by-moment process and unfoldment.

And human beings do not have the patience, we find it, to stand in the moment-by-moment unfoldment.  They must have answers.  And we must reiterate that there are no answers.

What we find in you, that your compassion, your love, your desire to serve, is all that is needed right now to uplift those around you and uplift yourself.  In the moment that someone reaches out to you, sister, and asks you for comfort, asks you for compassion, asks you for your wisdom, your guidance, that is all you have.  Beyond that, you just have the moment.  And, when you are willing to serve in that capacity, all are uplifted.  All are served.   Namaste.

OWS:   Very good.  And we add here, you will not be able to understand or appreciate what is going to be in the fifth-dimensional realm from the third-dimensional illusion.  Cannot understand it.  We can only give you glimpses of it.  We can give you concepts, ideas, things of this nature, but you will not fully understand until you are there.

Shoshanna:   And we must add that it is only in the moment that humanity is served.  And we must, as progressive beings reaching for the dimension beyond us currently, we must know that in the moment we serve.

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:   Wow.  Thank you so much.  Thank you both.

Shoshanna:  Namaste.

OWS:   Very good.  Are there other questions here, now?  We hear three different ones.  We will take all three here, as they come up.  Yes.

Guest:   Dear One Who Serves and Dear Shoshanna, when we were down at the Mexican expedition (the first one), we were told this was not the time yet to bring out the physical records at that time because it wasn’t safe because of the cabal’s power still at that time and not to bring them out at that time.  Now it is only one month away that you have agreed that we should go to find the physical records.  What has changed in the meantime?  Or, is February still going to be a tremendous month of change, which I guess some people are saying.  What makes the difference at this time?

OWS:   We would say that there is not so much a difference, because nothing has changed.  We are not saying that if you indeed are able to recover these records that it is time to bring them out.  But we are telling you that if you are able to recover these records you will receive the understanding of what you need to do with them once you have them.  Okay?

Guest:   Okay.  Thank you.

Shoshanna:   May I add.

OWS:   Shoshanna, yes.

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, there is only one thing that changes, and that is your own frequency.  And as your frequency changes, you influence all influence other frequency to join in that higher frequency.  Whether they do or not is not relevant.  But what has changed here, and what we would like to emphasize to all that wish to continue the journey that you have started, is that what is necessary only always is to change your frequency.  Namaste.

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:  Thank you.

OWS:   We will add here that when you are there, depending on all the circumstances involved and in the moment that you are there, you will understand much more of what is to occur as a result of your being there.  Okay?

The other question now, there were two other questions, here?

Guest:   Hi.  I do energy work on Gaia and on humans.  I recently had an experience with someone who was expressing to me that charging money for healing serves was inherently wrong, because if the person cannot afford it then you are holding them back from their spiritual growth by not providing them that service.  And not only that, he went on to say that all this work could be done by the individual and they didn’t need a healer.  So I was just wondering from a higher perspective what was your view on that?  Thank you.

OWS:   Look at it from the point of view that this one that is wondering about the need to charge fees for this service, do they have a job?  Do they work for their money?  Do they provide for their families?  Do they do the things that they need to do to provide survival for themselves, their families, their loved ones, all of this.  Do they need to either charge for their services, which they do if they are being paid a salary or their hourly wage, they are charging for their services, are they not?  So then, why if you are a healer or professing to be one in that respect, why would you then not be able to charge the fees that are necessary to continue the work that you are doing?  For do you not need to pay for your rent, your mortgages, your car payments, buying your food, your clothes, all of this, you see?

Now all of this is looking at it from a three-dimensional perspective.  But you are at this time still within that three-dimensional illusion and need to continue to work within that in the moment in order to be able to provide the impetus to be able to move through this transition into the ascension process and therefore then be in that fifth-dimensional experience and vibrations where this will no longer be needed.  You will no longer need to have the idea of money and all of these things as you have fully moved through the ascension.  But through this transition it is still necessary.  This is why there is the idea of the revaluation and global currency reset and all of these things, because it is part of the transition as you continue to move closer and closer to your own Zero Point ascension process.

Shoshanna:   Shoshanna wishes to share with this one.

OWS:   Yes, please.

Shoshanna:   My Sister, may I share my perspective with you?

Guest:   Yes please.

Shoshanna:   My Sister, I would like all that are hearing your question to go back to a time when there were simply villages.  And these villages often created currency.   They could be marbles or rocks or something of considered value in those villages so that they could exchange that currency for an egg, or that currency for some grain, or a chicken, or a cow, or whatever was needed for the baseline survival of that village.  Was that evil?

Could you please understand is the exchange of currency or bartering one thing for another considered evil?  How silly that is, right?  So what we must tell you is that one that was advising you has a deep program running about money, which many do in this culture.  Many see money as evil, when money is an exchange of one thing for the other.

You must, as all must, neutralize the idea that money has any charge on it at all.  It is neutral until you give it a meaning.  So we must tell you that whatever you do when you exchange your beautiful amazing healing energy to another and ask to receive something in exchange, and you wish to do that, there is nothing inconsiderate about that except what we place the judgment on.  Does that help?

Guest:   Yes, thank you so much.

Shoshanna:   Namaste, my Dear Sister.

OWS:   Very good.  Wonderful.   We have question in the room here?

Guest:   Hello One Who Serves.  Hello Shoshanna.  I speak in very, very ancient language in my sleeping time, and I know it is during councils that I meet with or that I am part of.  I actually wake up from a deep sleep and I am cognizantly aware of the language, and I can speak it.  I can bring it forth right now.  However, I don’t know what this ancient language means when I speak it.  My integration with Andrew in past lights and ______ is on a quantum level.  It is so fast.  It is coming on so quickly, and the wisdom is just gushing forth.

My question is will I be able to understand what I am saying in these astral and dream realms on these councils, and will I be able to bring forth this language as me or as a combined collective of my selves and understand exactly what I am saying, and will I be using this in the future, and where did it come from?  Is it Galactic?  Is it from ______?  Is it from some primal Elohim language, or what is it?

OWS:  We will tell you that you are coming into your own, here.  You are coming into understanding more and more of who you are, who you have been, which is then creating who you are now.  And the connection that you have with your Galactic family is coming into the forefront now.  Yes, you have been various personalities throughout your lifetimes, just as all of you have been various personalities throughout all of your lifetimes.  Some famous, some not to famous.  Some rich, some poor.  Some considered quite bad, some considered quite good.  And you have had these experiences.  It is coming now more and more, as we have been saying, to your remembrances.

And you have also been hearing, not only through this source here, but through many different sources, when you are in your sleep state, you are visiting altered realities of many different times, not only parallel worlds, but you are also going back into the past, you are going back and visiting with your home planets, your families that you left so long ago, and they are communicating with you.

In some cases you are bringing this communication back.  But this communication is at such a higher level than you are now in your three-dimensional understanding that it makes little or no sense to you.  This is the light language that is being spoken of in many respects.  The light language which comes in visualizations or pictures.  Many times pictures come to you.  And you cannot understand those pictures.  Some get energies, various types of energies, and they cannot understand the energies because it is difficult to understand all of this at those higher levels from this lower three-dimensional level.

But, and this is a big but here, people:  as you move up into your higher vibrations into the higher dimensions and more fully find yourself in higher fourth and even into the fifth dimension, then you will begin more and more to understand these communications that are coming to you.  And not only that, it will open up the communication directly to those of your family members, and even lead to what has been called “First Contact.”  Okay?

Anything to add, Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   May we share our perspective with you, our brother?

Guest:   Please.

Shoshanna:   We find that those processes, those experiences that you are having inside your conscious mind in the dream world are for you, and you are serving others.  You are not serving those that are here now on earth.  You are serving other worlds.  So you are counseling other beings.  We are ONE, so you must understand that that is not relevant, but you are counseling others.

The other thing that we must tell you is that if you wish to understand this, you must begin to write and journal each experience, because as you write and journal these experiences upon your waking state and you keep a complete journal, you will see a thread of experiences appear right before your very eyes, and you will begin to understand who you are and who you are serving, and the implications of those things.  Just understand that many, many, many, many individuals here on this planet currently are having those same experiences, are living alternate existences beyond their human conscious third-dimensional waking state.  So you must understand that you are not the only one that is experiencing this, and you may, right here in this group, there may be others that join you in this counseling system that counsels others in other planets and other realms, they might be joining you, and that could be revealed to you as you progressively write these experiences down and find the thread and the story behind those experiences.  Does that help you, my Brother?

Guest:   Yes it does.  And it is so beautiful to know my brothers and sisters are with me doing this.  Yes.

Shoshanna:   Namaste.

Guest:   Namaste.

OWS:   Very good.  We need to add here in terms of when you ask your questions, the most specific and direct your questions can be, the more specific and direct the answers can be as well.  If you are operating from a point of view as you ask your question and go round about and all of this, then your answer will come back in kind of a round about answer as well.  So just be really specific, direct, and ask your questions, and you will find it will be much more beneficial to you in the answers that come.

Are there other questions here now?

No one wants to ask a question now, knowing they have to be more specific and direct, huh?!  Anything further then?

Shoshanna:   The one sister was attempting to ask a question.  Sister, do you have a question for us?

Guest:   Yes please.  Thank you, Shoshanna.  My question is, in terms of we are releasing those people who are not serving our higher good.  Is that okay if at some point you are even encouraging them because it is too much of a burden to yourself because you have to take care of yourself, I think, and maintain your prior vibration.  So is that okay to encourage or be okay with that that some other people are leaving our lives, if you understand what I am trying to say here?

OWS:   Yes, we do understand.  We will say to you that this is all a part of the transitionary process.  You have heard the term like attracts like.  And you are moving up in vibration yourself and, as you move up in vibration, those who are not moving up in vibration will be receding more and more away from your connection with them, let us say.  In terms of relationships that you have formed will not be continuing on necessarily as the way you would hope that they would.  Now that is not to say that those that are related, whether family or through their spouses and this type of thing that they will not be able to continue on together, which they can.  But it is up to each individual and those connections that they have with their higher self as to whether or not they will continue on together.  You see?  So it is not unusual for this ascension process for this to happen more and more, and it will happen more and more to many, many more as you continue to move through this process here.  You understand this?

Guest:   Somewhat, yes.

OWS:   Maybe clarification can come more from Shoshanna.

Shoshanna:   Shoshanna wishes to share with you, Sister.

Guest:   Please do.

Shoshanna:   I will say that all things that you do and all things that all do when they are laced with love, with understanding, with compassion, and ultimately with an emotional neutrality, a zero point neutral perspective, there can never be anything that you do in that state of mind, in that state of your heart, that could ever harm anyone.  So I would say to all that hear your question, whatever you are doing to influence others, to encourage others, if it is done with your heart intending to love them and love them no matter what their past takes, no matter what they walk or who they are, and reach the state of neutrality that is necessary for them to pursue their past, there can be no harm.  Does that help?

Guest:   Yes, thank you.  I believe that you mean there is not going to be any harm to my beings.

Shoshanna:   Yes, My Sister.  Namaste.

Guest:   Thank you so much.

OWS:   Very good.   We are needing to release channel here now.

As we do so, just understand that as these changes begin to develop more and more around you, both within yourselves as they are doing, and outside of yourselves as they are about to more and more reveal themselves.

It is all about the truth coming forward, both within and without.  And everything is revolving around you, just as it needs to.  Always remember to keep yourselves in that eye of the storm as the storm rages around you.

Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one.

Shoshanna, do you have anything to finish wish, here?

Shoshanna:   We wish to say to all how deeply we love each one of you and wish you the most magnificent ascension process that you have ever experienced in all of your lifetimes.


Guests:   Namaste.  Thank you.   Shanti.

Channeled by James McConnell

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