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Operation Disclosure Intelligence Alert: “RV/GCR Update” — March 13, 2017


Operation Disclosure Intelligence Alert: “RV/GCR Update” — March 13, 2017


[ RV/GCR Update ]

US call centers and off site redemption centers completed a final testing period starting on Sunday morning going through the day.

Staff returns on Monday evening for final performance ready shifts that are to extend multiple weeks if necessary.

The snow storm on the East Coast “Stella” is being monitored, but it is not a reason for delay.

If anything it’s seen as a potential “slowing” mechanism for the high volume eastern seaboard redeemers.

The two necessary Brexit amendments were completed and now worldwide major currencies, specifically the British Pound, are cleared for RV take off.

Great Britain lawmakers voted Monday to allow Prime Minster Theresa May to trigger Article 50 which begins a 14 month negotiation of the UK’s permanent break away from the European Union.

Every Paris Agreement nation (193) is fully aware of the GCR/RV and is actively participating by creating mass consciousness absorbing stories that help to distract global attention away from the massive financial transition.

This includes the Vatican with the Pope’s sudden new acceptance of married Priests. Notice the timing.

Apparent Obamacare deficiencies are just pre-planning before the monetary flood of RV funding that is due in every state. Notice the timing.

Trump’s upcoming impeachment is apparent now and scheduled to absorb the bulk of global news cycles for several weeks, diverting attention away from the RV release. Notice the timing.

The new US Ambassador to Israel meets with Israeli/Palestine leaders to discuss a pre-negotiated two state solution. Notice the timing.

The Federal Reserve Bank is meeting for two days starting on Tuesday to discuss interest rate hikes. This normal PR will absorb all American stock market news. Notice the timing.

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel is visiting Trump in D.C. on Friday (which was originally Tuesday if not for the snow). This meet and greet will absorb both the European and American news cycles. Notice the timing.

A temporary DJIA market event has been predicted by many analysts to “reverse” market trends that have no mathematical validity in terms legitimate growth rationale. Notice the timing.

A sudden Dow bad day would also distract front the RV release, and perhaps why the market was allowed to go artificially high since Trump took office. Notice the timing.

Tuesday begins the international business week (6pm Monday in US), it ends on Thursday when the US markets close. Noticing the timing in relationship to other major news stories.

Screen rates continue rising, with ZIM rates over 2.15 USN today. Face value redemptions. Any sized denominations. Any year issue. No NDAs.

Private and confidential currency redemptions are ongoing worldwide.