Love is our new reality

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Preparing For First Contact by Your Galactic Family via Sue Lie, November 16th

Preparing For First Contact–by Your Galactic Family through Sue Lie



By Your Galactic Family

Chapter 29

We are YOU, You Are US, and I Am WE

Greetings, we are your galactic family that is encircling dear Gaia to assist with Her planetary ascension. We speak to the brave members of Gaia’s Earth, as well as the many members of our galactic ships who have volunteered to take an earth vessel to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension.

We have come to you today to tell you that we are ready to assist you to leap forward, up, out, and beyond, as there are ever expanding inter-dimensional energy fields that are caressing our dear Gaia within this NOW.

But, please remember that those who can move into these energy fields of transmutation will find themselves in the chaos that precedes all change.

Those of you who embrace this journey into the unknown, which is also the journey back to your/our fifth dimensional Home, are now returning to where they first began.

Those who embrace this unknown will soon know more than they have ever remembered in any of their incarnations in any of their third / fourth dimensional realities.

All of your/our Earth vessels are shifting in to and out of different realities, while your primary consciousness is still conscious of your daily life. At first we only know, or remember, bits and pieces of the “other realities” that we have accumulated in our consciousness to create the “multidimensional history of our many incarnations.”

Then, as we begin to perceive our inner path, we start to make radical adjustments to the perceptual field, which we have known as “our reality.” It is then that we can glimpse the higher light that is beginning to integrate deeper and deeper into our elemental and cellular body.

From the perspective of our cellular self, it is impossible to ignore that we are ONE, as each cell in our body is a working community. Every component of our body is much like a “town,” and WE are the Mayor.

Which ‘me’ is the mayor?” we ask.

The answer is that the Mayor is the one that we must elect for our self. Therefore which you do you elect to be the Mayor of your reality?

YOU are among the WE who are the creators of OUR personal lives, and each and every one of you, which is also every one of us, are needed to assist with planetary ascension. Therefore, there are many “collective conscious” choices to be made.

More and more of you/us are becoming aware of the “NOW” in which we/you are resonating to the higher frequencies. More and more of us are becoming aware of our higher dimensional sensations, because we feel them in our physical body and experience them via our ever-expanding perceptions that something is different.

We are beginning to feel that “someone has turned on the lights.” Many are receiving the “feelings” and/or the “thoughts” that they are the creator of their life.

It is very important within this NOW to believe that you are the creator of your life. There so many new things that are happening, will be happening, and are continuing to happen, that if you do not accept yourself as the creator of your reality, you will begin to feel victimized.

Then, that feeling of victimization will lower your consciousness, and you may no longer feel, perceive, and know that YOU are the creator of your reality. Then you could become the one who “responds to” rather than the “one who creates.”

It is very important within this NOW that we live within the belief that, “We are the ONE who creates.” In fact, it is the NOW for us all to be the one who creates, the one who remembersand the one who returns.

As we create that which we are returning to, which is our higher frequencies of Self, we can gather around us all the others who are doing exactly the same that we are doing. This “unity of purpose” is very important because we are the first brigades of the ascending ones.

We are the first ones to cross this fifth-dimensional territory as the planetary being of Earth has seldom resonated to this fifth dimensional territory for eons and eons. Because of her humanoid inhabitants, and the early dark ones, dear Gaia has had to maintain her status as a third/fourth dimensional planet.

But now, the we who have visited Gaia’s planet myriad times, and then at our “death” have returned to our true Self on our home-worlds or in our starships, we NOW share with all humanity what is happening on/in Earth, as well as Gaia’s needs.

We talk to others about taking another “tour of duty” on ascending Gaia, and they say “Okay, I will volunteer. I will volunteer to take an incarnation on Gaia. It sounds like a pretty exciting time, I think I might enjoy myself.”

Then we, the ones who have already had these incarnations say, “Well, that’s a good attitude, but we want you to know that it’s very challenging down there within Gaia’s NOW.

Gaia has fallen into a greatly polarized reality of good and bad, of right and wrong, of those who love and wish to assist and those who fear and wish to control.”

“But it is your choice,” we add. “Do we wish to be the ones who love and assist? Because when you fall into the great fear that is there, you may wish to control others, because on Earth within this NOW control has become an automatic reaction to fear.

Fear is when they feel out of control and, hence, they want to control. But if we can remember our true SELF that awaits us on the Ship, we can remain in control of ourselves. While you/we are in control of our self, especially if we remain connected to our self on the Ship, we do not fear the fear.

We remind you that if we feel fear while on your mission to assist Earth, what we need to do is go inside yourselves, inside of your Higher Self on the Ship, talk to the Earth’s threshold keepers, the Golden Ones, talk to the Ascended Masters, talk to our guidance and say,

“Dear Inner Guidance,

It is extremely difficult on Earth within this NOW, and I feel myself beginning to fall into feelings of fear. What I would like to do within this NOW, what I would like to have in this NOW is a long communion with you my Higher Self on the Ship.

“I would like to talk with the version of my SELF who lives in constant Unconditional Love, constant security, and within my constant knowing that I AM a multidimensional being.

Instantly, the Golden Ones, your Higher Selves, to whomever you speak will say, “Please join us. We see that you are doing such wonderful service for our dear friend Gaia, and we wish to comfort you.

“We wish to love you and to send you Unconditional Love. We wish to bathe your bodies in Violet Fire so that you will return back to your Earth consciousness feeling replenished by our feeling love, and able to remember that you volunteered to take a body on the form of Gaia within this NOW to assist with planetary ascension.

“We thank each one of our brave volunteers to ascending Earth. We bless each one of you and send you all Unconditional Love as we “Blaze, Blaze, Blaze you, and your current physical reality, with Violet Fire to transmute all shadow into light, light, light.”


Please remember dear ones you are not alone for WE are YOU and YOU are US!