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One Who Serves via James McConnell, November 4th, 2018

ONE  WHO  SERVES   (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum, hum, hum.  Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here with you to continue on.  What can be said more than what Aramda has said here, in terms of gratitude, in terms of wonderment of what has occurred here.  Those of you, the ones that went there and participated in this, you have a glimpse of what has occurred, but as yet is only a glimpse.  As we look at the big picture here, and we can see that certainly, we see so much more that has been accomplished here.

Yes it would be wonderful for you to have those records in your hands and be able to say, “see, this is all real, it was not a figment of our imagination.”  But what would that do?  What would that accomplish?  Nowhere near what you have already accomplished.  You will have the records.  They will come.  You will have them in your possession, and we speak now of the physical records, they are there, they are waiting, they are protected, they are well-protected yet.  And they will be there and ready for when it is time for you to venture there and recover them.  But that time is not yet, but it is coming.  And we are preparing you, those of us, the One Who Serves, those of the Company of Heaven, those of the Galactics, the Agarthans, all are preparing not only you to recover the records, but so much more that is coming as a result of what has been accomplished here.

We cannot say it any other ways than what we have already said but, a job well done, people, a job well done!  And it is time now to sit back a little bit—(what is your saying?) sit back on your laurels (is that the right terminology here?)–and savor the flavor of what you have accomplished.  For a little bit, and then it is time to get back to work, ok?  You will be back to work at the Advance, we can promise you that!  We have prepared a great experience for you.  The James has no idea yet of what that experience is going to be, but we will be sharing that with him now that this part of the journey has completed.  So get ready, get your seat belts fastened, and get ready for the ride of your lives.  And we speak not only of the Advance, of course, but the entire Ascension process here that you are fully in the process of going through.

Do you have questions here for One Who Serves?  Or is everyone still under muted part here?

Guest:  Hello?  I have a question.  Giving what has transpired, and there was a CME released solar flare that I think was several days back and impacted the earth yesterday and today.  Is there a correlation between the two, and what impact does the one have on the other?  Thank you.

OWS:   Most definitely everything is being orchestrated.  One thing leads to another, and to another, and to another.  It is all part of the greater expression that is at hand, here.  So that which was accomplished this weekend with this part of the journey is a catalyst, you might say, that is leading to many other happenings.  Now you must understand, and this was not given by the Aramda, but that which those of you are doing in this part of the journey, this expedition that has just been accomplished, or at least this part of it that has been completed, is not only happening here, but is happening across the planet.  Many different groups are preparing to begin to recover these records as well and to release the energy there as well.  For it was secreted away in all of the places of the Secret Places of the Lion, you see?  And this is happening, and is going to continue to happen.  This is not the first group that has done this.  This is the first group that has fully released the Guardians and released the energy, though.  But there is another group that has gone before that is also in process of recovering these records as well in their part of the world.  And this is happening all over the planet and will continue to do so.  And you can think about how the release of this energy was like, and imagine if it is released in many different parts of the world as well.  And then, when it is released, it moves to connect not only the Christ consciousness grid, but the crystalline grid around the planet also, which is also tied into the various ley line connections across the planet also.  Ok?  Activation of the sacred sites, that is what we will say here, it is the activation of the sacred sites all across the planet, and the connection of this grid.  Ok?

Thank you.  It is so exciting.  Thank you.

OWS:  Yes.

Guest:  Hello  The One Who Serves.   I am coming off of what the earlier question was.  When you said that there were other people in the world doing this, I am really feeling there is something that is going to be happening in England, and I am just really putting it out that I wish to help, if there are records in England.  Because I did everything I could from this end of The Pond to support in Mexico, but I really feel I can make an even bigger difference that my feet are on the ground here in the U.K.  And there are many sacred sites here, so I am just wondering if you could give me a push in the right direction.  Is there anything here, and maybe I will be guided to find it.

OWS:  There are many records in various places, certainly those in your area are more of the Atlantian type, not so much the Lemurian, but more of the Atlantian.  And your area there was very close to the Atlantian continent when it was in your Atlantic Ocean.  And many of those that left Atlantis went across to various parts of what you now call Europe and many other areas as well, into Africa, and the Middle East, and China, and all of this, Egypt certainly.  This is coming, Dear One, this is coming.  You will be guided if there is a reason for you to become involved in this or, not a reason—if you feel a calling, if you feel that calling, you will then be guided to the right situation.  It can even come through this group as well, because they have found the secret, here, you see?  They have uncovered the secret.  They have not yet uncovered the physical records, but they have uncovered the etheric records, we will call them, or the higher dimensional records at this point.  And they have the knowing of how to do this.  And they will be called upon.  They may not quite realize this yet, but they may be called upon to go to other locations and do this as well.  If they feel the calling, this will come.  And in that case, you may then become a part of this in that respect.  Ok?  Shoshanna wishes to share here.

SHOSHANNA  (Channeled by JoAnna McConnell):  Hi Dear Sister, it is important in this moment in your lifetime to acknowledge your power, to acknowledge who you are, to acknowledge the great light that shines from your heart, to acknowledge your place in humanity in the process of oneness and reunification.  You must acknowledge yourself.  It is not important at this moment in your life to join some great expedition, to participate at that level.  Because you have the power of a priestess, you are a priestess.  You must acknowledge yourself.  Let your light out and, with assurity, you will change the path of mankind.

Guest:  Beautiful.  Just as Shoshanna said just then, I pictured myself at a sacred site on Glastonbury, part of a portal that I’ve got to open, and there is somewhere in France I am being told, France as well, France is big, and Avalon is big.  Thank you so much.  I could just need to send my light and maybe open a portal there.

SHOSHANNA:  You have that power.  Acknowledge that power within.  You do not have to be in the physical space to do this.

Guest:  That’s true.  I can open it from…especially the one in France from even Glastonbury, I can open it from Glastonbury to France.


Guest:  Oh, thank you so much.  Thank you, One Who Serves, for your love, for your light.

SHOSHANNA:  Love you.

OWS:  You can even open it from your bath.

(Many laughing)

SHOSHANNA:   That is a certainty.

OWS:  We will move on now.  Other questions here?

Guest:  Hello.  All morning today two books keep repeating in my head,  I know the Higher Self is sending the message:   The Anannaki Returns and Gods Among Us.  I never got to read those two books because I don’t want a lot of information in my filter, but I am aware about those two books.  So when we started the meditation today and it was time for my conscious to get out through my third eye, my 3D mind was telling me to leave at the same shape and same clothes I have in this 3D, it was like worked about something.  And I said, yeah, it is safer to do.  But when I was seeing my consciousness leaving through my third eye, it was me with queen clothes and ornament and definitely a crown.  I was like, gosh what is this?  No, I want to see my conscious with whatever I am wearing now.  Then the conscious me goddess went into the mercaba and said, “ look, it is ok, I am still humble, look, I am still nice, and I am just accepted.”  I looked into the whole thing, and looked at her leaving in the mercaba, and the blue light, and everything.  So what is it and what is the correlation between what our group did this weekend and what I saw this morning, the specific message from my Higher Self, from my Over-soul.  I am a little bit confused and scared a little bit, so any insights would help.  Thank you.

OWS:  What we can say is that there is certainly connection with not only you who are asking this question—we are going to turn this into more of a general thing rather than getting personal here.  But in terms of general, there are many correlations or connections that are occurring and will continue to occur with all of you in various ways.  And you will have experiences now as a result of being a part of this whole expression that has occurred here.  You are all in this together.  What is that saying by the Q here? How does that go?   “Where we go one, we go all.”  And that is a wonderful expression of the unification or the unity consciousness that is occurring here.  So you are a part of that unity consciousness not only within this group, here, and not only within all of the Lightworkers and –warriors across the planet, but with all of mankind, all of the collective consciousness of this planet and then with Gaia herself, and then even beyond that, but we will not go there because it gets too much for the three-dimensional consciousness to begin to comprehend as to how far your consciousness reaches. Ok?

Guest:  Yes.  Thank you so much.

OWS:  Shoshanna wishes to share?

Guest:  Yes please.

SHOSHANNA:  My Dear Sister, it is important at this point in your life, as it is important to all, that shine their light so brightly, to acknowledge who they really are.  You are a goddess walking among those that don’t see you that way all the time, but you are walking among us with a power greater than you know.  You have a light that is bright and beautiful and shines for all of us.  It is important at this point in your lifetime to stop minimizing who you are.  It is not about your ego, although you wish to keep that in check, and that is important because the ego is very much a part of the third-dimensional reality, and you wish not to go there.  What is important here is that you do not minimize who you are, that you acknowledge fully that you are a goddess walking, and that you are part of the one, the bigger source, that you came from, and that this you can impart on anyone that wishes to cross your path by just simply loving them.  Through your love and your understanding and your compassion for each person that walks in front of you, you are expressing that goddess.  That is all.

Guest:  Thank you so much.  I love you.  Thank you.

OWS:  Very good.  Are there other questions here?

Guest:  Yes.  One Who Serves.  What a wonderful, amazing experience this has been hearing everything from everyone and from Aramda.  I wanted to ask you, because I was reading a book about Telos.  They spoke in there about the firmament of the earth had been destroyed, and this was one of the reasons why Lady Gaia, Mother Earth, was having trouble being the Eden she once was, and people actually live shorter lives because of this as well.  So I was wondering is there going to be a way to restore the firmament?  As we get underway, will that happen?

OWS:  It will not only happen, it is already in the process of occurring.  And you will certainly experience that in the new Golden Age, here.  The firmament, as you are saying, here, was a part of the expression of Gaia herself and it filtered out any kinds of negativity from coming into the planet in terms of your duality.  This will help greatly in reducing and almost completely eliminating any of the negative aspects of duality.  That is all we can tell you at this point, but yes certainly it is coming back.

And the idea of ‘global warming,’ as you know it, that is being created by man and all of this is a fallacy.  It is not true.  There is a warming certainly of the planet , but it is not because of the reasons that have been given.  It is happening because it needs to happen.  It is not so much  a global warming, it is a balance that is coming to the planet, and this will also come as a result of the firmament returning here as well.  You will have what you call ‘balmy weather” everywhere except where it is necessary to have such things as winter sports and those type of things can still continue in certain areas if you want.  That is a creation, though, of man, as you continue to move up in consciousness.  You will create what you want in your fourth and into fifth dimensional experience here.  Ok?

Guest:  Thank you so much.  That is great.

OWS:   Any further questions here?

Guest:  I have a quick question.  At the crater, one of the members had given me to use there an amethyst to put in my right pocket, and that she mentioned about calling on St. Germain and the Violet Flame for my hip.  And you and I had discussed the spiritual reasons about I still know I need to move forward, and all of that, so I have the spiritual meaning.  But later that night after we got done doing everything, James looked over and just for a moment he saw a purplish-violet flame, some sort of light, on my right-hand side which went away right away.  I notice my hip has not hurt at all since then.  I had called on St. Germain while walking around the crater and the Violet Flame.  Could that have anything to do with that, and is that what occurred, or is there more to it?

OWS:  That is certainly what occurred.  You called on St. Germain.  St. Germain was there.  St. Germain was a part of the entire expression while you were there in that area.  You may not have known it.  He did not actually speak through The James, but he was very much involved with the Violet Flame, as were many of the Ascended Masters, almost to the point of what we can say all of the Ascended Masters, and the Galactics, and the Agarthans, and beyond that, all of the fans out there.  They were ALL a part of this expression:  watching, observing, encouraging, guiding, nudging here and there, and bringing you to the conclusion of the process up to this point.  The one, Peter, called this “the end of Part One,”  moving on to Part Two. But what it is in reality is Volume 2, Chapter 1, Chapter 2 now to follow.

Guest:  Ok, so that is what helped my hip get better, correct?

OWS:  Is that what you believe?

Guest:  Well it seems better.  I haven’t really done anything like activity yet, but it seems better.  It hasn’t hurt at all.

OWS:  That is not what we are asking.  Is that what you believe?

Guest:  I know what you are asking, cut it out (laughter).  Yes, that it what I believe.

OWS:  There you go.  Believing is seeing, Dear.

Guest:  Yes, that is what I believe.  Thank you.

OWS:  Shoshanna wishes to share.

SHOSHANNA:  My Dear Sister, it is important for each being upon this planet vigilance:  to be vigilant emotionally, to be vigilant physically, to be vigilant mentally.  That is, to focus on what we truly want.  Focus on what we wish for ourselves.  It is in the focus that we create our reality.  It is in the belief that we create our reality.

It is not the Ascended Masters that have healed you.  They just show you the way and give you hope and faith that you will become empowered yourself to continue this healing within your body.  Again we must stress that each being must be vigilant upon their thoughts, their actions, and there very deeds.  If you wish to continue this healing, you must incorporate into your very lifetime moment by moment this vigilance.  Blessings to you.

Guest:  Thank you, Shoshanna.

OWS:  Very good.  Are there any further questions here?

Then we are ready to release channel.  What we can tell you here is, as Shoshanna is saying, keep vigilant, keep everything in your life and what you consider your purpose, at least in the moment, what you consider your purpose in the moment, in the forefront so that you continue to work toward that, whatever it might be.  And everything that you continue to work toward, if you persevere, if you move through the various obstacles, through them—don’t shy away from them—move through them, whatever they might be.  Because if you continue to do that and continue to live in the moment, be in the moment, don’t wait for the future to come, instead bring the future to you.  Ok?

Shanti.  Peace be with you.   Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell

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“Believing is seeing!”