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Promotion – The Nuclear Option by Jeremp, February 13th, 2017

Promotion – The Nuclear Option

“Promotion is a chess rule that when a pawn reaches its 8th rank it is immediately changed into the player’s choice of a queen, knight, rook, or bishop of the same color. The new piece replaces the pawn on the same square, as part of the same move”.

Throughout modern recorded history we have been able to see how the Cabal operates (1952 DC flyover, JFK assassination, 9/11 etc). Even as much as they have attempted to hide true history, patterns become visible.

I have been in this RV world since 10/2013, when I started researching the topic, reading forums and listening to calls the statement that “call centers are staffed and ready” and the “RV will happen this weekend” etc… I heard that repeated for over three years, yet here we are still.

I have come to the conclusion that we, as an RV community and those of us waiting to exchange currencies for wealth, are a special pawn in this game. However, understand that while some pawns are sacrificed during the game; sometimes pawns can become super powers in winning the game, often in unexpected ways and often in the final plays.

For some time the whitehats have been working to free humanity, and the Cabal want to keep humanity enslaved or, if necessary, to overturn the game board (sabotage). We, a wealthy citizenry, not burdened down with daily struggles of survival is hard to control and both sides understand this.

Imagine if you will the following “hypothetical” simplified scenario. The RV was “leaked” so the aware citizenry can become wealthy thereby freeing themselves. This uncontrollable, wealthy population is the LAST thing the Cabal want and they will do ANYTHING to stop it; up to and including making incremental concessions to the whitehats in a trade-off to buy time in an attempt to sabotage the process. The Cabal believe that any concession is temporary because they believe they will win and in the end the concession was an expendable pawn to them.

The fulfillment of the RV ($ in our pockets) is what I will call the ‘Nuclear Option’. The whitehats required the Cabal to believe that the ‘Nuclear Option’ is viable and imminent to gain more concessions such as: Paris Agreement, control of gold, resolution of world conflicts, political posturing, etc…

Every time the whitehats made a demand for more world peace concessions, the ‘nuclear option’ was threatened and the Cabal would concede solely in an effort to buy more time. Knowing the Cabal would use that time for sabotage (The Samson Option, false flags, HAARP, etc) the risks were managed carefully by whitehats.

So here we are today; the whitehats have been given positive, incremental concessions by Cabal under duress by daily threats of ‘Nuclear Option’ (which thanks to calls and forums claiming the RV to be imminent, is a believable threat). Whitehats have successfully managed many sabotage efforts by the Cabal. And we are almost to a peaceful complete surrender of most Cabal members.

None of this could have been accomplished if we, the pawns, had not been led to believe that the RV was “this weekend”. If the Cabal had known that the call centers, banks and “Dinar-ians” were not ready they would have never conceded to anything; they would have called the Whitehats’ bluff.

So yes, we have been/are pawns this the whole time; the Cabal are now soundly in check. However, now we (the final pawn) are on the 7th level of the game, we are on the last line before we move to the 8th level and we get “promoted”. Our promotion to a more powerful piece will put the Cabal in check-mate.