Love is our new reality

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Pleiadian Councils of Light via Solara An Ra, June 16th

Solara An-Ra ~ June Solstice 2016: Message from the Pleiadian Councils of Light

People of Terra, we, the Pleiadian Councils of Light, come with an energy update for your planet. You seek these reports, do you not, in order to be assured that there is indeed positive progress on your planet? We wish, as always, to be of energetic assistance ~ to assist you in raising your frequencies so that you may fulfil your missions as agents of Light on Gaia. We assist through our channel in the form of guided meditations; through activations or chambers of light ~ and sometimes, as now, with a news report.
Rest assured that this news is undistorted for we have no agenda other than to inform and reassure. You can feel this through the encodements within the message ~ a feeling of love and expansion ~ the very opposite of the fear and contraction which results from your mainstream media which is designed to imprison you in a cage of fear and impotency. And so, let us begin. Open your hearts as you read this dear people, so that the intelligence of your heart dominates over your ego-mind. And So It Is.
We watch your spin, the spin of your planet, and notice the deviance in your axial tilt ~ that which alarms some of your people and leads to the fear of polar shift. From our perspective this subtle alteration in Terra’s rotation has a specific purpose in terms of your realignment with the Great Central Sun, the centre of your Milky Way Galaxy. The realignment is a result of the ‘precession of the equinoxes’ cycle which heralds the long-awaited rebirth of your planet and the consciousness of your people.
Our news is this: that you are indeed in the energetic entrainment which guarantees an upgrade in your consciousness, but that as of this moment, only 10 or 11 percent of your people are energetically stable enough to receive this upgrade. This is a lower percentage than was expected in this time window, but it nevertheless continues to expand, and we foresee that through 2016 and 2017 there will be a quantum leap forward. Our words, as always, are designed to assist in this leap.
The stumbling block for most of you on Earth is that you are stuck in a small box of understanding and experience of life in which you are caught up in conflicting emotions and thus manifesting a conflicted experience of life. You plod on, plod on with what you consider to be your ‘duty’ ~ getting through each day, each week, each year, without the courage to open up the box of your confinement and dare to consider who you really are and what you are really here for.
There is one solution only, and it starts with your willingness to change, to be different, to let go of emotional crutches and dysfunctional habits and beliefs. Bravery is needed to let go of old ways ~ courage is needed to stop caring what others will think of your new life when you dare to go for expansion and joy ~ and understanding is needed of how your world is energetically connected with our world and with the greater universe. It is this understanding which expands your minds and loosens the ties to your old way of experiencing life.
In your solar system’s 26,000 year revolution around Alcyone, the central Sun-star of the Pleiades, your own Sun-star is magnetically entrained in a lover’s dance with Alcyone. In this dance you move every 13,000 years into Alcyone’s toroidal energy field. This field consists of photonic light ~ and immersion into a photonic field cannot fail to produce changes in a planet and all conscious creatures who exist there. The immersion of your entire solar system into the Pleiadian photon band in 2012 heralded the beginning of a new period of Earth’s history ~ an entry into a 2,000 year ‘Age of Light’ on your planet.
Quantum physicists are opening your eyes to the connection between light, photons, energy and your levels of consciousness. Light is also known to be pure intelligence. The pure intelligence of Source is downloaded into your reality first through the Great Central Sun of your galaxy ~ then through the Pleiadian Sun-star, Alcyone ~ then through your own Sun-star ~ and finally it reaches you. You, who are are energetically blue-printed to receive higher dimensional Light transmissions, if and when you are prepared to let go of the fear and open to love.
Call Light to yourselves, people of Terra, on a daily basis. Know that Light is the pure Intelligence of Source and that you are not only designed to receive and transmit it, you are duty-bound to be a bearer of the Light on your planet. You are the awakeners, and you must be alert and awake in order to function in your highest capacity. When you raise your frequencies enough to receive the Light, while grounding yourselves through your prana tubes into the Core Crystal of Gaia, your consciousness expands automatically. You do not need plant medicines to open your minds, although this is a popular method of doing so at this time on your planet, you simply need to call Light and raise your frequency in a conscious way and your awakening from delusion is assured.
Know that it is through 3 suns which act as interdimensional portals that the pure Light and Intelligence of Source reaches you on your planet. The Light encodements from the centre of your galaxy’s toroidal field are entrapped by the toroidal field of Alcyone, which are entrapped through the electromagnetic connection between Alcyone and your Sun-star, and are then accessible to you on Earth. It is useful therefore to lovingly acknowledge your connection with these 3 suns in order to receive the Love and Light of Source.
We suggest these daily affirmations in this time period, should your hearts resonate with them, dear ones. Activate your prana tube first, using the vertical connection mudra. Visualise your grounding cord firmly attached into the heart of your planet, with love. And then speak these words, knowing that you are connecting with your Higher self and activating your gifts in the process:
  • I lovingly call Light to myself now, through the Great Central Sun, through Alcyone,
    through Earth’s Sun-star.
  • I am an awakener; I awaken to the truth through the Light which flows through me.
And So It Is, dear brothers and sisters in the Light.
We are with you always. Namaste.