Love is our new reality

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Poem of Reflection by Galaxygirl, January 15th, 2018




Numbness creeps silently

Over the dusting of years

Of SitReps and sources and history relearning

And I’m tired to the bone.

Yet, I know I signed up for this

I was nudged to jump in –

And I resisted at first,

Until the undertow got me, and pulled me in…

Sucked into the deepest of deep rabbit holes

Of painful truths 

Such that common joys like taking communion with my family

Became a moral decision of deep angst 

that I could not escape 

from myself or their questioning judgement.

How does one communicate with those who are still on the shore?

Just looking at the ocean of truth?

With no intention of jumping in?

Because “It’s cold and you’re crazy!”

I’m tired of the shore, the sunburns, the tired skin that begs to be covered 

The grittiness of it all 

After awhile the cold water numbs –

which is merciful for the truths do hurt

My favorite beach on Gaia was destroyed the other day 

Butterfly Beach, where I received my diamond ring of promise

Is now a cesspool of mud and bodies…

I find it interesting this was hardly noted on the ‘news’

And it breaks my heart.

Yet the allegory is pungent, the mud thick on the shore.

So for those of us who have been dog paddling for so long we can’t even remember 

the forgetfulness of the 3D beach 

To us, I applaud 

And I thank God for the numbness 

That soothes with chills 

And numbs the pain.

For when this all goes down and gets real

And the beach is gone 

And suddenly the beach dwellers 

  Have to see 

     Have to swim

        Have to learn 

           Have to hear 

And their pain is so great when it all happens at once –

Yet, the loneliness in the water at this time is great as well –

not to be underestimated –

And so I connect

             I connect

             I connect deeply

               With the Mother

               With myself

               With my pain 

And in turn we are healed.

So Yoseph, I’m ok with the numbness

I’ve been swimming this long

And I’ll continue

For as long as it takes.

I’m comforted knowing that the starship me 

Is at least comfortable and surrounded by love

And I pull that hope to me eagerly 

With chilled and clenched grip

For surely, surely, surely we are there now –

The channels say “All is Well”

But they are not the ones dog paddling in the old to new vibrations 

And I try to remember what being blissed out was like

But it’s too painful to remember 

The numbness in this instance is a blessing –

not a curse

So God I’ll cling to my blessings

So long as you’re in the water alongside me

So long as you’re my companion in this moment

And I realize that God 

Is all around me – 

    Is in me – that God

       Is in the water surrounding me, 

And like a buoy, keeps me afloat 

As I bob the waves 

I am not alone 

This experience I share with the All That Is…

And this understanding begins 

to slowly, gently thaw 

the numbness of the ridicule away

And finally I can feel at home and at peace

With this divergent path from the norm

Swimming strong in the ocean of truth, 

eyes open, heart aglow

Because I know – I know! – 

I am safe in the storm, the changeover, 

the wake of the wave 

Thawed by the love of God 

the anger washes away,

And I get a glimpse of bliss and oneness, 

within my heart, which beats louder, stronger, ready to create more beauty, more hope, more light for this precious planet that I love.

So I say bring it!

Let’s create it! 

And the shore that we will set renewed feet on

Will be that of Nova Gaia, our destiny.

~ galaxygirl