Love is our new reality

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Peggy Black and the ‘team’ ~ A Divine Agent of Change, October 19, 2022

Peggy Black and the ‘team’ ~ A Divine Agent of Change

October 18, 2022, via email

We are here. We want to remind you of the importance of vibrating and maintaining the emotions of joy, gratitude and appreciation. These are challenging times upon your planet; as a change agent, a being of Light, you and all others will be most effective in bringing about transformation and change by holding a clear pure vibration.

It is important for your well-being, your health, and your ability to connect with your divine essence to recognize when you are vibrating at a low, dense, heavy emotion of fear, anger, sadness, frustration and worry, and to shift that reality as quickly as possible. Again we stress how important it is for you to make this shift in each moment.

The emotional state of the human is far more important than you have been taught. The emotions are frequencies, vibrations; they interact and interface with your reality. They are your points of attraction. There is beauty and complexity to the unit you call your body/mind/emotions/spirit. The emotions play a very important role in the well-being of the human. They are the indicators, your sign posts and your road map.

The physiology of the body responds to the vibrations of the emotions. When you radiate joy, happiness, gratitude, appreciation and love, the chemicals/hormones and all directives from the brain are expansive and opening. The very cells respond to your high positive emotions. You experience pleasant sensations throughout your entire being, your mind is clearer, your heart more open, your inner realms more expansive and your connection to the higher realms easier and smoother.

By contrast, when you experience fear, anger, frustration everything in the body/mind contracts; the cells, the organs are bathed with stress hormones and you reach a level of being closed off with defenses up. You as a being shut down when the vibrations are dense and heavy. Remember, when you are operating at the frequencies of these low, dense emotions, you are automatically plugged into the mass consciousness grid that matches these feelings.

Your planet is undergoing an evolutionary shift and the old dense energy, the dense heavy vibrations of fear, anger, and hopelessness are being pushed to the surface in all situations, from the individual to the collective.

You can more easily be discouraged, swept away with the sense of being overwhelmed, and feelings of being powerless, because these dense emotions are the most familiar. They are the most prevalent vibrations on earth at this time. There is an addictive nature to these emotions. Remember that emotional vibrations are contagious. The body recognizes the chemical reaction within and this chemical reaction triggers the old mental programs, the old past experiences and the hurts. Every aspect of your system becomes engaged with all defenses activated.

When this occurs you are on automatic. You are easy to manipulate by your current events. You are linked to the mass grid/matrix of fear, anger, guilt, worry, frustration and a total feeling of failure. These emotions are holding the evaluation of your planet in a lock down. There are those individuals who take their power from generating these dense negative misqualified emotions. Do not feed them yours.

Your reality has many triggers, many traps, many landmines to switch off your higher more cohesive, unified vibrations and frequencies. Remember in this game of evolution, this game of transformation, the most valuable skill is the mastery of evoking, sustaining and maintaining high emotional vibrations and frequencies of joy, gratitude, appreciation as well as love. They are your power. Love being the purest and the highest frequency. However on your planet the word love is charged with issues and beliefs. This word love can act as a trigger for the dense emotions of fear, anger, frustration, guilt and sadness.

So we say to you at this time, maintain your joy, gratitude and appreciation. These frequencies will allow you to operate at your most receptive and clearest.

When you begin to come out of this numb and unconscious state of mind, it can be extremely painful as you allow yourself to feel those vibrations that you have repressed all the fear, anger, sadness, guilt and loss. However what is happening to the mass consciousness on your planet at this time is that the minds and hearts of everyone are being bathed with unprecedented energy from the galaxy, from your very planets, your sun, moon and stars.

This energy is triggering the DNA codes, calling each individual to wake from their unconscious slumber and step fully into their magnificence as a being capable of transforming the denseness of the personal and collective fear. It is important for each being to train themselves, to lift themselves up into the higher emotional vibrations, to reach for feelings of joy, gratitude and appreciation. These emotions will be your life raft, your safety in times to come.

We encourage you, that no matter what, we repeat, that no matter what is happening in your outside world that you will be wise to maintain an open, expanded state of mind and body.

So we say dear one, return to the vibrations of the higher frequency as quickly as possible.

Over your years you have collected an impressive selection of exercises, processes, tools of consciousness, suggestions of visualization, breathing techniques and the use of intentional sounds to clear collective emotions of hatred, violence, and despair. We suggest you use these tools often and have them ever ready in an emergency. It is NOW your responsibility to transform and uplift these dense heavy emotions.

We encourage you this day to not allow yourself to feed your anger or frustration but to consciously make a shift to appreciation, gratitude and joy. Each individual is responsible for the emotions that they offer to the collective. The question to ask is are these emotions I am experiencing right now adding to the fear, anger and hopelessness or are they contributing to the uplifting of consciousness, my personal consciousness as well as that of the collective.

If you are not uplifting consciousness, if you are not enhancing and enriching consciousness, yours or the collective’s, do all that is within your power to shift your feelings. Work one vibration, one frequency, one thought and one emotion at a time.

Remember there is no one responsible for how you feel; it is your responsibility as a divine agent of change. Maintaining a high vibration will be a key to your connection and the connection that others will need to link up with. When the human is offering an energy field of joy, gratitude and appreciation they are open to divine guidance. Realize that by sustaining a matrix of these pure high vibrations love in its most divine form will gently embrace you. We embrace you. the ‘team’

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