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Pleiadian Medical Team via Galaxygirl, August 10th, 2020


We are one of the many Pleiadian Medical teams being made available to our beloved starseeds. This one lovingly called us forth, asking for a medical tune-up, for she and many of you have felt battered by the blustering winds of energies of late. This is to continue, and so we freely and joyfully offer to you our ascending ones our assistance, our healing techniques. We primarily heal through herbs, colors, toning and basically utilizing our tools that we have that are frequency adjusters, so that we can bring back the body into energetic  alignment with itself. (I am seeing children laughing with hair sticking out from static electricity).

We are showing you this because sometimes some parts of your bodies are heightened more than others with various energy blocks or stimulations, and our medical wands can bring them into alignment. (I am seeing friendly beings in blue suits with hands extended above and around me. They are talking but I can’t hear what they are saying, they are consulting my body and each other about how best to align me.

 Several of them have glowing wands that they are moving over my body. I am feeling electricity and energies in various body systems. My neck is hurting now, and the pain is becoming a buzzing, then a tingle then an itch and it is gone. They are moving around the energies that need to be toned down or up). You have several new chakras coming online, which is why you are tired. Many of you are so tired. We get this complaint a lot and we assure you this is not forever. But this has never happened before, to fully ascend en mass within the physical and so we have been very busy serving, which is our delight.

 But we also make sure that our own bodies are in top top shape. We do not neglect our self care with our own serving. We encourage you to do this as well. Your medical workers and many others in the service industry have been exhausted and overworked by the demands of your current system. You must take care of yourselves. It is of the higher ways. Your bodies are unique and wonderful machines but they must be nurtured and cared for.

 You know this. (My left shoulder is tingling and the buzzing feels all over my body. My heart pressure is intense as well but it is moving as a pressure wave down my body to my feet. My feet are asleep, it is hard to move them but now I feel more aligned. I open my eyes and I can see more clearly).

Excellent progress! We are one of the Many Pleiadian Medical Teams offering our services to humanity. We wished for this one to document her experience so that more of you would not hesitate to ask for our services. It is your birthright to be healthy and whole within your physical vessel and we are delighted to assist you in this now of transition. We can make ourselves readily available to you. In service. Out.

~ galaxygirl