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Peggy Black and the ‘team’, March 16, 2021

Peggy Black and the ‘team’ ~ Walking in a Timewarp

March 15, 2021, via email

We are here offering you encouragement and reminding you that you have got this. These are transitional times and you can easily be distracted and forget who you are. We are inviting you to observe all that is before and realize that you are witnessing the shift, the fracturing of all that you have known.

Now is the time for you to truly step into your divine awareness and begin to celebrate what is being offered as alternate realities. This is where your mastery comes in because what you focus upon will become.

Humanity is still dealing with the stress and the emotional and mental traumas of what has been occurring. The uncertainties of employment, finances, and health have triggered your fear and concern. Remember what you focus on becomes. When you allow yourself to become triggered or disturbed you are adding to the negative or misqualified energies.

The transition that is taking place will not be stopped, it cannot be stopped. The result of this is that you are witnessing the fracturing of collective consciousness, within the collective. This is creating much sadness and many pulses of depression from your earth. You know in your heart of hearts that everything has shifted and changed forever on earth and is no longer the same. However you have an inner light shining through all forms and experiences. Hold onto that and be fearless in this experience.

We realize that many of you feel like you are hanging by a thread, while others are in a place of stillness while the storm rages all around. If you are affected by these intense times and this intense energy, remember to stop the frantic thoughts, take a deep breath, return to your center. Do this as often as necessary. Be gentle with yourself. Stay focused on the task at hand, focused on moment.

Realize that you are riding the energy of an awesome storm. So trust your own inner being and the guidance you are receiving from your divine multidimensional self. You are a master. You have navigated other energy storms successfully in other timelines and dimensions.

You are being invited to step into the unknown. To do this you must drop and release all that you have known. What has been known is no longer of value. You are moving into an entirely new dimension. You need to expand into the level in which there will be a new knowing. A new expanded consciousness will transcend all that has been known before. Trust that you will be given guidance and you will receive tools and instructions given by your high divine knowing.

Realize that these dimensional fluxes you are witnessing and experiencing are new to you and your mindset. You are shifting from one multilevel of learning to another. You may be unplugged from one dimensional reality yet uncertain of what reality you are now plugged into.

You are being stretched dimensionally and biologically into many directions and places of development, places where there are many doorways of conscious light that activate long lost memories of different timeframes and realities as well as small places in-between time that you can easily slip in and out of. This dimensional flux will direct you into places of cellular memory that need to be healed in your humanness before you can move onward into the higher energy and light.

Remember that your body holds all memories thru time and experience; each physical pain is associated with a memory, a place, a time or situation that needs to be cleansed and released.

The process of Ascension starts cell by cell, clearing, forgiving, emptying and releasing. If there is pain it does not need to be physical; realize that it is often spiritual, emotional and mental pain.

Allow yourself to move with caution as if walking in a timewarp. Know that any moment the paradigm can and will change. Be kind to yourself. Allow for quiet times. Rest. Practice being in the present moment. Remember that you always have choice and your free will. Bring yourself back to your personal truth, to your heart center. How you manage these shifts and navigate these changes and transform any old memory of pain is always your call. Focus on the idea and the reality that you can thrive and expand in this new energy that is being offered.

Now is the time for you to hold firm to your truth, as an awakened divine being, that you can call forth and anchor a new reality, a reality where everyone thrives. As you do this you will raise the vibration of the planet Earth. We are witnessing your courage and willingness to transform the unconsciousness and darkness you personally carry. Each time you make a conscious shift, that shift ripples out into the entire collective and uplifts others.

The vibrations of joy, gratitude or appreciation that you continue to offer truly transform all that they touch. These vibrations and frequencies ripple out touching distant shores, uplifting those that are touched. Continue to offer your light. You are a way shower, a healing energy and a master of creating realities.

We are honored to join you in this awesome process of transformation. When a planet begins the journey of ascension it is truly an awesome process to witness and be a part of. Please continue to invite us to join you as you travel the timelines and create new realities. the ‘team’

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