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One Who Serves via James McConnell, October 7th, 2018

ONE  WHO  SERVES (Channeled by James McConnell)
Om, mani Padme, hum;  om, mani padme, hum, hum, hum.  Greetings to you.
One Who Serves here to carry on, keep the show going, all of these things that we do that you do.
We are all in this together, people.  We are all in this as one working together.  This is why when we say ‘be the one’ that is exactly what we mean, be the one, be the one source, come together, be united.  For united you stand, divided you fall.  Division is over.  It is time to unite, not only the Lightworkers and -warriors of the world, but the entire planet.  It is time to bring all together.
It is time to reach out to those that are just beginning the awakening process.  It is time to reach out to them and share what you know.  Do not be concerned about the ridicule that may come from this.
For know that you bring the truth.  You share the truth.  You are the truth.  For as Jeshua said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”  We are all the way, the truth, and the life, for we are the I AM consciousness.
You have questions now for One Who Serves?
Question:  There are some questions from the e-mail system.
The first question is from Anthony:  A number of months ago I asked about cryptocurrencies, and you mentioned that discussions were ongoing about how they may be used I the new paradigm.  Can you give us an update on those discussions please, as well as status report on the GCR/RV.
OWS:  The RV and global currency reset is in process, has been in process for some time.  But it has been held back in many respects because it has not yet been the time, timing, we will say here,  and the vibrations have not risen quite enough up to this point for this to occur.  Because what would happen.  Think for a moment.  If the re-eval occurred at this point, and all of you that have those currencies, you went and did your exchanges, and as you did your exchanges and you left the money in the banks, which many of you would do.  Then what if those that still run the banks could come in and take that money?  Which at this point they still are able to do that.  But that is going to change.  It is changing.
As your financial system begins to turn around, the turnaround from the old fiat system, the system that is based on nothing, nothing backing it, to a new system that is based on precious metals that are backing it, that is based on a new, what we will call the quantum financial system, the new system that cannot be, as your saying goes, “hacked,”  cannot be interfered with.  Then once this is in place, you will find your RV.  You will find a global currency reset occurring across the planet because it must happen.  It must become a reality.  For the old system must wash away, just as the hurricane and the waters wash away the old and bring on the new.  This is what is occurring.
As to the cryptocurrencies, this is something that is as of yet not understood by many and, at this point, is not ready to be rolled out to the masses.  Whether it will be or not is yet undetermined.
Because there are many opportunities that lie ahead in working with the new financial system.  And the new financial system that will evolve into no financial system at all.  Because eventually you will move beyond the need of exchange of this type of energy of the exchange of monetary sources.  Because when you have that which are being called the replicators, once you have those, those new devices that have not yet been presented to the world population, and you have these replicators that can replicate almost anything, and you can replicate gold, currency, whatever it is you want, then what need would there be then to have the currency, when you can replicate anything:  food, clothing, shelter, whatever it might be.  There would be no more need for financial remuneration of any kind.
Shoshanna (channeled by JoAnna McConnell):
Shoshanna wishes to share.  Many questions are posed by the beings of this planet in their third dimensional consciousness, as they question that is ladened with survival.  That is a very deep behavior and program that is running in most on this planet, and their very dependence on survival is a currency of some sort.  What we would say to all that asked the questions about currency, about revaluation, etc. must examine this program of survival and let it go.
JoAnna:  We are completing the e-mail questions.  Next question:
_:  Would it be safe to assume that there has never been such a large army gathered in the universe in history as there is now for the liberation of earth?  If this is correct, then why is it that the cabal surely outnumbered by a factor of hundreds of thousands to one, aside from “free will,” how have they been able to continually delay the transition in the face of such large opposition?
OWS:  It is certainly true that there are huge amounts of ones that are working for the light, beyond your wildest imagination at this point.  You not only have those here on the surface of what we call “the Alliance” here, but the ships, all of those from above, the Galactics that are working here with this.  Plus, you have all of the Angels and Archangels, all of the Company of Heaven.  You have Creator Him-Herself working on this process.  So how could a small group of people be able to withstand and hold this onslaught off?  The answer is they cannot and will not be able to.  But they have been able to somewhat up to this point, because they have been so entrenched in all of your workings here on the planet, all of the different functions, the corporations.  They are into everything:  your education, you pharmaceutical industry, medical, your health industry, everything.  They have pushed themselves into, infiltrated into, and they are still somewhat entrenched in that respect.
But there are those that are working behind the scenes as of yet that are bringing all of this down as if this is all a house of cards.  A house of cards, if you take one card out, they all topple.  The one card is coming to topple it all.  They have been preparing this in those ones that they have kept sealed up to this point.  But very shortly they will be unsealing many of these, and this will be the beginning of the toppling of this house of cards.  Once it begins, it will be completely unstoppable.  It will not take a very long time, as even your understanding of time goes.  So continue to be prepared for this.
Shoshanna:  May Shoshanna share?  Dear Brother Anthony that asked this question:  we must understand that the war upon us is not a physical one.  It is not about one to one thousand or one to one hundred thousand, it is not a physical war.  What as One Who Serves has indicated, much of this is insidious programming on the sleeping masses that have caused them to continue to live as if they are controlled.  As one wakes up to this reality and past all programming, everything will change.
OWS:  Yes.  Very good.
JoAnna:  This is from David.  Two weeks ago someone brought up the subject of sexuality.  Your response was that sexuality will be different in the higher dimensions.  Will it be a telepathic, physical,  or energetic experience?
OWS:  We would say all of the above.  All of the above, here.  As we said, it will be a new experience for those in the higher dimensions, just as it is now in the higher dimensions.  There is a physical understanding to it, as well telepathic, as well as energetic.  The energetic connection here is what would be considered at a higher level of union.  And this union at these higher frequencies will take the place, you might say, of a more physical expression of this.  But please understand that those of you that have been working through this evolution here on this planet, those of you are not going to turn away from the sexual expression in terms of a physical expression overnight.  That will not happen.  Nor is it even a good thing for it to happen.  But it will be a steady progression which will move eventually to the point of the idea of sexuality being less and less important in your understandings, we would say.
JoAnna:  That’s it for the e-mail questions.  Erena, go ahead and ask your question.
Question:  Thank you, JoAnna.  My question is I had a dream which was a very long dream.  One part of the dream I felt was very beautiful and I wanted to share and ask, maybe you can say what that meant.  In the dream I was surrounded by a lot of different people.  A lot of action was going on in the dream.  Then one moment I stood up and I started singing very high-pitched, singing so strongly, so beautifully, that the sky which was dark and cloudy  started changing.  The pitch of my voice started changing the way the sky was looking.  First it was cloudy and dark, then it became amazingly blue, so blue that everyone whatever they were doing stood up and started looking at the sky.  So can you say something about it, One Who Serves?  What that meant?
OWS:  What we can say is this is somewhat of a precursor for you, an understanding of what is coming.  An understanding of the light breaking through the clouds symbolically, here, not in terms of so much physical, although it will be a physical expression as well.  But this is more symbolic of the light breaking through the darkness everywhere and those of the people that you speak of.
In many cases, whenever there are other people in your dream, they are other portions of yourself.  This can also be so here, but there is a second understanding here as well, in that all of these people are the sleeping masses that have been spoken of and are looking up at the sky and seeing the light coming through, the light breaking through, the awakening happening.  This is the awakening that is happening all over the planet now at this time.
Ok.   So I have never tried to sing so high.  So, was that an expression of me, or expression of that light coming in?
Shoshanna:  Shoshanna wishes to share.
OWS:  Yes.  Shoshanna, yes.
Shoshanna:  My Dear Sister, the sound that was in the dream is the sound of creation.
  It was beautiful.
Shoshanna:  You will understand this because you are, as all are, a creator.  You are understanding through this dream that you have the power to change darkness to light, that you personally, as well as all other beings on this planet, have the ability to create and to change that which they see before them.  The sound is the way in which creation began, and you are recognizing this in your dream.
OWS:  Very good.
  Thank you.  That was beautiful what you said, Shoshanna.  It was just beautiful.  I feel what you said.  I felt like I am reliving that dream again.  It was just beautiful.  Thank you.
Shoshanna:  Thank you.
OWS:  Yes.  Now we move on.  Any other questions here?
Question:  Yes.   Hello, Hello, beautiful Brother.  So my searching, my quest, if you will, for knowledge has led me to find out a little bit about the Anshar people who live in Hollow Earth.  I wanted to know more about them.  I also wanted to know whether they were connected to and was there some truth to the story, “Black Panther,” and were they connected to that.  Also, it said in my research that they were living in a fourth dimensional reality there.  But then again it also said they are helping us to ascend, which is a fifth dimensional thing.  So I was confused by that.  So can you say more on all of that?
OWS:  Can tell you that they are certainly a fourth dimension, and even somewhat higher for some of them as well.
They are working to express a connection, a long-standing connection with those here on the surface.  They have connected with certain ones, as you may already know, the one, Corey Goode, especially has made connection with them, or they have made connection with him.  You can learn much more about this, and this particular group, or civilization, we will say, by looking this up:  Anshar, Corey Goode, all of this.  You will find much on this.
They are established, you might say, there in the inner earth, and they are working to, again, make the connection with the surface folk.  They are working diligently in this way.  But they are, just as anyone else, any of those others that are helping here.  They are kept at free well, kept from assisting others in terms of going against their free will.  So they can only help those that are ready to be helped, here.  Ok?
  Yes.  Do they have any relationship to the movie, “Black Panther?”  Was there some truth to that?
OWS:  At this point we see a somewhat resemblance here, a connection possibly, but not direct connection to this particular civilization.  But there is an alluding in this respect.  There is a knowing by those that have created these films.

They know much behind the scenes, and they are attempting to bring this awakening out to the public as much as they can.  So, yes somewhat, and no somewhat also.

Shoshanna:  Shoshanna wishes to share.
OWS:  Shoshanna, yes please.
Shoshanna:  Those that have viewed my Dear Sister, this movie,  “The Black Panther,” it is a revealing of humankind’s power, and the mastery of the material world that is available to all.  And that is why the leader was attempting to share this information with all others.  It is a matter of mastery of our world and beyond.
What is happening here if there is a connection with the Anshar, the Anshar have mastered this and gone beyond this.  Perhaps that is the connection that it is referring.
Lorelei:  Great, thank you.  Thank you so much.  Bless you.  Appreciate it.
Shoshanna:  Blessing.
OWS:  Very good.  Are there other questions here?
Question:  I have a quick one.  It has been mentioned many, many times in many different ways that everyone will receive–today it was mentioned that everyone will receive $100,000 a month for so many years.  My question is, if everyone receives $100,000, who is going to go to work the next day?
OWS:  What we can tell you is that is a misnomer, that idea as you are saying here.  It is not directly that everyone is going to receive this amount of money.  It is, though, and understanding that balance is coming to the world.  That is what this is all about.  The re-eval is not to make everyone rich or to make an instant millionaire overnight.  It is not for this purpose, although some may find themselves in that position.  It is to bring balance.  It is to bring those products, those programs to the world that can help to feed the hungry, quench the thirst of many across the planet, provide shelter to those that are homeless, all of these things. This is what it is meant for.  So do not think in terms of amount of money that will come.  It is to bring balance.  It is to release that which is the global collateral accounts, we will say here:  this is in the trillions and trillions and trillions, and even beyond that, even into the quadrillions of amounts of money that is there to be released.  But again, this is not to make people wealthy.  It is to bring balance to the world.
Shoshanna:  Shoshanna wishes to share.
OWS:  Shoshanna, yes.
Shoshanna:  Dear Brother Orv, what is coming is magical.  What is coming is beyond at this moment in time most that could even imagine it.  What is coming for the earthlings, for the occupants of Gaia, is a wondrous exploration of not only their planet, but the planets above them and beyond them, and beyond them, and beyond them.  The technologies that are going to be released will alleviate the need for survival. Work as we find it on this planet is mostly survival redundant, tedious, and ridiculous.  Once these technologies are released,  the things that will happen are the tedious work will be turned over to technology. Human beings will not have a hand in it, which will allow them tremendous freedom to explore their own spirituality, their own mental acuity, and go beyond the silly notion of just surviving.  Money cannot do that, but money can bring in technology as we find it at this time.  That is what is in store.
OWS:  That is wonderful.  Very well said.
  Thank you.
Shoshanna:  Blessing.
OWS: Would there be other questions here how before we release channel?
 Question: I have a question, please?
OWS:  Yes.  Good.
Rita:  I understand that we have light ships, and these light ships carry light, and light has been stored within those ships, and those ships will sprinkle light out to us.  I was wondering if it is time that this is happening, or has it already been happening little by little.?
OWS:  These ships that you speak of, these ships of light, these ships of consciousness, these star ships of many different types.  Yes, they are out there, they are part of this expression and becoming even more a part of this expression here within the earth.  They are sharing their light more and more and more, that is correct.   But is not correct that they are–well, here, we will say this:  they are made of light.  They are light themselves, you see.  It is not that they are storing light, they ARE light.  If you can begin to understand that, where consciousness and light are one in the same.  Consciousness and creation are one in the same.  Ok?
Shoshanna:  Shoshanna wishes to share.
OWS:  Shoshanna, yes.
Shoshanna:  My Dear Sister, Rita:  What must be known here is that the light in the heart of each human, the spark of divinity that is fanned by the flame of spirituality will entice the light ships to open to us that there light would be revealed to us.  It must be a symbiotic relationship as humans and the beings that occupy Gaia open their hearts to this and shine their own lights that will create this happening.
  How beautiful, and it brings tears to my eyes.  Thank you so much.  I really do like your answer.
OWS:  Share your heart lights.  Share your heart lights.  As with your movie, ET.
Shoshanna:  Ok, blessing to you, Dear Rita.
OWS:  Are there other questions here?
  Question:    Nice to be back with you fellows and ladies and gentlemen.  My question is, how are we able to make contact with them in  the physical sense once we have reached a certain level of vibrational frequency?  How will we know that?
OWS:  Make contact with who?
  Our brothers and sisters from other densities.
OWS:  Are you talking about the Galactics?
JoAnna;   Other densities.
  Other densities and/or Galactics, I wasn’t sure of the phrase to utilize without sounding ignorant.  I do apologize.
OWS:  That is quite all right.  You are going to make connection with them when they are ready to also connect with you.  It is a symbiotic relationship.  So when you have raised your vibrations enough, when you have become light enough yourself to be able to hold the light, anchor the light, then they will be able to communicate more directly with you , and you with them.  If you were to be in their presence at this time, you would not be able to hold the vibrations that they give off.  It would literally in some respects destroy your central nervous system.  So they are very careful in who they would bring up on their ships.  And even when they do bring certain ones up on the ships, they have areas on these ships where there is that silly three-dimensional or even low fourth-dimensional vibrational experience where that one can be comfortable there.  Then they can communicate with those others.  And as they raise their vibrations more, then they can move to other parts of the ship, you see?
OWS:   So it is a symbiotic relationship that must be developed and is being developed.  Because as you are all working on raising your vibrations, you are moving closer and closer to the time and the frequency that will be necessary to be able to then communicate with these other ones.
  Question: One more and then I will step down, if you will allow me that privilege.  I am going through a lot of ascension symptoms, because I forgot to ground myself at one point or another.  So I am suffering a lot of the ascension symptoms:  skin rashes, bloated feet, headaches, constant throbbing in the forehead, my Kundalini is driving me crazy as far as the itching goes (I am embarrassed where the itching is), but how long does this usually last?
OWS:  That is dependent on you yourself who is going through these symptoms.  These symptoms are a part of the new expression, we will say, as these vibrations continue to increase, as light continues to come into the planet, as you the Lightbearers continue to be able to hold the light more and more.  And as you hold this light more and more, it being foreign, you might say, to the carbon-based body that you are in now, it can create these symptoms as you are speaking of.  But it is temporary.  It is something that you will move through.  All of you will move through these symptoms as you continue to rise.  But know this:  as you continue to raise your vibrations and continue to find yourself in the higher densities, in the higher frequencies of the higher fourth and even into the fifth dimension, all of these symptoms will dissipate completely.  You will no longer have any of them.  Certainly, as you move into the fifth dimension, you will experience less and less of any of these symptoms, of any kind of pain, of any kind of sorrows, of sadness, any depression, all of these things will go away.
Shoshanna:  Shoshanna wishes to share.
OWS:  Yes, please,  Shoshanna, yes.
Shoshanna:   Shoshanna wishes to share with you, Dear Brother Mohammed, is that ok?
  Most definitely.  I welcome any and all questions.
Shoshanna:  My Dear Brother:  We find everything One Who Serves has told you is in perfect order and correct for the transmutation of the human being to light.  What must happen now, as we find it, is that you must assist your body through a purification process and a cleanse.  You must assist your body to move past these symptoms.  We do not know your diet.  We do not know what you are doing in that respect.  But know this:  you must seek out and search out a process that cleanses the body and moves you past some of these dense symptoms that you are experiencing, including that of a skin rash which is a purge.  You can assist yourself in this way.
OWS:  Very good.  Are there other questions here now before we release channel?  Take one more question before we release.
Question: I will be quick.  Hello.  Blessings, Dear Brother.  Blessings Dear Sister, Shoshanna.  I will be quick.  The other day in meditation I was able to project myself onto my ship, the Aurora.  And as I looked out this huge window, which is floor to ceiling, and my Twin was with me.  This time I could see Jupiter and I could see Ganymeade, but Ganymeade did not look like a moon, far from it.  It simply did not look like a moon. It was a massive space station.  And I said as I turned, “why does it look different this time than the last time I could see?”  My Twin said it is because you are seeing Ganymeade for what it really is now, what it really looks like.  And I said, “well, why all the telescopes seeing a moon, and why are people seeing a moon, and NASA says it’s a moon?”  He said it is because it is a holographic projection is what you are seeing. And I can see all these ships stalk in, and coming back and forth, and it doesn’t look like a moon.  Am I seeing what I am seeing?  It really isn’t a moon, it’s a station.  Am I seeing what I am seeing?
OWS:  My Dear Sister, you already know the answer to this.  You have already said it.  You have already heard it.  Yes.  You are correct.  It is not being shown to those here on the planet that would observe this through their telescopes or whatever they would use.  It is not like that at all.  There is a holographic projection, an illusion, that has been created so that the reality of what is really there cannot be seen at this point.  But, that is one other thing, of course, that is going to change in the times ahead where you will begin to know more fully of these stations, these space stations, these buildups on these different planets and different moons, and all of this will come to the understanding of the general public as these things progress.
   This just amazes me.  It really is busy up there.  Space is big, but is is busy up there.  There are ships everywhere.   It is like a car parked at Wal-Mart.  They are everywhere.  It is massive.  It is amazing.  But I kept thinking about our moon, then.   And I kept thinking well what is that, just a holographic projection?  Because sometimes I look at it and I think it is just a hologram, I swear it is.  Maybe it doesn’t really look like that.  I wonder if you could answer that for me.
OWS:  You also cannot see the other side of the moon, what is called the dark side of the moon.
OWS:  So that is of course very resplendent with many different bases and different civilizations that are working there and have those bases there to continue their various programs, experiments, all the things that they are working on, here.  So this is being cloaked, you would say, to the public, here, at this point.
  And then actually that cloaking will come down as the collective raises itself in frequency and vibration and in the ascension we will start to see these projections just what, disappear?
OWS:  Not only will you start to see them, but you will be going there and these other places as well.  So all of this is coming in the future, here.
Shoshanna:  Shoshanna wishes to share.
OWS:  Shoshanna, yes please.
Shoshanna:   Shoshanna wishes to share with you
 Shoshanna:  We must tell you that all things are made of energy that come into existence through matter.  And each dimension that we are privileged to visit and to live on, the energy and matter changes even though the object would be seen differently at each dimension.  We find you a very advanced being.  You are light, you are love, and you embody this.  You will see many things that transmute their energy and matter into something else based on how you see them through the dimensional eyes that you have acquired in that dimension.  That is what we have for you.
OWS:  Very good.
  Beautiful.  That’s right.  The optics are not agreeing with me anymore.  The projections of what I am seeing within the dimensional layers are just not agreeing with, I am not seeing it in three-dimensional optics anymore.
Shshanna:  Yes.
  I guess I am seeing it at higher optics.  Thank you.
Shoshanna:  That is correct.
OWS:  Because you are utilizing your third eye center more and more, as many of you are as well.  We are needing to release channel here now.
Shoshanna:  Much love to you, Dear Ria.
 I love you.  I love you so much, love you both.  Thank you so much.  I love you.
 Question:  Can I say one quick thing?
OWS:  Very quickly, yes.
  If everyone could give me five minutes, I will put some real photos of the back side of the moon up on Meet-up  in the next five minutes if you want to see them.
OWS:  We are going to release channel now.
Shanti.  Peace be with you.
Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell

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“Believing is seeing!”