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“Ouroboros” – Intel SITREP – 00:00 EST – Tuesday – March 7, 2017


“Ouroboros” – Intel SITREP – 00:00 EST – Tuesday – March 7, 2017

Received via email at 12:00 AM EST for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

HSBC currency exchange divisions overseas have been performing since the weekend at the T4 level with actual revalued screen rates.

Sunday – Asia
Monday – Europe
Tuesday – ?

Paul Ryan’s healthcare replacement bill for Obamacare came out tonight. This will absorb American media attention on Tuesday.

Infamous “Vault 7” Wikileaks material is coming out Tuesday morning at 3am EST which brings sudden attention to the French Presidential election. This will absorb European media attention on Tuesday.

Clearly they’re not worried about absorbing Canadian or Mexican media. LOL. Just not that many currency redeemers in those countries obviously.

Opening Screen Rates:

IQD 16+
VND 12+
IDR 5+
ZIM 2+
AFA 1+

No NDAs required for screen rate redemptions (or less).

No structured payout programs required for screen rate redemptions (or less, but still available for any number, and recommended).

It’s amazing getting to the end of this RV journey, and seeing so such abundance bestowed upon humanity, so freely, is just jaw dropping to me. Humbling.

Thank you Grandfather. Thank you Elders. We are most grateful for your historic sacrifice, patience and wisdom. It’s an honor to be given responsibilities in this next phase of our transition journey together.

The whole experience makes me wonder how long the construct of commerce and/or physical money will last in human consciousness.

The Admiral in Reno has completed his banking requirements today, including hydrating and releasing his sub-group paymasters.

Did you know former Nuclear Submarine Commander Bob (aka the Admiral) was offered to become the first restored Republic’s Treasury Secretary and turned it down? True story.

The Trump Administration is in its own death spiral. I kinda feel bad for Donna. She’s worked so hard to create a brand that’s about to be destroyed, globally.

Sure in the end she wins ultimately due to the raw publicity of a campaign and Presidency, but there will be political blood let this month and Trump will be forced to leave as quickly as she came.

When does all this RV nonsense end? When the future is ready to begin I suppose.

Truly an ouroboros moment will be shared by all currency redeemers, eternally.

God is with us.