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One Who Serves via James McConnell, September 9th, 2018

One Who Serves   

Om mani padme hum; om mani padmi hum.

OWS:  Greetings to you.  One Who Serves here with you to take your questions.  No necessary message here at this time.  Possibly we finish with message, but we take your questions now.  You have questions for One Who Serves?

RG:  Hello, One Who Serves.  I will chime right in.  Hello, how are you?  Blessings. I love you.

OWS:  We are always wonderful.  There is nothing but being wonderful!

RG:  Absolutely.  Well, whether you were chiming in on our conversation, I had a spirit guide come through a gentleman who paints there guys, and I am a little bit perplexed about who it is…

OWS:  We can help you here.  We know exactly as you are speaking here.  So we will share.  The picture that you have had drawn for you is important for you.  Not so much anyone else, but for you.  It is special for you.  Because it is a part of you. It is an aspect of you, you might say.  And as we have spoken many times, there are many aspects of each one of you.  And you have been various personalities in the past, some great, or some famous, some not so famous, but you all have these aspects.

This particular one is an aspect of you in the Egyptian times.  You were there in the Egyptian times, and this one is an aspect of the Serapis Bey, just as you are receiving.   If you look closely at his picture that has been drawn for you, you can see in the eyes, you can see the wisdom, the immense knowing, knowledge that is within this one.   And yes it is a Cohen, as you have said, and it is a connection to the Serapis Bey, a connection to the Ashtar.  There is much here that is not being revealed yet, but you will come to understand this.  This is part of the rememberances that many of us have been speaking of for some time.  It will come back to all of you, and certainly as the event comes, but even before the event, many of you will have these rememberances.  Some of you are already having them in various ways.  And in some cases, this particular picture that was drawn is a rememberance for you.  It is a trigger that brings this rememberance to you, you see?

RG:  I do.

OWS:  Do you understand it?

RG:  Yes.  We are all one, like you says, and this an aspect of me and of a part of that self a long time ago of Serapis Bey.   I truly did feel Serapis Bey and the connection there.  Well, there is more of a connection, I guess I will have to dig deeper.  Is this one in the picture Serapis Bey, or Imhotep III?

OWS:  This one is an aspect of Serapis Bey, and a connection more fully with the Imhotep.

RG:  Ahh, that is what I thought.  This is wonderful.  Now we can put a name to the picture.  It is wonderful to see how this artist’s impression comes through.   And there is a purple ray around the head.  I wondered if that is either the ascension ray,  of if it this the violet ray.  That was so prominent.  The gentleman said, “Wow, this is purple haze around you,”  (as in me) “and also the being.”  So, I just wanted to know that part.

OWS:  Yes, it is a part of the ascension ray, as you are finding it.

RG:  Yes, brilliant.  Oh, lovely, thank you so much.  Thank you for helping me with that, and I appreciate that, and I love you so much.  I can’t wait to hug you all!

OWS:  And we also as well.

RG:  Thank you so much.


O:  Hi OWS.  Since the Advance a few weeks ago I am almost positive I have a new guide, or an additional guide.  I don’t know if you can comment on it or not, but I feel like I have a new guide, and quite a powerful one too.

OWS:   What we can tell you, and not just for you who asked this question, but for many of you, you are all finding that you have new guides, different guides, than the familiar ones that you have had for many lifetimes previously.  Because this is that lynch pin lifetime that you are in now.  This is the one that is catapulting you into the higher vibrations, and in being catapulted into the higher vibrations, you are needing those, what you would call, higher sense guides to be with you.  So the ones that have been the familiars with you for so many lifetimes have left or are leaving.

In some ways this is an indication within you as to why you are having the sadness.  Many of you are experiencing a great sadness, and you think it is what is happening in your lifetime now, but it is not.  It is because there are various familiars in your life that have been with you for a long time that are now leaving.  It is part of the transition here.  And they are leaving, to be replaced by higher vibrational guides, ones who are more prepared to lead you into the ascension and through the ascension process here.  So this is why many of you are having that great sadness.  We know you are not asking about this, but many are wondering about this and why this sadness is coming over them.

As well as the sadness is coming because of many things that are happening in the world, and you are realizing in some cases how negative everything is in the outside world, and you know that it is beyond what it needs to be, beyond the level of one consciousness.  You know that it is negative, and dark forces, and all of this, and it leaves you in a very sad state.  So there is a combination of things that are happening here.

But to that one who has asked this direct question, the answer is directly yes, you have been, not given, but you have moved on to receive a new guide here that is prompting you along and will continue to add to your progress as you are moving along through this.  The Advance that you attended was a catapult, or a catalyst, rather, for that to occur.

O:  Great, great.  Thank you.  And I just wanted to ask, during the Advance  when we went through that mediation for getting rid of our contracts, I was curious as to maybe there are some contracts I might want to keep.  I just wanted you to comment on that.  What do you think?

OSW:  It depends on you.  If you want to keep your contracts, keep them.  If you want to get rid of them, get rid of them.  That is up to you.  You have freedom of choice.

O:  I just don’t know which ones they were.  I mean, there was no list or anything like that.  I am willing to give up all of them, that’s fine.  I was just wondering are there ever some contracts we might want to keep for some odd reason.

OWS:  There are some that you would keep that would continue to move you through this transition and prepare you for the ascension process.  So that is true.  But what you can do is simply ask Archangel Michael.  Ask Archangel Michael to use his flaming Blue Sword of Truth to sever any remaining psychic ties.  Use that term, “psychic ties,” that may be holding you down to this three-dimensional illusionary world here.   Ok?

O:  Yes, thank you very much.  Appreciate it.


_:  I have a question, OWS.

OWS:  Yes.

_ : You just mentioned the great sadness some people are going through.   I have been going through this.  My dog, Asha, died suddenly in my arms a few days ago.  And you mentioned new guides coming in.  I just would love to hear if there is a bigger picture on why Asha left, and if it is about higher consciousness and new guides coming.  Please help.

OWS:  There is always a bigger picture, if you have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.  So yes, there is a bigger picture here for you, for the understanding that this loved one of yours has passed on.  It has not passed on.  It has not gone anywhere.  It is just simply not in your physical existence at this point.  But it is still there.  The soul of this one is still there.

Now understand, animal souls are different than the human souls, in that the animal soul is a Great One Animal Soul.  So as the one would pass on, it joins the full Animal soul.  And then at a later time perhaps, the one would come back again in maybe a different form certainly, but maybe as a dog again, maybe as a horse, maybe as a cat and, very seldom, but it can happen, they can move to the human evolution as well.  But it is something that does not occur very often.  You see?  But look at it as the Greater Animal Soul, here, that it has joined with this soul.  Just as when a human one passes on, it joins with the human souls, the greater soul experience that the humans are a part of.   Ok?  But it keeps the personality with it. Especially, as you move through the ascension as you ascend, you continue on as the personality that you are in this lifetime, but still being a part of the greater soul, the greater of your higher self, you see?

_:  Yes.  Thank you, that is very helpful OWS, thank you.


N:  My question is about two things: (1) asking for spiritual guides or angels help, and  (2) giving our power away.   So would you please explain where this one ends and where the next one starts, and when we are asking for help and needing it, and when we are giving away our power.  Thank you.

OWS:  We are not understanding your question, here, directly.  Please rephrase it a different way, here?

N:  Yes.  Spirit always asks us to take back our power and not give it away to gurus, teachers, whatever, and the right answers are inside.  However, at the same time, we have a lot of help.  We know that we are not alone.  The guides and angels are there for help.  So what is the limit on when to ask for help and when it becomes like you are giving away your power.  So can you talk about it?

OWS:  Yes.  Now we understand.  It is always that you do not give away your power.  You have done so, many of you, almost all of you at one point or another, have done that in this illusionary process here.  But it is time now to take your power back.   Because you all have it deeply within you.   All of you have this power.  The power to reach out.  The power to shout who you are.  The power to shout out, “I am that I am,” and “I am the Source within me,” “I am the Oneness of all things.” We all have this power.  Now, it is also a good thing, though, to ask for help whenever you need help.  Because there are those of us that are here to be of that help, purposely to be of service to you.  And that is what we are here for, so certainly ask for help when you feel like it is beyond you.  Now that can be help coming from outside of yourself, or also, you asked for help, it could also just simply be your higher self stepping in and giving you more assistance when you ask for it.  Ask, and you shall receive.  If you don’t ask, you don’t receive, you see?  That is what many of you do.  Many of you think you have to rely on your own personal inner strength, and all of that, and it is good to do that if you can, but there are times when it is difficult to do that.  Such as, when there is a loss of a loved one.  Ask for help at that point.  Don’t go through it yourself.  Don’t go through it alone.  There are many of us who are ready and willing to assist.  Many of the angels are there to assist you, and even the archangels are there to help.  But you need to ask for it.  Ok?  You understand this?

N:   Yes, thank you so much.


A:  I actually have three questions, but I will ask one.   I found out that my twin flame is on the ship New Jerusalem, and I would like to know if it is possible what he is doing on that ship.  I know that he is Arcturian, but I don’t know exactly what he does.

OWS:  First of all, we ask you question.  Where did you hear this information?

A:  Somebody told me from Hollow Earth.

OWS:  Yes, that Is what we thought, here.  Now, that is not to say that it is not correct, but we always tell all who ask these types of questions we always say the same thing:  you must come to this understanding within yourself.  There is no one who can tell you who you are, who your twin soul is, or anything of this nature.  It is not to say that it is not, please under-stand this.  But we are not going to confirm one way or the other whether it is, because you have heard this from another human being, another person who has their frailties, has their various inconsistencies and those things that they are dealing with.  So they are not always pure.  That is not to say that some are not.  And that is always the case with all channeling that happens, even through this one, James.  There is never 100 percent, you see.  So always go within yourself and always must search for this within yourself and then, when the time is right, when the vibrations are right, then the remembrance will come back to you and you will realize who your twin soul is.  But only in its time, you see, only when the vibrations are right for this.  So do not rely on anyone else to tell you this, ok?

A:  I understand.  I want to let you know just that from meditations with you and guidance with you and James, I saw that I have been on different missions, on not just one mission at the same time.  So, I realized it myself, like you said, to realize and learn yourself.  So I am just letting you know what I learned, that I have been during medications two or three places at time doing different missions.

OWS:  Yes.  And when you receive the information in this way coming through yourself, then you can know that there is accuracy to it.  But do not think that just because someone tells you something that it is so.  Most of the time it is not.

A:  So you are saying that that information is not accurate?

OWS:  We are not saying that.  We are saying that we cannot say one way or the other here whether it is accurate, so it does not help you in this way.  It must come to you within yourself when the time is right, when the vibration is right.

A:  Ok, thank you OWS.  I appreciate that.


OWS:  Other questions here?

_:   Hi OWS, how are you?

OWS:  We are wonderful, as always.

_:  The question I have is that I had a dream last night, and I forgot about the dream.  When I woke up I had to meditate and then I was able to receive the dream again.  The question I have is that the dream I had was about two beautiful white birds, very white.  In the dream I saw my aunt walking in the room, and she told me to take a feather from the bird, and I had to connect with the bird.  Then she said that would bring prosperity.  This morning after I was doing my meditation, I was guided to do the I am affirmation, and I did that.   We were doing that medication not long ago on the call.   We talked about a white light coming above our head.  So the question I have is that all these, like, coincide, so what is the message enfolded here for me?

OWS:  What is the message in your dream with these two birds, is this what you are asking?

_:  Yes.  One is that of the message in the dream about the two birds and regarding prosperity.  And, there is like a coincidence here, that when we did the meditation there was one above my head, and I just happened to have a dream about the white birds.  So is this is like a correlation between the two?

OWS:  We think that you are already answering this question within yourself, as you not?  You already know there is a correlation.  You already know there is a synchronicity here.  And when you can see the synchronicity, then it is real for you. Then it has some meaning to you.  If you do not see it, then it has no meaning, you see?

 So the idea of the birds is certainly purity in your life, and they are showing you in a sense there is part of this dream that you are not experiencing, but there was flying of these birds as well.  And these were indicative of you being ready to fly, you being ready to sore.  But you do not remember that part of it, as we find it, you see.   ‘

_: Thank you (heartfelt).


L:  Hi, OWS.  I hope you are wonderful.   I want to ask you,  I put a lot of energy into being in a very, very feel good vibration, and what-not, and also I have been trying to really powerfully bring my gifts in helping people with their beliefs and their false beliefs and all, to the world.  But it hasn’t really sprouted as I might have wanted it to and brought the abundance and served as many people as I would want to.  I have shifted so many things in my own belief sets and everything.  I am wondering two things:  am I missing something glaringly in my way?  Or, on the other hand, perhaps maybe this is not needed for the world, and maybe I need to go with other directions.  Can you give me any feedback on that?

OWS:   Yes, what we are telling you here is you ARE missing something.  You are missing that you are too attached to the results here.  You are too attached to what needs to happen, or what you THINK needs to happen, instead of allowing it to be, instead of just simply allowing, letting go, letting it be, all of these things, going with the flow.  All of these things we give you for reasons here, that you can take these understandings, thigh higher wisdom, you might say, and take it within yourself, and realize that you don’t need to control the outcome.  You just simply need to do what you need to do and then let the outcome take care of itself.  You see?

L:  So, in other words, just stay on the path in doing whatever moves me, and don’t worry about what comes from it, Is that what you are saying?

OWS:  That is correct.  Let it be.  Do whatever you need to do, whatever you are being guided to do, and then let the results go.  The results will come.  They will take care of themselves.  But if you stay attached to it, then you continue to direct it in a certain way instead of allowing your higher self to guide the whole process, here.

L:  And is that also what is glaringly in the way of the financial opening?  Or is there something else that you can see?

OWS:  The financial opening that you are looking for is also an attachment on your part, because you are attached to the results there as well.  You are not allowing the Law of Abundance to work here in your life, you see?  Just allow it to be.  Do not be concerned about it.  You are being taken care of.  You will all be taken care of.  Now that it not to say you can sit on your cough and do nothing.  You have to do whatever is needed in your particular system at this time.  But as you work within this system, you let go.  That is what many of you do not do.  You do not let the Law of Attraction work here for you, you see?  You will attract whatever it is that you put out to the Universe.  If you put out lack, you will attract lack.  If you put out abundance, you will attract abundance.

L:  Ok…

This is not only to you, but to many of you who constantly say “I cannot afford this, I cannot do this because I do not have the money for this,” then that is what will happen.  You will reap what you sew, you see?  Do you understand this?

L:  I do.  I am looking to see how this plays in my life, because I don’t feel like that is what is going on, but maybe it is.  (laughs.

OWS:  Here is what you need to do, Dear [One]:  Open your eyes.  Open you eyes to what is really there and what is really being shown to you.  Not to what your ego is telling you.  Not to what you think is your inner self guiding you.  But let go. Let Higher Self then come in and do the works with you—not FOR you, but WITH you, you see?

L:  Thank you,

SHOSHANA (Joanna’s Higher Self):  May I share something.

OWS:  Shoshana has something she wishes to share.

SHOSHANA:   The trick in the 3rd Dimension is to look at one result and magnify it in your mind.  So, when you receive something, or you accomplish something that you had wished to accomplish, do not look at it in a minimal way:  look at it as if that is your life, that all things will happen in that manner.  You must magnify each result and focus on this magnification and, as you do, you will be practicing abundance by magnifying the small thing in your life.

OWS:  Very good.

We are going to rename this:  “Shoshana Says!”   Yes!  Wonderful!

Any other questions here before we release channel?


C:  I said something earlier with James and the crew regarding the profound experience I had in the Sequoias here recently, actually last weekend.   I wanted to inquire further about that.  I had the vision afterward of what transpired with a large crystal and the mountain peak.  However, I don’t know exactly what that was.

Interestingly enough, this plan to go there was tentative for the end of September but it got moved up.   I just felt like it needed to get moved up.  Ironically, somebody was talking about the birds earlier .  I had three crows on my doorstep that flew off as I left synchronistically.  Then when I was traveling there, a dove flew across the freeway, which was quite profound too– I just thought about that.  I “saw” the crystal and mountain peak after the meditation.

Not until later when I was driving home did I realize what had taken place, which was some sort of activation.  I would like to find out more about this, if you could.

OWS:  As we find it, you already are answering this question for yourself.  There is certainly confirmation there that there are many crystals across the planet that are in the process of being activated.

Many large crystals and some not so large.  Some very, very large crystals though, as well, are being activated.  This is a process that is part of this transition as you are going through it, as the vibrations continue to increase across the planet, and as the connections through the various ley lines and all of the spiritual connection that is happening once again with the positive sites throughout the planet.   And these crystals are a part of of this expression, or a part of the re-connecting of these energy lines across the planet so that all the “grid,” you might call it, the grid is being formed back once again.   You see?  So you are  part of,  or were a part of this, activation here.

Many of you are also doing this activation process and are not even aware of it because you are doing this within your dream state.  This particular one, though, was in a waking state.  You see?

_:  Ok.  Thank you.


K:    It has been almost two weeks ago when I had kind of a strange experience.  I was having blood drawn out of my wrist out of an artery, and the gal was having trouble and had to keep poking the artery, which is really painful, and they said I had a “vasovagal reaction.”  I didn’t faint, but very close.  I now, for almost two weeks, have been just not functioning well.  It is like a dysregulation in the nervous system.  Something happens in the brain, and just exhausted adrenal…and I have not been able to bounce back from it.  It just feels like something in the system has shut down or is trying to reboot.   I don’t know if there was just a trauma, if it triggered something from a past life, or something earlier in this life.  I don’t know if you can tell me anything about that experience, and how to help the body kind of find its balance again.

OWS:  Without getting into any kind of medical analysis here, we can tell you that your term of “reboot,” though, is correct.  Your system is, in a sense, rebooting at this point.  It is preparing you for the next level of consciousness that you are moving toward.  And this was a process that was necessary to release certain energies that have been trapped within you.  These energies have now been released.  They were negative energies.  They were part of past life expressions, you might say, patterns that you came in.  These have been released.  So in that way, you can look at it as something very positive.

To understand the symptoms that you are having now as a result of this, this is something you need to work on within yourself.  You need to ask for assistance, as for help from Hilarion.  Especially Hilarion can come in and assist you and help you through this.  You can also utilize other aspects of the medical profession such as acupressure or acupuncture could be helpful here.  Also, massage can be very helpful in certain ways as well.

But there is a need to continue to release the various blockages that are there as a result of coming from past life expressions that are still embedded within you.  Much of this has been released, but you can still release more, here.  Ok?

K:  Thank you very much.


M:  Hello.  In this time of change and transition, I would like to ask you of you I am looking for guidance and help with what do you want me to do next.

OWS:  The question, “What do you want me to do next?” is you are asking the wrong Ones here.  We are not going to ever tell you what to do next.  That must come from within you.  As always, you must ask yourself, ask your own inner guidance, what to do next.  For us to guide you, there must be a semblance of guidance already coming within you, and then we can assist you further.  But there must be something more specific coming from you in this respect, do you understand this?

M:  Yes, thank you.

OWS:  We are not the ones that you would ask “who were we in the past, what planet did we come from, what civilization are we,” or anything of this nature.  We will not answer those types of questions.  We will not tell you what to do next, because it is not up for us to do that.  That is up for you and your own inner guidance.  But as you get that inner guidance and then you are questioning from there, then we can off little bits more of guidance, nudging here and there to assist you.  That goes not only for us, The One Who Serves, but Archangel Michael, Sananda, St. Germain, Ashtar, etc., etc.

Shoshana:  May I also …

OWS:  Yes please, Shoshana.

Shoshana:  There is a way to know what to do next by doing what is in front of you.  As you move through your day, do what exactly is in front of you to do, and things will be revealed to you.  Once who sits and waits gets nothing.  Always move toward what you are to do next by doing it.

OWS:  Yes.  Wonderful, wonderful.

We are ready now to release channel.

We say in parting, here, that there is much to be preparing for, much to be ready, much to be anxious about (not in a bad way, of course, or in a negative way, but in a very positive way, anxious about, expecting about.  Because with your expectations in all of this, then you create that which you are wanting to come from these expectations.

Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell

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