One Who Serves via James McConnell, May 6th, 2018

One Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here to continue on. We have so much to be thankful for so much to be grateful for. We, those of us the Ascended Masters, those of us the Galactics, the Agarthans, we have so much to be grateful and thankful for just as you all do.

And all of this is a program. Not the kind of program that you have become accustomed to, the ‘programming’ we would say that you have become accustomed to. Not that kind of program. The new program. The new program that you are all on to bring about this new Golden Age here. To bring about the changes, the shifts of consciousness.

And you are the ones that are doing this. You are the ones that are creating these shifts of consciousness. We are assisting, of course, but without you we would have nothing to assist here. That is what you always must come to understand and know. We are all in this together all working at it.

And together we are going to come through this as one being. One. ‘The One’. Be The One.

This is what we speak of when we say this after each time we communicate with you. “Be The One.”

And that is what is so important as you continue to move on with your individual journeys as well as your group journey here, going in to remember and find the records once again, to Be The One. You must come into a oneness together. That is what is so important here.

As you find yourselves in that area — those of you that have not been there before, those of you that have been there before — and to be there and to find the oneness together. To be that One. That is what will be necessary and important. And that is why only certain ones will be able to make this journey together this first time, as James has said several times now.

It is important for only the ones that are prepared and ready for this to find themselves there because it is important for you within your mind to allow the energies there to accentuate what is there in your mind, what is there in your emotions. And if your emotions are all willy-nilly and going all over the place, that would be a detriment to those that are working on finding that oneness. We will just leave it at that for this time now.

So that is all we have here. Do you have questions now for One Who Serves?

Zoe: Yes. Definitely. First of all let me give you the rundown on the question process.

This isn’t an open forum like we have on regular Sundays so you can’t just jump in and shout out your questions. You’ll need to raise your hand and you can do that by pressing 1 on your phone.

I’ll call on you by your area code. And you can tell us your name and where you’re located.

Then ask your question briefly and succinctly. Remember that the more specific your question is, the better the answer is going to be. And try not to convolute your question with a lot of unnecessary information or chatter.

And then after your question is answered, please remember to press 1 to remove yourself from the queue. So if you have a second question you’re welcome to get back in but please don’t stay in line. So press 1 to get out. Wait a couple of seconds. Press 1 to get back in.



Q & A 

Q:  Are there any questions that were emailed that we need to take care of first?  

OWS:  Only one and we do not have … we will answer it as the James is sending it to us now. And that is a question that has been asked before and we have answered several times. It is regarding those of the Cities of Light and where they will be appearing and when and all of these types of things.

What we can say about this is that in total at this point there are 12 Cities of Light – etheric cities. They are now etheric cities. And in order for you to be able to experience and know them you will have to raise your vibration up to meet the vibration of those cities. But the vibration of those cities will also be coming down somewhat as well, to be able to bring into balance and to meet what you call halfway, here. So this is what is going to occur.

At the time, though, in the beginnings, it will only be for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear. So you would be able to look and see the city there in the sky and others that are not quite prepared for this and do not have the eyes to see yet will see nothing there but clouds and blue sky and whatever else there might be there. So this is what is coming.

Where they are going to be: they are going to be all over the world. The first one as many of you know is to appear in the Sedona area in Arizona. That is the first one. And that one is already beginning to appear to some as we find it. And if you look at the right time and moments you will be able to get a glimpse of this if it is that point for you.

If you are in the right vibration at the time. If you are in those energies that are in that area and you attune to those energies you can find yourself there being able to look and see the city there. It is beginning to show itself. But for the majority of the population, not yet. Now that will change over time period as frequencies continue to rise.

Now as to other areas, it will be appearing in places such as Middle East when that has been cleared up. It will be appearing in Japan. It will be appearing in the Great Britain area. It will be appearing in place in Africa — we cannot say exactly where these places will be but they will be. As to size of them they will be enormous in many respects. You can think of it in terms of a size of the city of New York or Los Angeles or something of this nature. That is how large you are looking at here as they would begin to appear to you. So that is what we can say about this at this time.


Zoe:  Very good. Thank you so much. 

Q:  I was in sort of a meditational state, and I was sort of on board a ship and there was a kind of a ruler of the ship or something. He was a black male with long robes. He almost had a kingly kind of look and feel to him. He was taking me around but it wasn’t like a casual stride around the ship. It was like a purposeful stride around the ship. There was clearly something we were looking to get done. And then I woke up singing this song: [singing] “I’m an ectomorphic follow me. I’m an ectomorphic follow me.” No! Not ectomorphic; ectoplasmic. That was the term. Ectoplasmic, which I had no idea what the heck that meant. Maybe you can give me an idea of that and what that thing was signifying?

OWS:  What we can tell you about this is this is an indication of those things we have been speaking of where these types of experiences will increase. First within your dreams states and your meditation states and then as you are more in your waking state as well, what you call your daydreams and these types of things. As well as those experiences that will be when you are fully conscious. So these are going to increase.

The idea of plasma is important here because this has been something that has been largely kept hidden from the general population for a long time. Those what you would call the elite, or the cabal, and the dark forces here have known about plasma energy for a very long time and have kept this from you. They released it somewhat in your televisions, your plasma TVs, things like this. This was the beginnings of this to be released to the public.

 And now there is much more that is going to come forward as to beings, themselves, that are in the plasma state as you have experienced here. So this is going to continue and it will happen to more and more people — not directly in this way but in many different instances — this will what you call pickup over a period of time here as the frequencies continue to rise across the planet. Okay?


Q:  I had an experience at the Advance after living really, really, high vibrational, but a lot of my time is spent frankly by myself with my spirit guides and angels and stuff like that. But being with everyone at the Advance I had an experience of these extreme negative emotions coming over me in ways that hadn’t done in the long, long, long time. And I believe that I’m hypersensitive to others essences or energies like almost to feel like they are a part of me. And I would like this confirmed first of all for the good of the group that, yes, some people are hypersensitive if it’s true. And that we give ourselves permission to do what we need to do to sort of, I guess, whatever it may be to detach from those energies to not get those energies in our space. You now, however we need to sort of do that. Can you say anything about that for the group?

OWS:  Yes. There are people that are hyper energetic you might say that are very attuned to energies more than they are attuned to people sometimes, and other animals and things of this nature, but they are attuned to energies. They feel the energies. They can even see the energies at times. And this is what you are speaking of here that there are more and more people that are going to come forward in this way to help others understand that this is an energetic consciousness change that is happening here. And more are going to come online in this way to experience and know the energies all around them. In other words you will be able to go into areas such as Sedona and other places with high energy levels and be able to fully experience those energies. Whereas again others will be there and feel nothing. So this is a part of what is coming, and is part again, for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear or in this case be able to feel and know the energies.


Q:  And we protect ourselves from the negative part of that by what?

OWS:  You protect yourselves from the negative energies by surrounding yourself with a force field of, you can use your merkaba if you have remembered this and worked with this. You can use the golden egg that some work with. There are many different tools. You can use crystals to help protect yourself. There are many ways of doing so.


Q:  I first want to give my deepest thanks to One Who Serves and all of you for doing this. Most times I communicate with you through email. This is my very first time calling to you.

My question is about a dream. About 12 years ago I laid down to sleep. I got comfortable and relaxed and I closed my eyes and fell asleep very fast. During that sensation I started seeing like I was seated at the front of a vehicle, in front of the vehicle’s window that was moving very, very, fast to the point that I was seeing rays of light passing by my left and right. I don’t remember anything else that happened during that except just being seated there, like moving forward, traveling. And by the time that I stopped seeing those rays of light it was pretty much time for me to wake up and go to work. Since then I kept remembering over and over up until today and I just can’t get rid of it. It’s just still on my mind. And that won’t go away. Can you define what the dream was about?

OWS:  What we can tell you is when a dream does not seem to go away, or it comes back in different forms and versions, it is something to pay attention to. And this is not telling you anything that is ahead for your future anything that you have to be concerned about, but it is showing you that you are on a path. You are on a journey. You are traveling, as you say, within a vehicle. Whenever there is a vehicle that is being used this is the movement of consciousness from one area to another.

What you have not described within your dream, and perhaps you do not remember it, is that you moved to another place, from one place to another, and there was a building there. But that is something you are not remembering at this point.

But it is always on the ideas of movements of consciousness. And the vehicle is your vehicle of travel. It can be a car, it can be a plane. It depends on what type of vehicle it is as to what that movement of consciousness entails. In your case it is earthbound. In other words, the four tires are on the Earth and it is grounding you to the Earth here. And this is indication that you are moving in consciousness while still here on the Earth, while still being in the third dimension mostly at times. And you are experiencing the continuation of your (… not ability), you’re experiencing the continuation of your being in the third dimensional illusion, we might say here. And at the same time, though, beginning to travel beginning to move consciousness. This is an indication that you are moving ahead now in consciousness and to allow the process to continue. Otherwise you will continue to keep yourself mired in the muck in the third dimension. Okay?


Q:  Yes I understand. And actually I’m trying to connect the dots as you speak. But that makes a lot of sense. I had been awake most of my entire life but there was a point in time when I disconnect from being awake to try to focus and get things done in this 3D world. But it was about 12 years ago that I actually had a hard hit on awakening. And that seems to make a lot of sense because basically that was my transition. And I’m still in that transition I guess.

OWS:  Yes. You and all others are mostly in this transition as well.


Q:  I’ve got a question about past life regression. Recently I have received readings about times in Egypt or readings at in times of when Christ Consciousness or when Yeshua walked, and it inspired me to look into more of this past life either reading or past life regression. And as I was reading The Celestine Prophecy and one of the insights brought up something about the control dramas. And I wanted to investigate more to find out who I really am. Would it be of any use for my missions to get a reading or get a past life regression? I would like some assistance in that.

OWS:  Yes. Whenever you — and this is for anyone else here as well to understand, and we have given this several times in the past– but understand that when you are attempting to learn who you are you cannot have anyone else tell you who you are. You cannot have anyone else tell you who you were. Unless that person is able to accurately read the Akashic record. If they can do that then it is possible for them to then share with you, when and they have your permission of course, to be able to then say something about who you might have been in the past. But, you must understand that in order to fully determine who you have been, and to help then in who you are now, is to experience that for yourself. Not to have anyone tell you who you were. Because there is very little accuracy in this most of the time.

But if you would find yourself going back in a past life regression, whether using hypnosis — although we do not recommend that generally — or some other method such as the one that has been given to the James and of course other methods that are available as well to be able to find yourself in those memories. And that is the only way to accurately be aware. But also understand that when you do this, there is that portion of yourself that will be in doubt of what you are experiencing. So there is always that possibility that what you even are experiencing yourself is not directly related to who you have been in the past.

Now with that understanding fully, we would go on further and say that it is not necessarily that important anymore. Was more so in the general past here. But in the times now it is not so important for you to understand who you are now by understanding who you were.  Other than the exception with the working with the records as we have been saying. It will be important for those who are directly responsible and being a part of that journey that will be able to experience some of the memories that they can bring forward here to help with the undertaking and the recovering of those records. Okay? Does this make sense to you?


Q:  This is my first time calling to your show. I have an interest in reading and knowing about what’s going on. My question is why do I need to be in this impossible situation I am right now and still be kept here for what reason? Because I am really not interested in being here because I have been put through so much suffering lately. For what reason? Because Galactics keep saying soon, soon. The Wave is soon, everything soon, soon. And I’m not interested in this life that I’m here in now because I put all the stress for what?

OWS:  What we can tell you about this is not only for you who is asking this question but for many who wonder the same thing where we hear over and over it is going to be ‘soon’, it is ‘now’, it is ‘imminent’, and all of these words that are used. But you always must understand that when these wordings are used, it is based on time frames that are different in your understanding. In other words we are more fully in a ‘no time’ understanding as opposed to your direct linear time that you are in. And when we say ‘soon’, that is not your soon. We have come to understand that more and more fully here, as well as those of the Galactics have come to understand it. So we are attempting to not use that terminology if we can. And we continue to use the terminology of ‘now’, be in the now.

So not so important what is coming in the future; that it is coming soon, or that the NESARA will be announced, or that the arrests will happen, or the RV will be released, or The Event will happen or again and again and again everything here.

It is more important that you continue to be in the perfect now. Now if you are struggling, if you are having difficulties as it sounds like this one who is asking the question may be having now, it is important for you to know your purpose. Your purpose for being here in this moment now. Not in the future. Not from the past. But your purpose in being here right now is to become the best that you can be. The best human being that you can possibly be at this time. To be nice to others, to be gentle, to be caring to others, to be of service to others as much as you possibly can. This is a purpose for being in the now.

And if you can do this then you will find that it is not so important to be dependent — and we use that word purposefully here — dependent on what is coming in the future because if you continue to wait for the future then you continue to waste the life that you are in now. You continue to move forward without the understanding of who you are now. You see? And then it becomes very difficult to want to stay here as you are saying.

But to stay here is what you and all the other light workers need to do at this point because each one of you is important in the entire scheme of things as you are all coming together here again, the 144,000 and even more than that are being drawn back together again. Okay?


Q:  Why are you calling me light worker? Nobody ever called me light worker. I am the person who can become not having shelter because of their rules that they have.

OWS:  We are calling you light worker because if you were not, you would not be on this call. You would not be speaking like this. You would not be speaking with us like this. You would need to be a light worker. You would need to be one of the 144,000 or those that are coming in along with this energy that is being built here. Then that is what you are. So just allow yourself to be who you are and who you are is beautiful unto itself.


Q:  Because otherwise I wouldn’t call in, I wouldn’t bother because of the situation I need to move out by 15th and I don’t have a place to go. And this is what all of my energy is going to. I keep working and working to make to be able to pay everything here and it’s tiring. I can’t focus on anything else. I’ve never been in so impossible situation in my life like I am now.

OWS:  Yes. And some would call that the dark night of the soul. And you go through these times at various points in your life. And at this point right now you are going through something akin to this. But it will change. It will alleviate if you continue to work with the process here. Work through this transition and know that it is simply a transition that you are going through. And this can be helpful to you. But we would also say, while you are in this 3D illusion still, at this time, we would say to you to reach out to others of like mind just as you are now, being with this group, with this family of light that has been brought back together again and it will assist you greatly in being a part of this soul group expression here. Okay?


Q:  I was just wondering if you could say a few words on meditation for the people who maybe don’t know how to meditate, or some that may be sitting there thinking what am I doing this for, and even some of us who are maybe a little more experienced. If we could have some advice about what you should do and how you should do it. I know there’s no wrong way to do it but you might be able to shed some light for everyone.

OWS:   You have just shed a great deal of light in what you said last there. There is no right way of doing it.

And that is what is important here. When you work on meditation you do not “work” on it. That is what gets people in trouble here in thinking they have to do it this way, or they have to do that, or they have to follow this guidance that they were given, or this or that. And that is not the way you work toward meditation. If you do that it becomes a chore. It becomes something you do not want to do or something that you struggle through. And if you tried to struggle through meditation we can assure you you will not do it very often. Just allow.

Allow it to be in the moment. If it is 20 minutes wonderful. If it is 10 minutes wonderful yet. If it is 2 minutes that is also wonderful.

If it is just a moment in time but a moment of joy in that time that is also wonderful.

So know as you work with this, you do not want to “work” with it. You want to just be it. Be the meditation. Be the ball, as you’re saying goes. You see? And if you do that, if you do effortless effort, that is the way you want to look at this. Effortless effort. Make the time when you can, when it feels right, and then be in that moment. Go within yourself. Center yourself as you have learned many times within this group and other ways that you may have come across in the past. And center yourself. And be the light, share the light, spread the light, and just let it go. Do not think about it. Do not think through it. Do not analyze, just let it be. Okay?


Q:  My question was starting when you begin talking about the energetic beings because I’ve always been very sensitive to energy and when I visited Sedona the energy there was overwhelming. I could feel it in my solar plexus. It was a tremendous connection and quite a few exciting experiences were brought to me. And then when I was in Denver, Colorado I was in this store where they had crystals and I could put my hand over the crystal and feel the energy of it. And I never did this before. Just a lot of experiences like this and over the years, I’ve been having these for some years. [Audio interference] communications that kind of what I call markers keeping me on track, keeping me focused on my path. And what’s been happening lately is what I want to ask you about. When I wake up in the morning this is coming from a deep sleep and I before my eyes are open I see the light I see it looks like raining light and to me I feel like it’s the energy of the sunlight that we are receiving now and I can see it. I can see the energy. And I just bask in this light and it is very uplifting. I just would like for you to try to confirm for me what this is that I am seeing now.

OWS:  We will not try to confirm anything but we will confirm that you are seeing the light. You are experiencing and feeling the light. And you are very attuned to these energies as you are finding. One of the things that people may not yet be aware of when they go to that area in Sedona and they feel those energies that is because of the City of Light, the etheric City of Light that is there just above. Even at this time now. And those that are attuned to it can feel those special energies that are being generated there because of this.


Q:  I bought a painting while I was there. It was high up on the wall and as soon as I walked in the door it caught my eye and I couldn’t stop looking at it. I brought it home. It’s of a Native American. It’s an oil painting and it’s beautiful, it’s just wonderful. I was wondering if that painting is of any significance that I need to be aware of.

OWS:  It is of significance to you and you alone at this point. If you are drawn to it then you were drawn to it for reason. Just allow that to be. Do not try to analyze what the reason is, just be that. And we would say even be the painting.


Q:  I’m calling to ask about the mirror effect. I am an empath and I want to understand the effect of the mirror in another person or from myself … I’m not quite sure. It’s a little confusing. Can you help me understand the mirror effect?

OWS:  This idea of the mirror effect is important because you are all mirroring each other. You are all reaching for balance. This is why when you come together with another person, a spouse, a partner of some type, you are drawn to this person because of this mirror effect, because that what you see in yourself you see in the other, and what you see in the other you see in yourself. You see? So it is drawing those ones of a like nature, certainly, back together again but is also tends to draw those that are of the opposite. As you have heard many, many, times opposites attract and this is the reason. Because as you look into the eyes of that one, as you look into the mirror you would say, you are seeing yourself in that person’s eyes as that mirror. Does that make sense to you?


Q:  Yes I had an encounter of that once when I looked into the person’s eyes and I saw a lot of gold, like gold platters and orbs and just gold in her eyes. And when I asked the shaman that we were working with, he said that’s really you. And I didn’t quite understand how I was seeing that in her. So yes I guess that’s what I wanted to understand better.

OWS:  Yes. Now you understand better.


Q:  This is about a past life, however, I think the significance here is because of my connection with Joanna [McConnell], and with this past life that came through Arianna. I have recently spoken to Athena and it was so wonderful. When Athena came through in my meditation, she said somebody is here to speak to you and Shoshana [Joanna McConnell’s higher self] came through. Now that’s a first for me. Many beings have come through me before but Shoshana? It was so beautiful to hear her beautiful voice and she did touch on a few things and then she left. So it was very quick. She touched on us being sisters in this other life but I never got to ask, or [my] higher self I never got to ask whereabouts are we? Are we on Earth as sisters in this other life? And for some reason Ireland came to mind. So I just wondered. I know Shoshana is around and she is here and I was wondering if anybody, you yourself, or Shoshana could touch on that.

OWS:  As we find it you were not sisters in the sense of human sisters, human being sisters, but you were in the Elemental levels as sisters you would say here. So that is correct. You are absolutely correct on this. And there is a strong connection between those of you here, the two of you. But more than that we cannot give at this time. You must come to understanding just as we said earlier from question that was asked about this.

You must not rely on others to tell you who you were, who you have been, any of these things. You must find these things for yourself. So we can only give a little bit of guidance and nudging here but for the most part you must look within yourself find those answers deep within yourself. Whether it is through past life regression or whether it is simply going within self and accessing that level that all of you have in relation to coming to communicate with your higher self. All of you have this ability to go within yourself and find those answers within.

Even the questions that you ask of us you have the answers within you. You all do. You just need to learn to trust yourselves. But that in itself is very difficult, as we find it, in your three dimensional illusion because you have been programmed so much to not trust yourself. [But] to trust those outside of yourself, to trust the God outside of yourself. You see? Where religion has brought this into the picture more and more that God is outside of you, therefore it cannot be you and you cannot therefore be God.

But we would say, how can everything around you be God? Even the religions teach this. Everything is God! God is omnipresent! God is omnipotent, and so on. Everything is God! But you are not?! You see how that is completely a fallacy that has been taught by the various religions? We have gone off the subject somewhat here but it’s somewhat also related.


Q:  You’re so right. I so love you. I will ask Athena. I was just wondering why so much about Ireland was coming up but I’ll ask Athena. Thank you so much. Blessings.

Q:  This is another question about dreams. I dreamed that I was graduating from college and which I attended my first college degree program. However the graduation wasn’t about the degree program that I attained, rather it was something related, something more personal that I achieved. (Something related to the care of my daughter who has Down’s Syndrome.) Right now I’m a stay-at-home father taking care of my two daughters, one of whom has Down’s syndrome. So I guess during the dream, during the graduation, I became kind of emotional and started to cry but immediately I remember and tell myself that crying was of a lower vibrational frequency so I decide not to entertain that crying game. So since that day I feel that I don’t have to worry about something. I just don’t know what that something is. Can you explain that for me please?

OWS:  Yes. What we can say though first is crying is not a low dimensional frequency. Do not think that way. That has been programmed especially into the male population not to cry. Crying is baby. Crying is sissy stuff or whatever you might say.

Crying is important just as happiness and joy is important because it is a release of emotion. And it is important at times certainly to release the emotions to let them go. Otherwise you build them up inside of yourself and you create the various diseases that you have, the cancers and all of these types of things that happened because of the inability to release the energies. It is important always to release those energies whether through massage, or chiropractic exams, and working with or use of crystals, or use with regression sometimes to release the pent-up energies, of course the acupressure and acupuncture, and all of these types of things to release those energies, those pent up energies that are holding you. And when you can release these energies then you are ready to move on and to experience and to enjoy life. So you specifically are going through, or when you had this dream you were going through a graduation. And just as your other dream showed you that you were moving and traveling in consciousness, shifting in consciousness, this dream is telling you that you are graduating in consciousness as well and you are moving from one level to another. You have not completed. It is an early graduation you might say. What you call pre-graduation. That is all we can say on that at this point. Do you understand this though?


Q:  Thank you for the crying explanation. Now I know.

OWS:  Yes. Let it go. Let it be. Play the song, the Beatles song, “Let It Be”. That was not by happenstance that they created this song, and others such as the “Imagine” and other songs as well. Very important in the total orchestration that has occurred.


Q:  I understand that humans have a highly coveted gene within them called the meta gene. Can you tell me about the meta-gene and who gave it to humans?

OWS:  That is something that we cannot give directly here. That is something you must look into and research. There is information on this that is available. This is a particular gene that is being looked at more and more and worked with but your science is not quite completely caught up to this yet as to what it can do and what it is. So we would suggest to you rather than have someone, as we said earlier someone tell you about these things, it is important for you to do your own research and look into this. You can possibly do your Google it and will find some information on this. And as you find some information on this and become somewhat aware and acquainted with what you are asking then you can come back with that understanding and can ask this type of question again. Okay?

That is it? No more questions. Yes? We are ready then to release channel.

And all we can say here in closing is continue on keeping on. Continue on being who you are because who you are is exactly who you need to be.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.


Zoe:  Great questions everybody. I hope you don’t mind, David, I want to just throw in something. For me and in my experience, spontaneous crying always means something that I should look at or something that’s important to me. So you might want to just consider that next time something like that happens you.


And as always all these great questions led to great answers and great teaching moments. So thank you all for joining us today. The beautiful energy that you’ve all contributed is what propels us forward in our missions. 



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James, did I miss anything?


James:  No, you did a fabulous job Zoe. You and Rita and Joanna all did wonderful. We so appreciate so much all that you’re doing and all that everybody else is bringing to this because without everybody else, their questions and everything, we wouldn’t have a show; we wouldn’t have this program we’re working with here. So I want to thank everybody and we’ll see you next Sunday.


Zoe:  Very Good. Thank you all.


Well that’s it for us everybody. Thank you again for joining us. And we will see all of the members next week and the hopefuls next month. Love you, bye!

 Channeled by James McConnell

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“Believing is seeing!”