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Peggy Black and the ‘team’ ~ Ritual as a Sacred Art September 22, 2023

Peggy Black and the ‘team’ ~ Ritual as a Sacred Art

September 21, 2023, via email

We are here. We would like to speak of rituals and their purpose and power. All action in life can be a ritual of purpose and power when the being/Human brings their full consciousness and intent to the act. Rituals that are created and honored always connect the many levels and aspects of the Human/being to the oneness of all.

Rituals create a doorway, a passageway for your consciousness to travel. Rituals are the weavings of many realities and dimensions into a whole. Rituals that are created and honored by a fully conscious Human have enormous power to transform and heal, oneself and therefore the planet.

The importance of honoring the common tasks in your life as a ritual transforms the action; they become a place of magic and unfoldment. There are many levels and aspects revealed in rituals.

Your religions of the world are aware of the powers that rituals carry and your children at small ages are taught the motions of the rituals and ceremony. Most people perform rituals by habit, without conscious thought of the deeper more significance meanings. There is an unspoken language that is invoked in the ritual.

Altars offer a place between worlds’, they are places of power, and they are portals. Your altars have been placed in churches; they have been taken away from the common people. They are controlled by the church.

There are those among you who know and understand the power and sacredness that altars offer. These Humans create altars that are personal and altars that offer welcome so that the sacred may enter their lives. When a being creates an altar and honors the Divine with ritual there is a clear connection, an opening and a portal.

Altars and sacred places on your planet that have been honored by rituals through time, carry an enormous energetic power and presence. One can journey, travel, in physical form or energetically to these places, these sacred sites, and connect and receive the gifts that are offered.

Today in your society to most, Human rituals are just words repeated without a true understanding of the magic, the calling forth that is being created. Rituals when created with a sincere heart provide the being with a link and a pathway to follow, a connection to the bigger self, the total self, the multidimensional self.

We have spoken of rituals and their importance, now we would like to offer you an expanded perception of this sacred art. An individual can begin to uplift their life and their actions by consciously creating rituals around the everyday tasks in living.

You can elevate, offer as a higher vibration the simple tasks you perform each day.

There are rituals that you can perform honoring each season of the year. Then the energy construct you have called forth will flavor the days that follow.

Your body/mind/emotions and spirit will remember the significance of the season, the qualities, and the attributes of this time of the year and will flow more in harmony. There are rituals in which you can be aware of the lunar cycles and its movement within your body. You will be able to observe the rhythms, the pull and the pulse of these cosmic energies.

There are rituals for the stages in your life, as you move through the ages and the seasons of your timeline. By honoring these passages in rituals you are able to step cleanly into the next. Create a ritual that honors the stage you are leaving by bringing the lessons and gifts and releasing what is finished. Your conscious actions in this ritual will embody each stage in your life more fully.

There are rituals that you can create that honors the stages of each day. A morning ritual can be as simple as a spoken prayer or you may decide to expand your ritual to include several acts that will consciously enhance this stage of your day. Perhaps you light a candle, say your prayer and bring your awareness fully into your physical form Fill yourself with the energy, the sounds and the gifts the morning offers. This is a time for gratitudes, a time for intentions, a time to connect.

Then at your noontime, be aware that you have entered another stage of the day and leave behind what is complete from the morning and step into this different rhythm and energy. Do this at twilight as the sun gives way to the stars. Create a simple ritual and bring awareness that the next stage of time is flowing with different sounds and different activities. Again before your night’s sleep, create a ritual to honor the day lived, acknowledging self, releasing all that needs to be released. This is a time of forgiveness and of gratitude.

We hear your concern in remembering to do these rituals and we say this; after a short while these daily rituals will be woven into your days smoothly and they will add a new dimension to your life. Rituals assist in the full spiritual presence coming forth.

Now as you begin to see your every action as holy, your every action as a ritual, a sacred ritual, from preparing food, to your task of cleaning and bringing order to your life. This brings your full spiritual presence to each activity. By the act of creating rituals you stay more conscious, more present, and more alive with all that you do, with every action that you take.

Rituals can be as simple as a spoken word of acknowledgement of what is taking place or as elaborate as you can imagine. Each person will find the place most comfortable in inviting more rituals into their life, their day and their actions. Rituals open and close an activity. Simple.

Rituals and intentions bring a very similar vibration into your awareness and how you interface with all aspects of reality.

A simple ritual before a meal prepares the mind/body to accept the foods offered. A closing prayer of gratitude and a simple bowed head completes the act of eating. A ritual created as you shower or bathe has great power to cleanse the energy field as well as the body. These are simple suggestions. We delight as your discover and explore adventurous ways to bring rituals more fully into your experiences.

Now we will speak of rituals which can be created as the framework to hold an activity or an event and a gathering. There are rituals for release and rituals for bringing forth. Begin to be aware of the rituals you already have in your life. Some you might call habit. Look and see how you can shift and elevate this habit to become a sacred spiritual act.

Be at Peace, Beloved. the ‘team’

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